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Find a photo studio in a flash! We're not kidding. With so many excellent offers across Perth, you will be spoiled for choice, we promise. From turn-key options to full service fully equipped super studios, Tagvenue has all that and more. Stroll through our listings and pick the best one for your needs today!

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Photo Studios Hire Guide

It may be hard to pick the best photo studio for your needs with so many options available. But with so many downtown options in East Perth and Northbridge and the suburbs beyond, you will surely settle on the right sort of location. Whether you need fully equipped studios or simply a turn-key space, check out the offers in the listings, and you should find a booking that is just what you need

Photo Studios in Perth FAQ

How much does it cost to rent a photo studio in Perth?

When hiring a studio for photography, be aware that most studios have a minimum hire period. It is common for this period to be either set at 2 hours or half a day. For studios charged on an hourly basis, expect costs to range from $50 to $80 per hour during weekday business hours and $70 to $90 per hour after 5.00 pm. For weekend bookings, expect to pay around $70 and be aware that costs will rise for after-hours use.

In which Perth districts can I find the best photo studios?

Start your search for a photo studio in the neighbourhoods of East Perth and Northbridge. Among the lovely streets of this area overlooking the Swan River, you will find numerous options for blank canvas studios and other establishments. Start by checking out Huzzard Studios or Studio Northbridge. If you need to go further afield, you can also search in West Perth for studios there. Across the river, you can find other options in the south of the city, such as Qcumber Studios, and in outlying suburbs. Check areas around Ardross and Beckenham for great choices.

What essential equipment should a photo studio have?

Always check the list of included equipment provided by your potential photo studio hire before signing any contract. Some studios will provide backdrops or props as part of the engagement. Others may offer makeup stations or dressing rooms, important if you will be using models. Most important for your hire is to understand your lighting options when it comes to the studio space. Many studios offer a good source of natural light. However, artificial light is also essential, and it is expected that some lighting will be made available. Always check if modifiers or softboxes are provided. If needed, the studio will likely help you hire additional equipment from their own reserves or trusted vendors.

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