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Top Wedding Venues in Perth

Getting ready to tie the knot in Perth but haven’t found your ideal wedding venue yet? We can help you with that! At Tagvenue we’ve put together an extensive selection of the best wedding venues here in the heart of Western Australia so you can take your pick, whether you’re looking for a rustic wedding venue in Perth Hills, a beach wedding venue by the water, a historic location nestled in Swan Valley or anything and everything in between! Incredible wedding venues are just a few clicks away, so have a look through our search filters and start your journey down the aisle.

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Wedding Venues Hire Guide

Now that you’ve begun looking, a good place to start would be taking a look at the type of wedding venues that are available in Perth. First on the list would be those taking advantage of Perth’s natural beauty - outdoor wedding venues, including forest, farm, garden and winery locations are scattered around the city and its suburbs. More casual wedding seekers have also popularised beach weddings, which are always an excellent option if you’re looking to allow your guests to dress down a bit. Weddings held in hotel ballrooms are always quite popular, as are those held at resorts or country clubs, particularly if you are looking for wedding packages that take a lot of the fuss out of wedding planning. Choosing an excellent restaurant is also quite popular, particularly because it allows you to bundle a lot of the day’s events into one place and ensure your catering is more affordable and a lot fresher!



Wedding Venues in Perth FAQ

What are some of the latest wedding venue trends in Perth?

While hosting your wedding in a hotel ballroom or a resort is something that will always be in style, how about taking a look at some of the newer and slightly more off the beaten path options available? You could look into hosting your wedding at one of Perth’s old industrial buildings, many of which have been renovated to take advantage of their high ceilings, exposed beams and skylights. They come in a variety of flavours from the rustic to the sleek and modern. You could also check out something a bit more grand and hire one of Perth’s lovely municipal buildings or auditoriums, which typically offer unmatched customisation options and old world grandeur. If outdoor weddings are more your style but you’re worried about the elements, you could look into a massive marquee wedding around Coogee Beach. Several places offer venues in sizes up to 400 square meters! 

Which parts of Perth are the most popular for weddings?

So now the question becomes where to host your special day and it’s a trickier question than you’d expect, as you want to make sure your location is well connected, has good views and meets your needs to a T. You can begin your search in Northbridge and the CBD, they feature the highest concentration of wedding venues in Perth and offer a good variety for you to look through. Hotel ballroom and municipal buildings abound, offering huge spaces for large wedding parties (though the price tag can get a little steep). Both North Beach and City Beach offer some excellent waterside venues and if you go a bit further north to Sorrento, you can even look into hiring out the fantastic aquarium, AQWA. Alfred Cove and Fremantle are also worth looking into for the budget conscious, and the park scene in South Perth cannot be underestimated for outdoorsy weddings.

How much does it cost to hire a wedding venue in Perth?

While finding averages on wedding venues in Perth is a tricky business due to price tags varying wildly by size, services and location we can still give you a few figures to keep in mind:

  • Per person pricing: Avoiding a flat hire fee can be tempting and can often turn out to be a good idea, especially for smaller parties. You can generally expect to pay in the neighbourhood of $60 per person when looking at most decent wedding venues in Perth, with some exceptions lower and higher on the scale. 
  • Flat hire fee: If you’re looking for a more traditional arrangement (or think your guests are bad at RSVPing), a flat hire fee is probably more for you. These range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per day, so you’ll need to do your research and maybe even engage in a spot of bargaining for the best deal.
  • Minimum spend: You could also opt for something of a middle ground between the two above options and go for minimum spend, where you pay little to nothing for the venue itself but agree to spend a certain amount on food and drinks (popular with bars, restaurants, hotels and resorts). You’ll often be looking at spending around $1000-2000 if you go in this direction. 

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