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Top Conference Venues in Perth

With Perth lying so close to the shores of South East Asia, it’s a logical conference destination with easy access for speakers and guests of all nationalities. The city also offers numerous world-class venues and hotels that are dedicated to providing you with high-end facilities, and all the extras. If you are looking for a conference venue in Perth, you’ve come to the right place, take a look at the offers below!

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Conference Venues Hire Guide

Australia has quickly become one of the most popular locations for hosting international conferences and retreats. Perth, located where the Swan River reaches the coast, is a great place for finding unique and easily accessible conference venues. 

Which parts of Perth are the most popular for conference venue hire?

  • Perth CBD / South Perth – Just across the Narrows Bridge, you’ll find the city’s central business district, which has dozens of excellent choices for all types of conferences, workshops, or retreats. You can also find most large hotels in the CBD -- their package offers might be an attractive option if you are not looking to handle every detail yourself. Not too far way, near the mouth of the Swan River is another likely area for your event -- South Perth. It doesn’t have a huge selection of conference venues, and those it does are quite popular, so bear that in mind when booking. Between these two districts, you’re sure to find an exceptional venue for your event. 
  • Perth Hills – The unofficially named “Perth Hills” area is a tourist hotspot. Along with playing host to some lovely parks and shops, Perth Hills also has a great selection of conference facilities to choose from for both local or international events.

What are some of the most popular conference venue types in Perth?

  • Hotels – Almost every major hotel in Perth offers some sort of conference package enabling you to take advantage of their accommodation, catering, and conference rooms. Hotel conference rooms are typically available to rent by the day or week. This is the most common and straightforward way to book a conference venue in Perth.
  • Designated Conference Centres – The city has several conference locations that are specifically designed for conferences and nothing else. Although these centres will often cost you a little more money, they’re sure to live up to your expectations, as staff and management are well able to meet to your event’s every need. Some centres within this category even offer themed retreats and team building activities at your request.
  • Banquet Halls – Banquet halls are a popular choice for 1-day conferences in Perth. They provide a space for the meetings or sessions, as well as catering, so that no one has to leave the event when they get hungry. Keep it classy and focused with one of the banquet halls listed on this page.


Conference Venues in Perth FAQ

Is it close to the airport?

Perth Airport is located outside of the city. So when picking any conference venue in Perth, it’s important to ask the venue representative what delegate transport times could look like. Also, make sure that there is a shuttle or easily accessible transportation from the airport to the conference venue.

How much does the venue cost?

Perth conference venues tend to vary in price greatly, they can range from lows of around AUS $50 per person, to room hire rates of AUS $500 and above, depending on your needs. Always check the cost early on when considering a venue, especially if you’re on a budget. 

Will there be other events taking place at the venue at the same time?

Although we have many Perth venues listed on this page that will allow you to hire the entire location, many conference room hires only offer you a small section of their facilities. And there very well may be other events or functions that will coincide with your conference. It’s a good idea to ask what else will be going on at the location during your event to avoid any unwanted conflicts or distractions. 

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