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Renting a sound stage in Chicago to record a music video or commercial sounds like a chore. But it doesn’t have to be. With Tagvenue’s smart filters, you’ll find an array of sound stages that boast the best-soundproofed sets in the city. Whether you’re planning to record a music video, a YouTube haul, or a commercial, these venues are designed to cater to all your production needs. Eager to find the perfect one? Skip the long haul and browse through our compilation of the best sound stages in the City of the Lakes for your production plans!

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Sound Stages Rental Guide

Why should you rent a sound stage in Chicago?

Spacious and convenient

Finding an indoor, high-quality sound stage can significantly improve your work. It’s always best to visit the space to make sure it fits your requirements. However, if you can’t afford a visit, a quick search online will tell you most of the things you need to know about the location. While it’s crucial to consider the space for your set and crew, you also need to consider the layout. A simple, open space will allow you to quickly set up your equipment and move around with ease.  

Multiple facilities

When you book a sound stage, you’ll often have access to additional rooms, such as production offices, where you can edit your videos after production. Makeup rooms are also usually available in such spaces, along with storage facilities for your crew to store their equipment, clothes, and everything else. Sound stages are usually equipped with oversized doors known as elephant doors that are easy to slide and open as much as needed for you to easily take anything in, whether it’s several pieces of furniture used as a prop or anything else, you can simply slide the door and bring it everything you need at once.  

Audio/visual packages 

These are another prime feature of these venues; many provide tailor-made packages for your filming requirements. These spaces allow you to have complete control over your production process since they were created with the film industry in mind. By eliminating any outside noise, you can be guaranteed to have the best sound quality possible when working. In addition to that, working in a soundproofed space will reduce the amount of work you’ll have to deal with in post-production.

How can you select the right sound stage in Chicago?

Sound stages are frequently confused with silent rooms, yet they differ from one another. They are spacious and soundproof areas in which you can record anything from a movie to a YouTube video. These spaces are commonly used for many different creative projects that involve sound and pictures. You may be thinking that you can simply hire a soundproof space and record high-quality videos, but not really. Sound stages feature a range of elements and tech gear that support picture and sound recording. In short, they are the ideal spaces for you to create content. But how do you go about selecting a sound stage in Chicago? We’ve compiled a list of tips for you to find the best sound stage the city has to offer. 

Venue location and capacity

Location and venue capacity are important to consider when picking a sound stage. If you’re filming a music video with 30 people, you'd need a spacious location to fit everyone in. Some venues feature different room sizes for you to choose from. If you’re planning a huge project, take into consideration the size of the venue before booking the location. The location of the space is another important factor when looking for a spot. You can always book a cheaper venue if you’re working with a few aspiring artists, but it’s best to choose a convenient location in the heart of popular neighborhoods like Lincoln Park or the  West Loop since they have better transportation than unusual places. Working on a local project in a small neighborhood? Stay within your budget by hiring a venue in the neighborhood and working with a local crew to make sure that everything runs smoothly. 

Consider additional services

Though the ultimate result of the production falls on your shoulders, there are a couple of things that can help you create a better environment for optimal performance. Therefore, you should consider sound stages that are creative-friendly but also functional. Need to eat between your breaks? Consider renting a venue that can coordinate catering or your other needs, such as access to the kitchenette. Another major thing to consider is whether your chosen venue provides any additional equipment. Some sound stages may even provide you with a few recommended makeup artists or additional assistance if required. So it’s important to think of the possible challenges that may come up and whether the venue can help tackle any of these if not all.

Various equipment at your disposal

The world of film revolves around light. Choosing the right lighting can be pretty challenging. It might require you to get extra gear apart from the standard light used. Luckily for you, sound studios provide portable lamps that will help you create the desired effects. From octobox lights that produce diffused soft light to strip boxes that are commonly utilized for portraits, studios can provide a range of gadgets that will enhance your end product. Getting your hands on a decent studio that provides you with the right equipment such as lights, costumes, and props shouldn’t be an ordeal in Chicago. Since costumes are an integral part of filmmaking, most of these studios will provide you with the essentials. You can expect anything from tuxes to historical outfits. As for props, you can have a miscellany of items ranging from cushions, wine glasses, lightsabers, trees, guns, and everything in between. Need a blue or green screen? You’ll surely have one on hand in production facilities. Green screens are superior to blue ones. Yet, both of these are project-specific. However, if you’re on a budget, it’s best to hire a green screen on the spot rather than a blue one since they’re generally more affordable! 

FAQs about Sound Stages in Chicago, IL

Do sound stages in Chicago provide on-site catering?

Numerous sound stages in Chicago provide on-site catering for your uninterrupted production. While some places might not display it online, you can always ask the venue manager if they can assist you with the catering or simply head to one of the fine eateries in the city right after work.

Do I need to get insurance when producing content in a studio?

It’s always good to be insured when working in a studio. Some places have policies that cover the clients while others require you to get your own insurance. It’s important to ask the sound stage representative about the coverage provided to ensure that you will be adequately compensated for any incident or accident, or if you need any help picking the right coverage. Also, make sure to rent a permitted sound stage to avoid any issues. 

What are the best locations for renting a sound stage in Chicago?

With 70 unique neighborhoods in Chicago, you can find anything from affordable sound stages to state-of-the-art stages. Located near a lake, Lakeview is a popular location for creative minds, and it’s probably one of the easiest places for you to find parking spaces on the street. If you’re in for a bit of exploration while in the city, head to Old Town, where you can enjoy some fine dining experiences after your session at the studio and enjoy a good show at one of the comedy clubs. Another artsy location that’s rich in culture is Logan Square. If you’re a fresh graduate looking to connect with other creatives, this is the place for you!

What are some of the common services provided by sound stages in Chicago?

Services provided by these spaces typically include pre/post-production spaces along with other rooms such as storage or dressing rooms for the whole crew. Access to restrooms, heavy power, additional equipment, and a parking lot are some of the other common facilities provided by these venues.

What are some types of equipment provided by sound stages in the city?

From lighting and sound equipment to green screens, there’s an array of equipment available in most spaces. However, you can expect some things like props and additional lighting across the board. Other equipment such as whiteboards, lighting desks, blue screens, projectors, retractable screens, and props may also be at your disposal. If you need any additional equipment, get in touch with the venue manager to see if you should rent the equipment or it can be provided free of charge.



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