Small Venues for Rent in Dallas, TX

Small Venues for Rent in Dallas, TX

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Top Small Venues in Dallas, TX

Small party doesn’t mean less fun, we can assure you of that! Actually, they’re quite the opposite! When hosting a party in one of the small venues in Dallas, get ready for a unique setting, lots of privacy and a chance to mingle with other guests! You’ll find various venues, from cozy cafes for family events to unique private spaces where you can celebrate with your friends. And if you feel like dancing the night away to your favorite beats, feel free to check out the city’s vibrant night clubs! So don’t waste any more time - simply scroll through our selection of Dallas’s small party spots and book the perfect spot for your next celebration!

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Small Venues Rental Guide

Are you already tired of searching for the perfect small venue in Dallas? Luckily for you, Tagvenue is here to help! Thanks to our filters, you’ll be able to easily choose the small venue that best suits your needs. Dallas is brimming with options, so we suggest you narrow down all of the options that best suit your occasion. Think through in which area you’d like to host your event, how many people will be attending and get to browsing the fantastic small places that suit your requirements best!

You’d be surprised how many amazing locations are waiting for you! No matter what you have in mind, in Dallas you’ll find restaurants, bars, lounges, art galleries and private spaces! 

What types of small venues can you find in Dallas?

We’ve narrowed down the most popular spaces and can recommend some of the best options for your upcoming event:

  • Restaurants. They’re a great fit for a variety of occasions, whether a casual gathering or an intimate wedding reception! Dallas is known for many things, its extraordinary food scene being one of them! Amazing eateries serving food from each corner of the world can be found all over the city. Whether you’re in the mood for French cuisine, Italian pasta or Tex-Mex food, you’ll find the perfect spot in Dallas within a few minutes. Just take Tagvenue’s search filters for a spin and get to browsing the city’s restaurants!
  • Private dining rooms. If you’re planning a birthday party or a family gathering, you can’t miss out on private dining rooms located in Dallas. They’re perfect for having everyone sit together, eat, drink, talk and laugh! When getting ready to book a place, ask about the different catering options, including the BYOB as a possible alternative.
  • Art galleries. Nothing can beat the elegance and unique ambiance of an art gallery! They are perfect for taking pictures and hosting a minimalistic event in a fabulous setting. When hosting an event in one of Dallas’s art galleries, food and beverages will probably be on you. But don’t worry about the decorations - the paintings and sculptures will work the magic.
  • Cocktail bars. If you don’t mind hosting a standing party, you should consider renting a cocktail bar for your next party! They’re perfect for bigger groups of friends enjoying time together or colleagues celebrating company milestones. What’s more, they’re the perfect excuse for dressing up in sequin dresses and best suits! In a cocktail bar, you’ll have the opportunity to sip on colorful cocktails and classic beverages! Non-drinkers can ask the bartenders to prepare non-alcoholic versions of their favorite cocktails.
  • Backrooms at bars. They are becoming more and more popular options for all kinds of small events. Backrooms offer a break from traditional venues like restaurants or halls, so if you’re thinking of a laid-back birthday celebration or an intimate engagement party, we recommend you host it there! Since back rooms are attached to the bars, you can always ask for staff assistance and order drinks until the early hours of the night.
  • Penthouses. They’re absolutely perfect for any kind of party! Whether you’re throwing a surprise birthday party for your bestie, your sister’s bridal shower or an anniversary party for your parents, it will be a smashing success when organized in one of Dallas’s penthouses. They offer lots of privacy, but you should keep in mind that it’ll be on you to sort out all of the other details, such as catering, drinks, decorations, entertainment, etc. But if party planning is your hobby, we couldn’t recommend renting a penthouse enough.

You’re already familiar with the types of venues you can find in Dallas, so to convince you even further, we’ve put together a few key elements!

Why should you rent a small venue for your event?

  • Change of scenery. We’ve all been to parties hosted in big halls or clubs, so why not do something different and host a party in a small venue?! These spots will mesmerize you with their setting, ambiance, service, and depending on the type of place you’ve booked - amazing cuisine. Small venues come in all shapes and sizes, so whether you’re after an eclectic bar or a high-end restaurant, you’ll find the ideal spot for your event.
  • Extra cash for party must-haves. When you rent a budget-friendly location, you get extra resources to splurge on other things like the decor, food and drinks. You could even hire professionals to help you with all of these things! Renting out smaller places allows you to have an unforgettable, lavish party for a group of people you care about the most.
  • More intimacy. Have you ever been to a large event and spent the entire party talking to just one person (and it wasn’t the host)? We’ve been there too! During big parties many guests may feel left out since the host has so many people to engage with. A small venue makes it much easier to spend time with those that you genuinely like! So when you decide to host a party in an intimate space, you’re sure to enhance the whole party experience for everyone.

FAQs about Small Venues in Dallas, TX

How far in advance should I book a small venue in Dallas?

In short: the earlier, the better! Small venues tend to get booked faster than larger venues due to their affordable prices and good sizes. And keep in mind that people need smaller venues for a wide variety of events, from business meetings to wedding receptions. That’s why we suggest you consider booking a venue even 5 months in advance. In case you’re unsure about availability options, contact the venue manager and find out all of the possibilities.

How big is a small venue?

Depending on the size of the rented venue, they can usually accommodate from around 40 to 100 people. But don’t worry if you’re unsure about the number of guests that will be able to comfortably fit in your chosen venue - most places indicate their capacity on the venue marketplace listing (such as Tagvenue) or their respective websites.

How much does it cost to rent a small venue in Dallas?

Small venues in Dallas come in all shapes and sizes, so it comes as no surprise that you’ll find all kinds of rental fees in the city. The prices range from $700 up to $8000 minimum spend. Hourly rates average around $75 per hour but you can also rent the place and pay a rental fee for the whole session - prices start at $850 and reach $1200 per session. It is also possible to book a place that offers special packages with prices ranging from $16 to $70 per person.  (Based on data from Tagvenue.)

Where in Dallas can I find the best venues for a small celebration?

You’ll be delighted with the wide selection of small venues in every part of the city! Downtown Dallas is filled with fantastic restaurants - if you choose any of the spots there, be sure to relish spectacular meals and great cocktails. We also recommend booking a private dining room in one of Oak Lawn’s eateries. But in case you’re in a mood for a party in Lower Greenville, don’t hesitate to check out that area as well and book the place that steals your heart.

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