Beer Gardens for Rent in Chicago, IL

Beer Gardens for Rent in Chicago, IL

Celebrate anything from birthdays to weddings in one of these stunning spaces

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Top Beer Gardens in Chicago, IL

Two words: beer gardens. Are you looking forward to the first summer days in Chicago, when you can relax by the beautiful Lake Michigan while sipping a pilsner or pale ale? If you’re hosting an event for first-timers, you’ll certainly impress them with the beer gardens along with the stunning city architecture, and the crystal blue water of the beautiful beaches. The city of abstract art and gastronomy, has you covered, with classic German beer gardens at Millenium Park and breweries with comfortable patios in Lincoln Park. Tagvenue has some fantastic spots to fill your beer glasses. Prost!

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Beer Gardens Rental Guide

What type of party can you host at a beer garden?

The city of Chicago is recognized for its restaurants, bars, and breweries. If you're short on time or just want to have a casual get-together with a group of beer aficionados, outdoor venues like beer gardens are ideal. Count us in!  

What could be better than drinking some beer pints and Belgian fries while admiring the gorgeous vistas of Foster Avenue or the Chicago Botanic Garden once the weather gets warmer? You can hold a variety of events at such a location, from a birthday barbecue party to an engagement party and just about everything else! Anything can be held in a beer garden, from office parties to wedding receptions, if done well. But here are a few examples, just in case! 

BBQ party 

Set your grill and serve some brats and vegan sausages. Now, add some music and lager, and you’re all set for a party. There’s probably nothing better than a BBQ party at a beer garden. With so many wonderful options, you'll be able to find some venue  for your next BBQ in no time. You may have a BBQ with your friends and family for any occasion, and your visitors will enjoy it.

Whether you want a unique view of the city or a beer garden with the greatest wine and cocktails but also the best beef filets or burritos, this city has something for everyone. In addition, many beer gardens have live music during the warmer months. Just remember to have some decorative lighting and some BBQ party games like Kan Jam or Pong Golf on hand! Your friends are sure to thank you for brightening their day with delicious food, plenty of booze, and some yard games.

Wedding Reception

If you're looking for something different, consider having your wedding reception in a beer garden. Many of you may believe that a beer garden isn't a suitable wedding site. However, when you explore the variety of beer gardens available, you'll quickly realize that these venues can be fantastic in terms of backdrop, space, and ambiance. Many of these locations have a particular rural ambiance, while others are more  rustic, making them ideal for hosting a lovely wedding followed by some creamy stout beer! Lincoln Park, Lake View, River North, and Hyde Park are just a few of the stunning neighborhoods to consider for your wedding. Thanks to Chicago's versatility, you can choose the perfect beer garden to host your wedding reception almost anywhere in the city. Get some pretty porcelain beer steins and start planning your toast to the Mr. and Mrs!

Host a private Oktoberfest

If you haven’t been to an Oktoberfest yet, why not host your own? Rent a space in any beer garden and host a traditional German beer celebration. If they haven’t already, ask the venue manager to set out long tables and benches out on the lawn to emulate the festive spirit of German celebrations. Use Bavarian flags and serve a variety of German beers to revive the good old tradition! Don’t forget the pretzels and bratwursts!

Engagement Brunch (also known as Booze Brunch)

An engagement requires a celebration! And what better way to celebrate than holding a party in a beer garden with your favorite people? Why not hold your engagement party in a beer garden by Lake View or at a roof-top Biergarten while enjoying the city's iconic skyline? Beer gardens, as the name implies, often feature a natural setting with lots of greenery and rustic decor, making them ideal for holding an intimate engagement party or a larger gathering.

If you’re planning to host an intimate celebration, consider less popular places if you are short on time. Having your celebrations at your favorite watering hole is an easy way to keep everyone entertained and you won’t have to worry about catering or drinks since beer gardens not only serve beer but also ciders, cocktails, and amazing food. Plus, many of these venues are equipped with an indoor venue where you can spend the rest of the night if you are getting cold. Just make sure to rent both spots!

What kind of food can you find in beer gardens?

Thanks to the popularity of beer gardens, you can find anything from German sausages to tacos at these spaces. If you’re a lover of fast-finger foods, then you’re in the right place. The beer gardens in Chicago generally have a selection of fast-finger foods ranging from nachos to onion rings! If you're searching for a more upscale supper, you'll be happy to find that many beer gardens offer gourmet selections like smoked tuna and slow-cooked eggs. You might even come across vegan options in several places. If you're uncertain about the food options or the types of events you can organize at a particular venue, it's always a good idea to contact the event manager ahead of time to make sure everything is in place before your event!

FAQs about Beer Gardens in Chicago, IL

Is it possible to rent a venue to host a private Oktoberfest in Chicago?

Yes! It is possible to hold a private Oktoberfest if you book the space at least nine months in advance, as prices tend to rise during September and October due to the popularity of the German festival. Even if you can get away with renting a space a few months in advance, it's usually ideal to book well in advance, – particularly if it's a paid event.

Can any event be hosted at a beer garden?

Any type of event can be hosted at a beer garden provided the venue has the right amenities for the event. Most gardens can cater to different range of group sizes, which means it should not be a problem for you to host any type of event at a beer garden.

Can I ask the venue manager to provide tents or awnings for my event?

Yes! While many beer gardens are usually equipped with some sheltered space, you can always contact the manager and ask him to assist you with additional tents or awnings for your event. You may even ask for decorative lights to be added to the awnings if it’s for a special event. However, remember that this may come at an additional cost.

What are the greatest neighborhoods in Chicago for throwing a beer garden party?

We recommend checking out the venues around Lincoln Square, where you’ll find an array of eateries and beer gardens to select from. Check out options in places like Lakeview or Hyde Park if you want to impress your guests with distinctive skyscrapers and local cuisine. Head to The Loop to have a little bit of everything, from artwork to unique skyscrapers. In short, there are many excellent areas where you can host a beer garden event; just make sure that the venue is accessible to all!

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