Beer Gardens for Rent in New York City, NY

Beer Gardens for Rent in New York City, NY

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Top Beer Gardens in New York City, NY

Are you in the mood for a tasty brew in New York City? You’re in luck because the city is full of plenty of opportunities for you to taste the most unique beers, ales, and IPAs out there! With so many beer gardens scattered across the city from standard ‘biergartens’ to chill gardens on the rooftops of classy buildings, they’re perfect for any get-together and occasions that arise. Open all year round, beer gardens in New York City are welcome locations for guests to taste original craft beers or German, Belgian and Czech classics. So, what are you waiting for? Pick your favorite from our carefully chosen list of beer gardens in New York City and enjoy your beer-experience!

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Beer Gardens Rental Guide

All around the globe, people appreciate beer gardens for their unique style and climate. It’s no wonder that New York, a city that is ready to meet every possible need, has many beer gardens in each of its boroughs. From cozy spots with romantic vibes and flowery decor to big, open beamed spaces beaming with the pleasant noise of chatter as participants enjoy their craft beers and delicious snacks. Each New York borough has many excellent examples, and they are ready to take their guests on a journey of different tastes and types, all accompanied by the rhythm of live music. 

Beer gardens or ‘biergartens’ have their roots in Bavaria in Germany. And they seem to grow in popularity each year. They are cool places with a unique style, delicious food, and good beer, where smaller or bigger groups can celebrate any occasion that comes to mind. They’re also great spots to find new buddies, as one of their aims is to encourage guests to meet and talk with each other.

Depending on the venue, they can offer a classic beer garden menu – a craft beer with platters of juicy sausage, schnitzel, or chicken wings served straight from the grill. Or they may embrace a modernized and refined aesthetic, with different types of Italian or French wine on offer as well. Beers are good to go with any type of food – a wide range of choices on the menu seem to prove it all. You can drink in the company of a burger and fries, seafood, or Chinese takeaway. Or even with a simple pretzel if you don’t feel like a big meal. 

Whatever you wish for your beer garden gathering or party to taste and look like, you can be sure that you will find the perfect one across the great five New York City boroughs! 

Manhattan - the concrete jungle has this dense, urban feel you won’t feel anywhere else. Also known as the core of the city, it is a mix of business areas and luxurious neighborhoods. Beer gardens in the Financial District are places where white-collar workers choose to wind down after stressful days of work and want to savor a pint of upscale beer in more casual interiors. Times Square and its vibrant nightlife offer a great American feel, serving beer along with fried chicken and burgers. Taprooms with custom craft beers and snacks served from Chinese, Korean, Italian cuisine for you and your guests can be found in the neighborhoods of Soho, Chinatown, and Broadway. Some of them offer breathtaking views from the rooftops of the Brooklyn skyline

Brooklyn - Beer gardens out there perfectly fit into the open and residential feel Brooklyn is known for. Try your luck around Williamsburg where street art along with the dazzling skyline of Manhattan brightens the area and attracts the youths that adorn the area with laughter and noise. Local breweries sell custom beer to go around the Brooklyn Heights and Downtown Brooklyn, open to pleasing casual and connoisseur beer drinkers with top-flight beverages and food.     

The Bronx - local breweries in this area are nestled among suburban, leafy streets and picturesque parks, inviting you to relax and take a sip of the sour or sweet ales with your closest ones. You will be able to taste original IPAs and lower ABV booze in the southern part of the borough, but also check out the streets near Yankee Stadium where football and beer enthusiasts gather all together. The area of Belmont also has brewery gems you can discover among Italian restaurants and pizzerias, popular among families and children.

Queens - is home to the first beer garden opened in New York. Located next to Astoria Blvd, this family-friendly venue with picnic tables outdoors has blazed trails for other beer gardens to come into their own in the same neighborhood. The whole area gives off a great small-town vibe and together with multicultural surroundings creates a place full of charm. Sunnyside, with more suburban vibes, is the heart of the beer garden district inviting you to taste craft beer alongside food from all over the globe.  

Staten Island - is where beer gardens blend in with the lovely greenery the island is known for. An ideal pick for those lazy and warm summer days when you want to celebrate away from the blast of the never-sleeping city center. 

Beer Gardens in New York City are a flexible fit for any celebration, as their cheerful and relaxed vibes are perfect for casual birthday parties and simple gatherings with friends to more formal business events. They are also known for celebrating Oktoberfest so that you can experience the vibes of it without leaving the States. Both huge beer craft fans and simple enjoyers will appreciate them for the wide range of flavors they have on offer. Sweet and fruity or more sour ales, for sure you will find the best fit for your taste buds! Tagvenue will help you pick the best beer garden that will enable you to either acquaint yourself or your guests with the magic of beer gardens.

FAQs about Beer Gardens in New York City, NY

Which neighborhoods have the best beer gardens in New York?

We can recommend beer gardens in Lower Manhattan and Soho where the constant hustle and bustle adds charm to the cool interior of beer gardens there. They have a wide selection of beers, wines and food on their menus. So you can pick the best one for you and your guests based on your taste preferences. 

How much does it cost to rent a beer garden in New York?

Rental fees can cost from around $100 to $350 per hour. However, a huge influence on the price is the location and whichever cool spots are nearby. Also, the final price can differ depending on what type of beverage package and food you choose (All data from  

Are there any indoor beer gardens in New York?

If you wish to cherish the beer garden experience to the fullest, it’s best to visit them in summer. There are many beer gardens where you can enjoy your beer and food in wither outdoor and indoor interiors. We recommend such spots in Manhattan, near the popular tourist sites. You can grab a bottle or pint of beer whenever you feel like it, even on chilly days!

Can I organize a bigger event in a beer garden?

Sure! New York is rich in beer gardens with a more intimate experience, but also the ones with spacious and bustling surroundings that fit large crowds. However, we recommend asking our managers in advance to confirm if the venue is suitable for bigger crowds.

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