Beer Gardens for Rent in Houston, TX

Beer Gardens for Rent in Houston, TX

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Top Beer Gardens in Houston, TX

What’s better than enjoying a good pint of ale under the sunny Houston sky? Add a favorite crowd, some decorations, food, and you’ve got a recipe for a great outdoor party! And what type of venues offer great alfresco surroundings? Beer gardens! You’ll find a plethora of fantastic outdoor spaces that will charm your guests with their special ambiance and craft beers that everyone can pick according to their taste. Sounds interesting? Then take the leap and browse our curated list of beer gardens across Houston and see how quickly you’ll find the ideal space for your next event. 

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Beer Gardens Rental Guide

Ready to host your next event? Then why not go off the beaten track and surprise your guests with laidback, alfresco surroundings that will get everyone in a great mood? Discover the best brew hide-outs in the city and celebrate under the sunny sky with a pint in hand! So why not start browsing for the ideal beer garden now? With Tagvenue’s help, you’ll book the perfect space that matches your style and wallet with just a few clicks! 

Will the beer garden match the event I am about to host?

In case you’re wondering if your event and a beer garden will be a good match, here’s an answer: it will! Because beer gardens are flexible spaces where you can host any event and mark it as a successful one! They are especially perfect when you’re not into formal settings that make you feel bored and unamused. Beer gardens all over Houston are great hide-outs where you can spend quality time chatting, laughing, eating, drinking, and dancing in laidback and comfortable surroundings while enjoying amazing Houston weather. And usually, you won’t have to break the bank to rent one, as they’re affordable options with that special ambiance that contributes to everyone getting into good spirits. 

Apart from that, beer gardens often have their own breweries, so it’s a fantastic chance to taste different flavors of beer you probably never knew existed! You’ll be surprised how great a lager is with a fried chicken, pulled pork, TexMex dishes, or even waffles and seafood. And in case you’re not that much into beer, the beer garden’s offer of non-beer drinks has got you covered! Boozy rum and vodka drinks, frozen margaritas, wine, and ciders are only a few of the bunch of beverages that can help you get in the right mood.  

What type of events can I host in a beer garden? 

There are a plethora of events you can host in a beer garden! From birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, to even wedding receptions and less-formal corporate events. Honestly, only your imagination can stop you from coming up with an event that you can host in a beer garden! A baby shower for your bestie? A fan meeting of a beloved franchise? A surprise farewell party for a coworker? Whatever your wish, the venues will do what’s in their power to meet your requirements and organize a memorable experience for you and your guests.    

Where are the best beer gardens in Houston?

Through recent years, Houston’s beer garden scene has flourished and you can spot many fantastic spaces offering chilled beer al fresco all over the city! Downtown offers easy access to some of the great spots via public transportation. Beer enthusiasts flock to beer gardens near Elgin Street to wind down after work, take a pint or two in unhurried surroundings and savor some TexMex classics. If you want to experience real Houston vibes, then you should definitely head over with the crowd to Axelrad in Midtown to taste the best drinks in town (not only beer!). When you want to find yourself lost with options of all the lagers, IPAs, and porters, then the Heights Bier Garten in Heights will sweep you off your feet with its vast beer selection. Want to spend some time with your family over flavorful beer and food? Lazy Oaks in Spring Branch has kid-friendly surroundings and its playground guarantees your kiddos will leave happy and exhausted. But don’t stop with those choices! Here on Tagvenue, we’ve made things easy by rounding up a list of the best beer gardens worthy of your attention, so make sure to give it a look! 

How to find the ideal beer garden in Houston? 

So you’re convinced to give beer gardens a try? Then take a look at our short list of key elements that need to be considered before starting the hunt for the ideal place! With those in mind, the whole process will be short and sweet! 

Budget - This is the most crucial one. How much are you able to spend for the whole event? Try to be realistic and think which price range of a venue rental will be affordable for you. Once that one is settled, think of food and drink expenses. We suggest asking venue managers for rental packages, as food and drink options are usually included in the price of such a package, as well as the rental fee.

Guest number - You don’t want everyone to be bumping on each other and complain about the lack of space, do you? So draw up your guest list and keep the number in mind during your venue search. This will help you determine how much space you need to make every guest feel at ease and ready to spend quality time together! 

Location - A space that has great vibes and is accessible at the same time will contribute to your party resulting in a success! So check out if everyone on your guest list will be able to reach it with no fuss via public transportation or car. A great location can really win you some more guests, so make sure it is achievable! And if your venue is rather on the outskirts of the city, make sure to inform your guest beforehand (in the invitation, for example) to give everyone the time to organize their transportation. 

Occasion - What’s your occasion? To celebrate a birthday, make a toast to the recently-engaged couple, or simply gather your friends to catch up, kick back and chill? To make the most of what the Biergarten has to offer, you need to determine the style of the event. This will give you the idea whether the vibes of the Biergarten you’ve picked and the setting will match the party style and guarantee a memorable experience for your guests.

FAQs about Beer Gardens in Houston, TX

How much does it cost to rent a beer garden in Houston?

Organizing an event in a beer garden may cost you around $500 per session, or anywhere between $50 to $90+ per person. But always try reaching out to venue managers for individual offers, and if you’re planning a larger event, for discounts as well. (All data from

Which Houston areas have the best beer gardens?

Generally, Houston is rife with fantastic beer gardens where you can chill and enjoy the weather with your family, friends, and even furry friends! But for the best experience in the central area, check out Downtown, as well as Midtown. And if you don’t mind crossing the city, then the Second Ward and Eastex/Jensen are worth looking into as well.

How early in advance should I book a beer garden in Houston?

At least two weeks before the event. This will give you enough time to look for the offers that interest you, compare them, and pick the winner out of them. But to have much greater options to choose from, we suggest looking even two months before the event.

Can I take the kids to a beer garden?

Of course! Beer gardens in Houston are flexible spaces and many of them offer kid-friendly attractions, such as playgrounds where kids can have fun while the parents can have a little time for themselves. So you don’t have to worry about hiring a nanny, as you can easily take your small ones with you and have a great time!

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