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Beer Gardens for Rent in Los Angeles, CA

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Los Angeles is a sprawling city with beautiful weather year round, making beer gardens the perfect way to get outdoors and enjoy the warm sun and cool nights. Why not book a space today? Tagvenue is ready and waiting to help you find the perfect beer garden for a great summer get together. LA has got everything from breweries, to seaside restaurants, to Bavarian beer halls, and the ever-frequent pop-up beer garden. No matter the occasion, we’ve got you covered. Browse through our listings to see what we have to offer!

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Beer Gardens Rental Guide

Los Angeles is famous for its warm and clear summertime weather, making beer gardens the perfect place for a get together. On our pages, you’ll discover a variety of options to choose from throughout the city. This includes waterfront seafood restaurants with beautifully lit porches, and more urban, modern settings in Downtown LA that will be sure to make your event unforgettable. Hop on our platform and discover how finding a picturesque beer garden is as easy as enjoying a beer. Use our search platform and smart filters to narrow down your search to options that are just the perfect size and price for your wallet.

The first “Biergarten” was started in Bavaria, Germany around the 19th century and this type of venue has become increasingly popular all over the world. Beer gardens combine a few of everyone’s favorite things: good beer, good food, and good company. In the US, the classic German beer garden offers a modern vibe that celebrates the diversity of American brewing and cuisine.

Craft breweries have been on an upward ascent in recent years, making them a great spot to host a party or event. Craft breweries offer dozens of options for all of your guests, allowing them to try all sorts of beer and a range of great foods that they otherwise would not. Craft breweries are located all over the city in places like Glendale, The Arts District, and Santa Monica. At these locations you will be able to find new and interesting IPAs, classic lagers, hard kombuchas, lighter pilsners, and classic pub food, barbecue, or Asian cuisine to name a few.

When the summer heat kicks in, you might be thinking about a nice seabreeze and a stunning view of the sunset over the Pacific Ocean. Fortunately for you, there are dozens of bars and restaurants located right next to the ocean in places like Long Beach with an amazing ambiance that will blow you away. The beer gardens here are normally a bit more relaxed with more relaxed beer and wine options than you would otherwise find at a craft brewery. Here they focus on nice light beers to match the seafood that will often be available from the kitchen or food trucks, which gives your guests as many food options as there are beer options. You can find these types of establishments in local favorites such as Manhattan Beach and Malibu.

Los Angeles has become a hub for more traditional Bavarian beer gardens as well, helping your guests feel like they are at Oktoberfest in Munich. These types of beer halls are located throughout the city in places like Mar Vista and La Brea. You will be able to find some classically German-style beers like hefeweizen, pilsner, Vienna lager, and gose to name a few. Accompanying these beers you will also find classic German food like schnitzel, bratwurst, and hand-made pretzels. A German beer garden in Silver Lake would make a great setting for parties with communal tables which promote socializing among the entire party, rather than among just a few groups of people.

Beers that one would expect at a beer garden in Los Angeles would be:

IPAs - Short for India Pale Ale, these beers are often very hoppy, sometimes hazy, but always a staple at any beer garden you will find in LA. These are popular among experienced beer drinkers and newcomers alike, as there are many varieties to choose from and both local and national options as well. Most beer gardens and breweries will come equipped with their own special take on an IPA, which is always worth a try!

Pilsner - Pilsners are a member of the lager family and are normally crisp, refreshing, and lightly hopped, making them enjoyable beers if you are in the mood to have a few. These light lager beers go great with Southern California’s weather and pretty much any kind of food you will be eating at your party.

Hefeweizen - A classic German style of beer that is becoming more and more popular in America. It translates to “wheat beer with yeast,” and these are often cloudy and on the sweeter side with great depth of flavor. This is one of the most traditional forms of beer and is certainly making a resurgence in the United States following the market’s shifting away from IPA’s dominance.

Beer gardens are excellent venues for hosting a variety of parties, from corporate events, birthday parties, or just a general summer get together for friends and family. Los Angeles is host to many excellent options for beer gardens that offer a wonderful place to socialize and try amazing beer and food. Tagvenue can help you organize one of these events, simply check out our curated list of the most amazing beer gardens around Los Angeles, so all you will have to do is pick your favorite!

FAQs about Beer Gardens in Los Angeles, CA

Which neighborhoods have the best beer gardens in Los Angeles?

Some of our favorite beer gardens are located in The Arts District and Silver Lake. These places are known for being hip neighborhoods with a lot to offer in terms of food and culture. Other locations that are located on the beachfront are in places such as Malibu, Long Beach, and Manhattan Beach.

How much does it cost to rent a beer garden in Los Angeles?

Renting the space can cost anywhere from $100 to $250 per hour depending on the space. This price, however, does not always include the beverage package you choose, like an open beer and wine bar and food. Many places will also have a food and beverage minimum that you can inquire about when booking.

Do I need to bring anything to the beer garden?

The events usually come fully stocked, but sometimes there will be options to rent outside caterers like food trucks to provide some of the refreshments for your party. Venues will sometimes offer a BYOB option if you are on a tight budget.

How many people is a good amount for a party at a beer garden?

This depends on the venue of course, but beer gardens are always going to be outside, which makes the amount of people they can handle a bit more flexible. This is because there are often more places to stand, sit, and generally more room to move around.

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