Beer Gardens for Rent in Las Vegas, NV

Beer Gardens for Rent in Las Vegas, NV

Celebrate all kinds of occasions in one of these stunning alfresco spaces

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Top Beer Gardens in Las Vegas, NV

A cold pint of beer, juicy food, good company under the summer sky… Sounds like a dreamy scenario, doesn’t it? Well, with Tagvenue’s help, you can make it happen! We selected the best beer gardens in Las Vegas where you can organize the outdoor party you’ve always wanted. Perhaps a fancy setting with a rooftop view in the famous Strip, or something more laid-back and hip in the Arts District? Take a look at our curated list and start planning your cool get-together at this moment!

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Beer Gardens Rental Guide

Everyone should visit a beer garden at least once in their lifetime! They offer this unique ambiance, which, matched with a cool pint of craft beer and music playing softly in the background, will make you kick back and forget about the whole world. Sounds nice, right? And what if we told you that these brew hideouts are also highly flexible spaces that can work as an ideal setting for many occasions? From birthday parties, weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, and engagement parties, to business meetings, corporate events, and workshops – the laid back atmosphere and the fresh air will put everyone in a good mood, ready to have the time of their lives. 

So why not go off the beaten track and host your next event at one of the best beer gardens in Las Vegas? Take your guests for a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city and give them a chance to enjoy the sunshine to the fullest! At Tagvenue, we guarantee that you’ll find a space that matches your needs and budget, you only need to take our smart engines for a spin – do it now and enjoy the results! 

How to book the ideal beer garden 

Okay, you’re convinced to give a beer garden a shot (and we’re more than happy about it!). But how to find “the one” in the array of great options Las Vegas has to offer? Firstly, relax, because it isn’t that hard! You just need to consider some key elements which we’ve listed below so that you can immediately kick off the hunt for your ideal space. Trust us, once you give our short list a quick read, you’ll be ready to plan the fun and enjoy it!

What’s the occasion? - An upcoming birthday? A recent engagement, or anniversary? Perhaps your bestie is getting married soon and you’re planning to surprise her with a smashing bridal shower? Or maybe you just simply want to invite your old pals to relax and catch up on your lives? Knowing the occasion and the party style you’d like to pursue will help you navigate your search and  you’ll easily be able to pick a space that has the right setting and ambiance. 

Budget - You don't want to get caught spending more than you can afford on the venue rental or food, right? So make sure you’ve established a realistic budget! Not only will you be able to select an option that fits your price range, it will also help you make reasonable decisions regarding other things you’d like to incorporate, such as food or decorations.  

Guest number - Think how many people you’d like to invite. Even a brief number will do! That way, you’ll be able to pick a beer garden with the perfect capacity. You will avoid situations, such as having too little space to comfortably move and enjoy your time under the sky. At this point, you should also determine the kind of layout you want – would you like a sit-down party or a cocktail one? Perhaps a mix of both? Knowing your preferable setting is also really helpful in the decision-making process.  

Location - A space with great vibes and an even better location for sure will mark your party as a success! Check if your first-choice option has decent access to public transit and a private parking lot for the guests who are planning to come to your party by car. The location will have a huge impact on the party’s attendance, as well as the mood, so if you’re opting for a more remote escapade outside the central area, make sure to inform everyone in advance so they can organize their transportation.

Food options - Usually, beer gardens have fantastic and various menus that complement their craft beer options. Maybe it’s a great chance to surprise your guests with how great Porter tastes with the BBQ or seafood, or how a fresh and light American Lagers emphasizes the taste of grilled fish and finger food? Don’t be afraid to experiment a little! And in case you’re green in the field of matching the beer with food, ask the venue manager for help! They will guide you to come up with a menu that will blow everyone’s palates away once they taste how great beer tastes with the food of your choice! 

That was short, right?! But we hope that with our tips in mind, you’ll find the beer garden that matches all your expectations and even outperforms them! Remember, that a great venue is only halfway to success – make sure to amp up the atmosphere by picking a great theme, adding some matching decorations, and, of course, playing some greatest hits everyone loves! When you include all these elements, everyone will remember your cool event for years to come! 

And how about giving Tagvenue a chance to assist you during your search for the perfect space? Take our smart filters for a spin and browse through the offers that match your preferences!

FAQs about Beer Gardens in Las Vegas, NV

How much does it cost to rent a beer garden in Las Vegas?

The cost of a beer garden rental in Las Vegas varies depending on the size of the garden, its popularity, location, and the number of amenities it offers. Hourly rental fees start from as low as $80 per hour. Many venues also offer rentals on the basis of a minimum spend, and you should expect the prices anywhere between $500 to $1000+.

How far in advance should I book a beer garden in Las Vegas?

If you want to have a wide range of offers to choose from, you should start your search no later than 3 months before an event. This will give you enough time to thoroughly compare offers, visit the venues in person, and pick the one that matches all your expectations. But if you’re wondering whether it’s possible to book a beer garden on short notice – yes, you can book a beer garden up to 2 weeks in advance, but we don’t guarantee you’ll have that many options to choose from!

Do beer gardens have other drinks?

If you’re not much of a beer enthusiast, here’s the good news: the majority of beer gardens offer other beverages on their menus. Apart from beer, you can order soft drinks, cocktails, and in some cases, even wine. Just make sure you confirm the availability of other drink options before you book the space.

Are kids welcome in beer gardens in Las Vegas?

The answer is: yes! You don’t need to call your babysitter for the party’s duration as many beer gardens across Las Vegas actually welcome kids  tagging along! Usually, there’s a secluded playground where kids can hop around and play while parents can catch a breath and relax with a pint of a light pint in hand. And in case you’re wondering where you can find beer gardens where kids are welcome, you should check Downtown and the Arts District.

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