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Top Bridal Shower Venues in New York City

Are you on the lookout for a venue for a bridal shower? New York offers the best spots that make those last days of freedom a little bit sweeter and more exciting! No matter what you’ve planned for the bridal shower--a big fiesta or a small gathering with dear friends and family--the city will rise to the occasion and spoil you with all of the locations that are ready to fulfill your vision and party theme. Start your journey with Tagvenue and browse through our curated listing of bridal shower venues in New York City and get ready to experience a night (or day) to remember!

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Bridal Shower Venues Rental Guide

The rule of thumb of every bridal shower preparation is as follows: what the bride wants rules! So make sure to do whatever they wish, as bridal showers are all about them and celebrating their last days of freedom. Don’t come up with a party theme and attractions you know they won’t enjoy, even though you know the guests will. If you’re in charge of the party planning and you aren’t sure what their dream day should look like, ask around and find out. You can always ask the groom to help you when the party is supposed to be a surprise or ask the bride directly for a list of things she likes. 

When you’re the bride planning the party for yourself, you can always use the help of the internet to find inspiration if you haven’t visualized it yet.

After the bridal party theme is set, then check out our bridal shower venues in New York and mark the day as you’re about to make a toast for the new chapter filled with love and happiness! 

However, if you’re about to host your first bridal shower and you’re lost on how your or your bride-to-be should celebrate, take a look at our bridal shower ideas: 

  1. Cooking classes - Celebrate a bridal shower with some delicious cooking! It’s a fantastic and fun way to spend some quality time with guests. These classes include hands-on learning with the assistance of the professional chef, as well as cooking demonstrations. Based on your preferences, you can either prepare traditional dishes or trendy and modern equivalents. Does your bride have a sweet tooth? You can have baking classes instead! Whatever option you choose, for sure you’ll enjoy it as you eat what you’ve prepared!  
  2. Garden party - An affair surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers will always be a hit! Such parties can be held either indoors or outdoors-the choice is yours! Many venues across the city offer beautiful interiors with natural light and elegant decors, as well as enormous backyards where you can prepare a gathering in the open air or a party tent. A less formal but no less attractive option to a classic garden party is a beer garden party. Local breweries offer amazing venues with original beer flavors and delicious food, so book a space there whenever your bride is into fun and relaxed parties. Garden parties are a flexible choice that you can customize to satisfy the bride’s expectations.  
  3. Winery affair - A private cellar dinner in the company of a professional sommelier sounds like a dream bridal shower party with a romantic ambiance and sweet leisure activities. Most wineries offer wine tasting of all wine types, bound with the sommelier presence who will tell you everything about origins and wine production. It’s a lovely and safe choice, especially when the bride is a wine enthusiast.
  4. Brunch - This is a great alternative for small bridal showers to bond over delicious and light food and desserts in a quaint atmosphere. To spice up the atmosphere you can always add some bubbles and organize a mimosa bar! Chatting in the company of champagne will get everyone in a good mood. New York offers many great venues, from casual to more classy spaces, that are ready to be customized up to the bride’s liking. 
  5. Cocktail party - Want to go crazy? Organize a private session with a mixologist and enjoy alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks in every taste and color! You can book a private space in a bar or a restaurant that offers cocktail packages and sip margaritas to your heart's content. If you rent a space in the Lower East Side, or Soho, the thriving nightlife will get you in the dance mood and carry everyone to the best clubs out there! 
  6. Tea party - These parties can be very flexible and customized up to the bride’s liking. They can be held in a luxurious space where you will drink tea in a fancy china pot, in a garden, or in a less formal venue. Tea parties usually go well with finger food and desserts. They’re perfect occasions to chit-chat and taste various tea flavors from all over the world at one time!  
  7. Virtual party - If for any reason you can’t gather together to celebrate face-to-face before the big day, virtual parties are an excellent solution! There are many virtual spaces ready to host your party in any manner the bride wishes for. Online quizzes or escape rooms are just the tips of an iceberg of choices you can pick from.

Remember that whatever bridal shower idea you choose it is most important to create a fun and friendly atmosphere that the bride will enjoy. So get searching and start planning an amazing bridal shower with no fuss.

Bridal Shower Venues in New York City FAQ

How much does it cost to rent a bridal shower venue in New York?

The options are as varied as the city itself, so you’ll find plenty of venues for any budget you’ve set! Bridal shower venues rentals can be charged either per hour- from $50 up to $2000 and more or per person- prices start from $30 to $85 per person. You can also find dining spaces where the rental is based on the minimum spend- expect to pay in such places around $2000 up to $5000. However, don’t hesitate to ask the managers for the individual price offer, as it depends on which food and beverage package you choose (Based on data from Tagvenue).

Where can I find the best bridal shower venues in New York?

If you don’t have any idea how to look for a venue to organize a bridal shower, you can always look for places near Penn Station or Union Station. It’s better to pick a venue which has a good transportation connection, because not all guests have a driving license, or are hoping to have a drink or two.

When should I invite guests for the bridal shower?

The earlier, the better! However, most hosts send invitations around 8 to 4 weeks before the party. Send them only when you’re set with the date and booked a venue. 

Who pays for the bridal shower?

A person in charge of organizing usually pays. It can be either a maid-of-honor, the bride,or the bride’s mother. In most cases, however, the bridesmaids and maid-of-honor pay for the party together.

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