Baby Shower Venues for Rent in Washington, DC

Baby Shower Venues for Rent in Washington, DC

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Top Baby Shower Venues in Washington, DC

Congratulations, expectant parents! We can’t wait to meet your little bundle of joy. The arrival of a new family member calls for a celebration with your family and friends. Washington, D.C. is not only rich in history or eateries, it’s also filled with tons of baby shower venues that will simply blow your mind! Tagvenue is here to help make your event one to remember! Hop on our platform to check out our selection of fine venues with spaces.

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Baby Shower Venues Rental Guide

There’s no joy comparable to that of a newborn. Although hosting a baby shower is not a compulsory event, parents-to-be know what the hype is all about. Having your favorite people gathered around you for a gender reveal or a classic baby shower is a wonderful feeling. The long-anticipated arrival is a thing of joy that should certainly be celebrated in the most buoyant way possible. While a baby shower and gender reveal party are two different things, it’s now a common thing to combine both into one event. It’s your little one, so you can host the event however you want! We’d even suggest taking advantage of the occasion to spoil yourself a little bit! 

Why should you host a baby shower? 

Well, first because you deserve to be pampered at this stage! But more realistically, baby showers aim at helping the parents  get all the products they need to look after the baby. You’ll be gifted with prams, nursing pads, plushies, and many other things that will help you save a lot of money. Yes, kids come at a price, and that price is pretty high! Besides the practical side of the event, baby showers make the mother feel special about the birth of the baby. Baby showers are typically held four to six weeks before the baby’s due date. These gatherings are filled with special moments, decorations, useful gifts, amazing food, and fun baby shower games that will even make you forget about the dreadful morning sickness. In general, baby showers are attended mostly by close family and friends. However, if everyone is cool with it, you could simply host the baby shower and reveal the gender on the same day. Don’t hesitate to invite relatives and friends of any gender to the party. These events tend to be smaller as they are intimate, so you can effortlessly host the event in a private room in a restaurant or in a cozy little cafe. 

How to choose a baby shower venue?

Baby showers are often held in the great outdoors. Imagine yourself surrounded by blooming flowers, the people you love, some delicious food, and mocktails, sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Well, such dreams can be turned into reality in a flash in D.C., where even the most popular areas like Capitol Hill and Columbia Heights are adorned with numerous parks and lush venues such as private backyards, restaurant gardens, and even beer gardens! It’s important to pick smaller venues, as these tend to be inclusive by default.  Don’t forget to include a few games to add some fun to the event. There are usually several games revolving around guessing the baby’s gender and name. Balloons, cakes, poppers, and pinatas are frequently used to denote whether the precious little one will be a boy or girl. Most of the games at baby showers are about the parents. (Finally!) Among perennial favorites is the blindfolded nappy-changing game! Any of these games will take your guests back to a carefree period of their lives and make them feel like younglings again! You don’t need to host a baby shower however it’s not something to skip as you’ll benefit from a little help from everyone with getting ready for the newborn! 

Hosting a baby shower at your favorite restaurant or a beautiful unexplored venue takes a lot of pressure off you and your family! All your guests will relax and not have to worry about everything being perfect as the venue will take care of most of it!Finding a venue that ticks all the boxes is no mean feat, use our precious tips to find the dreamiest baby shower venue for your party. 

Keep it close 

Traveling to a distant venue is not a fun ride when you are a few weeks due. There’s bound to be a lot of parents with toddlers at your party, so try to keep the venue within everyone’s reach. Make sure it’s easy to find on Google Maps and that it’s near metro stations or major highways. Try not to schedule your party at rush hour for your guests not to stress over the party before even getting there! 

Select an intimate setting 

While weddings require the venue to be booked months and even years ahead of the big day, you won’t have that much time to prepare for your baby shower. It’s best not to overwhelm yourself with hundreds of guests and limit the guest number to 10 or 20. Baby showers are usually hosted at off-peak times, so you’ll have plenty of options when searching for a venue. It’s important to work on your guest list before finding a suitable location. To increase your chances, you can host your party on weekdays which will also help you save some coins since rental prices tend to be lower from Monday to Thursday. Consider restaurants with private rooms where you can host an intimate party for less than 10-15. These are perfect for you to feel extra special as a mum-to-be. Outdoor venues such as beer gardens, patio, and parks are also excellent choices for a baby shower party in spring and summer. There’s no better feeling than basking in the sun with the people you love while enjoying yummy sandwiches and cupcakes!

Service and assistance

Keep in mind that as a customer you have the right to excellent service. It’s not only about the food or decor of the place. The right venue will make sure to deliver a flawless experience. From welcoming your guests, guiding them through the menu to playing music, or directing the elderly to the restroom- the undivided attention provided during the party will shape the overall experience of your guests. If you have any special requests such as playing a certain type of music or decorating the tables in a specific manner, make sure to let the venue know in advance. Remember to check out the review to ensure the quality of the service and assistance offered before booking.

Choosing a venue for your baby shower can be stressful but if you plan ahead it’s almost a breeze. Try to use online marketplaces where you can enjoy hassle-free bookings. Keep our tips in mind and enjoy the party before the delivery!

FAQs about Baby Shower Venues in Washington, DC

When should I book a baby shower venue?

Book your favorite around ten weeks before the event. Once you’ve set a budget and finalized the guestlist you can pick your venue. You may need to adjust the date according to the availability of your chosen venue, so keep a few dates in mind.

What is the price for renting an outdoor baby shower venue in Washington, D.C.?

Expect to pay between $450 to $4000 for renting an outdoor venue for half a day in D.C. Some venues may include on-site catering while others might allow outdoor catering. Make sure to check the packages as you may always benefit from amazing deals. (All data according to Tagvenue.)

Where can I host a baby shower?

If you’re planning a calm baby shower with no games, you may consider small dining rooms, restaurants, and cafes to host the event as these places will be able to accommodate your catering needs. However, if you wish to entertain your guests with several games which require more space and movement, consider outdoor venues such as beer gardens, private backyards, or even restaurant terraces if they allow you to play the games. Once you’ve decided how you want to host the party, simply narrow down your choices to fit the event.

What are the best neighborhoods for baby shower venues?

For easy accessibility, we recommend Downtown or Capitol Hill. You’ll have a range of options from tea party venues such as gardens and cafes to pubs and restaurants. Navigating around Logan Circle for prime and affordable venues is a must. You can easily rent park centers/ rooms or semi-private rooms around Logan Circle. If you’re one to shy away from crowds and require a break from city life, venture out to the suburbs like Arlington or Bethesda where you’ll never run out of green spaces, trendy restaurants, and cafes aka baby shower venues.

Where can I find baby shower party supplies?

To find customized baby shower supplies, Etsy is your best bet. You’ll find everything from personalized baby shower banners to baby shower games there. Looking for a cheaper option? Head to Amazon where you can find the best deals for party supplies. If you’re in Capitol Hill and fancy a shopping spree check out Champion Party Supply or Groovy DC Gifts and Cards where you can find your party supplies without a fuss.

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