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On a hunt for a charming filming location in Singapore? You may wonder how to go about finding a spot for your production, but we are here to help you find the best fit possible! Singapore is full of fantastic indoor and outdoor filming locations, including studios, mansions, bars and beaches. With Tagvenue, you can pick and choose your perfect space from our curated list. Are you ready to find the best venue for your next project? Find and book your rental today!

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Filming Locations Rental Guide

Singapore has been chosen by many high-profile production companies as a setting or backdrop for their movies due to its unique beauty and architecture. This city-state is a popular choice for both professional and amateur filmmakers. Whether you’re looking to shoot a commercial video, an artistic film or a personal project, you’ll be able to find the right location in no time.

Some of the best filmmakers and show hosts in Asia have produced great content in Singapore. But before you start checking out the diverse filming locations in your area, you will have to take a few things into consideration. Here’s your checklist of things to do before you get started with your film project:

  • Finalise the script. A movie script is the foundation of good filmmaking. Make sure you include all the dialogues, and additional info on how the scene is supposed to look like. Make sure to check it for any mistakes or even send it to someone else for proofreading. If there is anything wrong or convoluted about your script, it may cause delays during the shooting process.
  • Set a budget. Whether you’re running a major production or just want to have some fun filming with friends, having a specific budget for your project is always a good idea. Split it into smaller parts so that you know how much you can spend on props, outfits, equipment and space rentals. If your budget is really tight, don’t worry! You don’t need much more than a working camera and a good plan to create something interesting.
  • Gather a crew. Are you shooting an amateur short film with your friends, or are you planning  a production on a grand scale? Either way, it’s very useful to book a crew, and have all their responsibilities listed in the project. That way, you will be able to manage your work way more efficiently.
  • Write a breakdown for each scene. A scene breakdown is a list of all the props, gear, and crew involved in the filming process. The difference between a film script and a scene breakdown is that while a script includes dialogues and instructions for the actors and director, a scene breakdown focuses on production aspects. It will help you with managing your resources during your filming session.
  • Look for rentals. After you get through the organisational work, the rental itself will be super easy! Tagvenue has a powerful venue search engine that will allow you to filter the right time frame, headcount and space requirement. You can also check out spaces with specific facilities, or catering options included, so that you can be sure to get the perfect experience during your film shoot.
  • Schedule the shoot. After you planned out the shooting day, it’s time to handle scheduling between everyone involved. Pick a day (or multiple days) for your filming, and make agendas for everyone based on the scene breakdowns you made earlier. Then contact your venue manager and make sure the location is available for your desired time frame.
  • Visit the location. If you’re a director or producer, it’s a good rule of thumb to check out the filming location a day or two before the actual session. You will be able to see all the potential ways to utilise the space to your advantage, which will save you precious rental time later down the road. If you ask your venue manager to show you around the space, they will surely schedule a meeting for you.
  • Sign the lease. After you’ve made your choice, it’s finally time to seal the deal. Your venue manager will provide you with the rental agreement and explain all the details. Double check if your crew and equipment is scheduled for an appropriate date, and that you will have everything ready for the shooting day.

4 underrated types of filming locations in Singapore

  • Restaurants and cafes - Public spaces for rent such as cafes, restaurants and tea houses work well with so many different genres and settings. You can find such venues in a variety of different themes - from cosy coffee shops, to luxurious restaurants.
  • Creative spaces - These spaces are incredible for budget film production because they’re so versatile. They usually are split into smaller areas or studios, which makes them suitable for filming many different scenes, if not the whole movie.
  • Photo studios - Remember that photo studios could work for more than just photo shoots! If you find a spacious studio with a large backdrop or colorama set, you will be able to get your work done for a very reasonable price.
  • Rooftops - Some property managers will gladly rent out the rooftops of their building. Sometimes it’s just a raw space, but it’s usually been renovated into a patio that’s nice and safe to move around and film in.

Filming Locations in Singapore FAQ

How much does it cost to rent a filming location in Singapore?

As filming locations truly vary in shapes and sizes, it is hard to pinpoint exactly what price range you should expect, especially because the final price will usually depend on the amount of time you spend filming. Creating a detailed budget plan is a key step and will help you determine which venue is in your price range. Photo studios usually range between $30 and $100 per hour, while other location fees can cost anywhere from $500 to $10000 per day. (All data from Tagvenue.)

Which locations in Singapore are the best for filming?

Some of the most popular locations for filming in Singapore include Chinatown, Sentosa Beach or the Southern Ridges, which all offer amazing atmosphere and scenery that translates well on video. If you want to include some greenery in your backdrop, there are many charming parks and gardens scattered around Singapore, such as the famous Botanical Gardens. The Marina Bay area and Pulau Ubin are also two quite unique spots and would make a great setting for your film.

What gear should I expect in a Singapore filming location?

The most important thing about a filming location is usually an interesting backdrop that works with the concept of your video production. Depending on the type of space you’re going for, you may expect all sorts of filming equipment, studio lighting, backdrops, props and furniture.

Any filming location recommendations in the East Region?

With a direct connection to the Changi Airport, venues in the eastern parts of Singapore will be easily accessible for those who travel for the shoot from outside the city-state. Here are some of our favourite filming locations in East Region:

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Julius Kong
Booked Newly Revamped Hybrid space at Toa Payoh Central Photo Studio Space
The decors made for really good backdrops in our video shoot. There was a variety to choose from, including a green screen. They even had a Christmas tree set up when we filmed in December, which we used as part of our backdrop, and it really added the festive splash that we wanted for our video. Staff were also very friendly and helpful, and did their best to accommodate our requests. Audio recording is fairly positive as well, besides the normal humdrum of equipment like the aircon and humidifier, which they turned off on request. They even have free drinks, and WiFi provided! I'd definitely come back to this studio for more filming.
Eileen Lee
Booked Full Office in Tampines at DANAMIC
Thank you so much to having us to use your space.Venue has alot of creative spaces and it made our filming very smooth and easy. Happy with the booking process and venue.
Kelly Tan
Booked Full Office in Tampines at DANAMIC
Thank you so much for letting us use your space. Your hospitality and kindness is well appreciated. Great place!
Shermaine Law
Booked Full Office in Tampines at DANAMIC
The people were awesome, very accomodating and addressed every question I had. Despite booking in such a short time, everything went very smoothly!

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