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The green screen could elevate your digital content and video production to another level along with giving you lots of creative opportunities. It can be used not only for a big production but also for your presentation, a hybrid event or a live stream session, especially if you want to step outside of the box. Singapore offers a number of green screen studios, perfect for a project of any size and budget. Check out our selection below and book the space that fits your criteria!

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Green Screen Studios Rental Guide

If you want to bring another dimension to your video production, renting a green screen studio is a very good option. With a green screen, you can play around with creative features and insert your actor or product into any setting you wish. Green screens can be found in many different shapes in sizes, so you can find one that works best with what you’re trying to achieve. Whether you go for a simple backdrop or a proper colorama green screen, you will definitely be satisfied with the versatility that a well-lit green screen footage guarantees.

Whether you’re a part of a commercial production with actors, directors and a large crew, or just running a small project or show, you will definitely find what you want in Singapore. If you’re renting a production venue for the first time and find the process difficult, worry not! We at Tagvenue have the toolset to walk you through everything, from finding the type of studio you want, to renting it for the best price in a few simple clicks! If you’re not sure what to look for in a top notch green screen studio, here’s a list of elements you can use to compare them with each other:

  • Type of green screen. Usually professional studios will use one of the three styles of green screen. First, there’s the simple backdrop. It utilises the space on one of two walls and it’s created either by painting the walls of the studio or using a special material that reduces light reflection, and therefore, distortion in the final footage. Another one is the colorama - a seamless material greenscreen that also stretches to the floor of the studio. You can also look for a green room, which will give you tons of flexibility, as the actors are pretty much surrounded by green screens from all angles.
  • Lighting and additional gear. Even the most expensive of green screens won't deliver without good lighting. Usually, the studios will have all the lighting necessary for their green screen, but nice to check out what your studio has in store when it comes to cameras, cables, props, and other things you could use. You can even bring your own gear if this is a possibility in your studio of choice. Remember to ask all the important questions to the venue manager before you make your decision!
  • Studio location. If there’s a large crew involved in your project, it’s a good idea to think strategically about the area in which you’re looking for green screen studios. When checking out different venues, you can find out the closest public transport connections and how close it is from different useful services, like music shops, caterings or restaurants. Usually the areas in southern parts of Singapore have the best connections and green screen studios are most commonly found there, too.
  • Size of the space. Are you working on a personal project, or are you producing a commercial shoot? Depending on the amount of people you’re working with, you will have to get a studio with enough space to accommodate them. With our search filters you will be able to choose the minimal amount of space you’re going to need for all your filming endeavours.

4 things to remember when working with a green screen

  • Use good lighting - Making sure the green screen is evenly lit is almost as important as having a green screen in the first place. While specialised green screen studios always have proper lighting set up, you should definitely test and adjust as you progress through the session. You don’t want to realise your footage looks wrong in editing, long after the recording ends.
  • Have a concise plan - This means that you should envision exactly what feel you want to achieve with your scene. It is important to plan out how exactly you want to use your green screen and what purpose does it serve in the finished product. Thanks to that, you will be able to streamline the process of getting your scene or commercial finalised in a flash.
  • Make the scene realistic - You can use different tricks and props in order to make your scene much more special. These will help you sell the effect of your green screen shot much better. For example, you can use fans to simulate a strong wind, or make a scene more dynamic. Check out different forums and tutorials to get inspired and use your green screen to the best of your abilities.
  • Create an interesting backdrop - Whether you’re using visual effects, a video recording, or other techniques, it’s obviously important to edit something interesting into the background. This is also why making a plan is super important - you will probably have to record the footage or start working on VFX before the shoot even starts to make the whole process quicker and more efficient.

Green Screen Studios in Singapore FAQ

How much does it cost to rent a green screen studio in Singapore?

Studios in Singapore vary in size and technological functionality, so the prices also change accordingly. Some studios can be rented for $30 per hour, while others charge up to $150 per hour. Usually, you need more than an hour for a project of this sort, so many of the spaces offer a deal on several-hour rentals or a prepaid plan, which are both options that will help you save some money. (All data from Tagvenue.)

What essential equipment should a green screen studio have?

A green screen studio, like other video production studios, usually has a set of basic technical equipment and amenities you could use. This is most often included in the price, but not necessarily. Naturally, you can expect to find a green screen present in the venue, however, you should inquire about its size before you make a final decision. Some are quite tall, while some are 180 degrees and others offer green rooms that have been painted from the floor to the ceiling. All studios usually have several sets of professional lights as well as other video production equipment, such as tripods and microphones.

Where in Singapore do I look for green screen studios?

There are many great green screen studios in Singapore. The easiest way to find them is starting with the southern side of the city state. Check out the picturesque Chinatown and Bukit Merah. Then, take your search to the downtown area, where you will find a nice green screen studio in Kampong Ubi. You can also check out the Tampines if you’re looking for a nice location with a direct connection to the airport.

How do I find a good filming crew in Singapore?

Some green screen studios will have a fully fledged crew available during your rental. Thanks to that you will already have some lighting, audio, and production experts who are used to working in their studio and will happily help you with your next project. Some venue managers have the appropriate contacts and could help you assemble a team of experts. You can check out some industry-specific job boards or look for some freelance engineers on the Internet.

Guests Reviews of Green Screen Studios on Tagvenue

Naor Amir
Booked Multi-Media Studio at MOX @ OXLEY
Great studio for any photography/video needs! Very helpful staff and they had the green screen we needed already set up when we arrived. Plenty of lighting provided - including continuous lighting for video. Was perfect for our needs - will use again!
Booked The Haste Studio at Renticulous Studio Rental
Love the setup, gave us the homely vibe we were going for! Affordable rate especially since we were students doing a school project. Mr Wilson Lim was also quick in getting back to us even though it was during CNY period and we requested for the location 2-3 days prior. Studio was available for late night shoots and within walking distance of bus stops and Macpherson MRT. Highly recommend!
Booked 10m-wide Green Screen Studio at CCube Studio Weave
Really enjoyed how Shawn & the team went the extra mile to make sure that we had all we needed. They are also in the production field so they had the technical expertise as well. The space is big, can be easily segmented & really worth the money!
Gil K
Booked Lifestyle Studio (Photo/Video) at Raw.
Beautiful setting, lots of props, and natural light. Good lighting equipment included. Very flexible and courteous. Easy access, plenty of street parking.

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