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Do you want to produce your own movie or TV show and are looking for a great studio? With its excellent transport links and high professional standards, Singapore is an excellent location for any media production. There are many exciting film and TV studios available for rent all across the city-state. Thanks to Tagvenue, you will be able to find and rent your perfect production space in no time. Check out our list of the best studios in the area and find the one for you today!

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Film and TV Studios Rental Guide

Singapore has a lot to offer for up and coming video producers, script writers and directors. The city is full of amazing talent, skilled film crew members, and fantastic spaces for all sorts of video projects. If you’re looking to enhance your production with an exciting new space for films or TV shows, we’ve got you covered! Tagvenue has lots of different video production venues - you will find everything from small studio backdrops, to proper studio warehouses with unlimited possibilities.

In order to get the best film and TV studio for your needs, you will first have to take into consideration what kind of scene you are shooting for. Do you want to show off some top notch visual effects? Are you looking for some beautiful outdoor views? Maybe all you want is just a simple backdrop? Either way, you should make sure the general vision of the space for every scene is consolidated in your script. Try to discuss with your team if the amount of locations used can be streamlined - many of the iconic Hollywood movies were filmed using only one set, even though they don’t seem to be. Then, when you make a decision on how many different settings you need for the project, you can start browsing through our selection of the best film and TV studios in your area.

  • Will the venue be available for shoot? Before you get started with your film and TV studio rental, you will have to check with your venue manager to figure out whether the space is available for your shooting day of choice. One way of doing this is to find out when your crew members are available and then consult with the manager. However, it’s usually best to just handle this way in advance, when both the venue and the people you’re working with have lots of flexibility with their time. 
  • Does the rental fit in your budget? As a video producer, you will need to keep a close eye on your budget, no matter its size. Make sure you have a specific, but realistic budget for what you want to achieve and split it according to what your show needs the most. You will usually have two options for carrying out your rental - either you rent the space per hour, or per day. Check out the venue description page for more details on the pricing in order to plan out your shooting session in a way that will get you the best deal.
  • How much studio time do you need? Filming sessions usually turn out to be quite lengthy. If you want to make sure the scenes are carried out in a cheap and affordable manner, you can try some of our tips on how to save your time during such a production. First and foremost, you will have to make sure everyone’s time is properly utilised. Make everyone from your crew and agenda they can follow so that they are always at the right place, at the right time. Then, make sure everyone is well rehearsed in their roles, which will significantly reduce the amount of retakes.
  • Do you have all the equipment necessary? There are a couple of things you can do to arrange all the filming gear you need for your film or TV studio session. If you’re with a professional media group, you probably have most of the equipment necessary available to you. It’s all about having a conversation with the venue manager on how and when to bring all of the equipment to the studio. But if you don’t have access to such gear, you will need to rent it. Many of the studio spaces will have a lot of the equipment set up and ready for you either for the rental price, or as an additional cost listed in the description.
  • How will you and your crew commute? In a city as busy as Singapore, it’s important to plan out the logistics behind transporting gear, actors and crew into your film or TV studio (or between different studios). There are many different ways to achieve that. For example, you can look for studios close to the major public transport lines (particularly, bus or tram connections). You can also either rent vehicles and transport everything by yourself, or simply contact a transporting company that will do all the heavy lifting for you. It’s nice to get moving to your studio early in the day, before the morning rush hours. 

Whenever you’re stuck on your hunt for the best venue for your project, Tagvenue is here to help! Thanks to our advanced searching features and an individual approach to every client, we will help you carry out your rental effortlessly. Simply start browsing through the venues available in the city-state, filter out all the features and requirements you have and contact the manager of a studio you’re interested in renting.

Film and TV Studios in Singapore FAQ

Where in Singapore can I find film and TV studios?

Start your hunt for a film and TV studio in the areas around downtown. There are plenty of great studios for hire with easy access to the Marina Coastal Expressway for efficient equipment transport. Heading north towards Rochor and Orchard, you will find other studios for hire. If you head east and cross over Ophir Road, you will discover even more studios, as well as numerous recording studios, which can definitely be a time-saver if you have a particular need to lay down any audio tracks. In the west, towards Tiong Bahru and Alexandra, there are more convenient options if you want to stay away from the bustling CBD. You can even check out choices even further afield northwest, towards Ghim Moh.

How much does it cost to rent a film and TV studio in Singapore?

Hiring a film and TV studio in Singapore can be a very rewarding creative experience. Prices for studios are generally charged on an hourly or session basis, and extras such as makeup, equipment, and props will cost extra. For session-based costs, expect to pay at different rates for different times of the day. On average a day session will cost around $400, however, for evening or overnight rates the prices will drop slightly to $300-$375 per session. Hourly costs will range from $30 to $40 per hour, however, there is usually a minimum booking requirement of two or more hours. (All data from Tagvenue.)

What equipment should a film and TV studio offer?

Every studio will offer a range of different-sized sound stages. However, you will likely also need such things as rehearsal spaces, and areas for make-up, workshops, and props, in addition to the all-important dressing rooms. The studio may also have an experienced crew available for your production. While some smaller studios may offer cameras, lighting, and other equipment for larger spaces and more expensive productions, you will need to hire extra equipment.

How to hire a crew for a film or TV shoot in Singapore?

There are a couple of different ways you can tackle hiring a production crew for your project. One of them would be looking for specific job boards or listings on social media. If you are a renowned producer or work for a large media company, you can simply post the job listings for positions you need yourself. Websites used for freelance work listings could also bring you some good candidates.

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