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Planning your rehearsal and need a space? Whether you need room for music rehearsal or a pre-performance space for theatre or dance, the anonymity and acoustics of a rehearsal studio can play an important role in sharpening your performance. Your search for rehearsal space in Manchester is sure to bear fruit as there are plenty of locations in Bradford and Strangeways, along with many other centrally located options. Get your hunt started today on Tagvenue.

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Rehearsal Studios Hire Guide

Search among the streets of central Manchester for your next rehearsal space. Do you need a studio space with excellent acoustics for a music rehearsal or a blank canvas room for performance rehearsals? With Manchester's excellent accessibility and a vast range of choices, you will discover fantastic options in the city without any fuss. 

How much does it cost to hire a rehearsal studio in Manchester?

Costs for rehearsal studio spaces will vary according to the room's size and the length of the hire. When hiring for a shorter duration, expect prices to range from £15 to £150 per hour. For a more extended session, expect hire fees to start at £250 and reach around £1200 per session. (All data from

Which Manchester districts have the best rehearsal studios?

When searching for rehearsal studios in the city, start your search in the Northern Quarter. You will find several options here, all within an easy distance from Victoria Station and the Ring Road. Spinningfields also offers several options around St Peter Square. Outside Manchester's Inner Ring Road, you will find plenty of other options from Old Trafford to Bradford that are easily reached from all motorways.

What should I expect when I hire a rehearsal studio? 

When hunting for a rehearsal studio, make sure to check for a few key things to help you determine if it is the space for your needs. Is it the correct type of rehearsal studio for your needs? There are many types of spaces, so determine if you need a musical practice room, a band rehearsal space, a piano room, a theatre rehearsal space, or a drama studio. Always be sure to ask about the hours that you will be allowed to access the space. Additionally, it is always a good idea to check out the acoustics if you will be performing on an instrument there. This also leads to consideration of any items included in the hire, such as a piano, amplifiers, mics etc. You may also want to discuss whether the room is soundproof and if it has sufficient electrical capacity for your needs. Also, a rehearsal space should come with a few essential items such as chairs and tables or even perhaps access to a kitchen.

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