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A green screen can allow you to discover a new way to create video content, whether in post production or live. Without having to leave the studio, you can place your subject anywhere in the world, as well as places that don’t even exist. If you are looking to step up your film production and are on a hunt for a green screen studio in London, you’ve come to the right place. London is full of spaces that can provide you with the experience you want, so browse through our selection of studios and book the one you like!

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Green Screen Studios Hire Guide

Over the years a green screen became a trusted tool in video production. Green screen studios are now commonly found, especially around London, so if you are looking for a studio of this kind, it is the place to be. Whether you are a professional searching for a spot to shoot your next project in, or a beginner just looking to experiment, we can help you find the right space for you.

How much does it cost to hire a green screen studio in London?

As filming usually takes a significant amount of time, many studios offer per day rates instead of per hour rates. If you wish to hire a filming space with a green screen, you will usually pay from £70 to £100 per hour. Per day you can find a studio charging around £700 or £2000. Thus the final price will highly depend on how much filming time you require for your project. This price usually includes the screen, some basic on-set equipment and Wi-Fi. Some services, such as on-site parking may cost extra.

In which London districts can I find the best green screen studios?

London has an abundance of green screen studios, whether you’re looking for something in the centre, up north or down south. Hither Green, Newlands, Kennington or Greenwich all have several studios that are worth checking out. On the other side of the river, you can choose to hire a space in Farrington, Soho, Camden or even Stroud Green, which are all great locations. West London is also a hub of professional film studios with green screens, as well as Stratford on the east.

What equipment does a green screen studio normally have?

Naturally, the essential part of a green screen studio is the green screen itself, which can come in different shapes and sizes. This can be a simple green screen, a 360° one, or a full green screen room, sometimes including furniture of the same colour. Don’t worry if you aren’t very well-versed in how to work with the green screen, as the staff is usually a team of professionals ready to help you out with anything you need. The studios usually have a wide range of other professional equipment, however, most of it isn’t included in the price. For an extra cost, some studios even provide a range of digital systems, lenses and lights.

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