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Looking for a  well-equipped green screen studio for your next photoshoot? Or are you shooting a film that requires some high-tech special effects? Green screen studios are an excellent solution for any modern photo or film shoot, and you will find all the best choices on Tagvenue! Why not discover all the amazing studios that London has to offer? Hop on our platform and start scrolling through our listings, you’ll be booking an impressive green screen studio in no time!

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Green Screen Studios Hire Guide

A well-equipped green screen studio is a key component for a successful photoshoot or film production. London is a global creative hub, and the city offers the remarkable green screen studios to prove it. Start your search for your next project on Tagvenue and, whatever your creative vision, get ready to bring it to life. 

When choosing a studio with a green screen, always make sure that the studio offers the technological capabilities that your production requires. Read the listings on our platform to discover what the studio can provide, but always contact the studio for more detailed information. 

Is this your first time using a green screen studio? Here are a few quick tips to make sure the experience goes smoothly.

Green Screen. A green screen will give you the opportunity to add special effects to the background in post-production. 

  • Make sure the green screen doesn’t have any wrinkles or defects which might interfere with. Use an iron to smooth out the wrinkles on the green screen or ask if the venue provides a wrinkle-resistant matte screen. 
  • Don’t wear any clothes or costumes that match the background. Have you ever watched videos where half the body of an actor or presenter disappeared? That’s because they wore green clothes and essentially became a green screen themselves. 
  • Remember that the object being shot should be placed at least six to ten feet of distance from the green screen. This prevents spills and unwanted shadows from appearing on the screen.
  • Utilise a high shutter speed. This will prevent motion blurring. Use shutter speed equal to two times your frame rate if your subject is not moving.

If you still find it difficult to set up the green screen, you can ask studio support for help. Very often, green screen studios provide crew to help you with a request.

Lights. When using a green screen studio, it’s important that not only the subject but also the green screen has enough light. Otherwise, it will be more difficult to key out the green screen in post-production. Ensure that you provide light to the recording area from all angles. 

Remember about the three point lighting set-up rules. Without this standard lighting setup, your recording or photo area won’t be lighted properly. To lighten your recording area correctly you will need:

  • Key light. The main and strongest light, it should be positioned 45 degrees above and 45 degrees to the side of the object. The purpose is to emphasise the shape and dimensions of the object.
  • Fill light. A softer light. It's used to eliminate shadows from a subject's face. Place the fill light on the opposite side from the key light.
  • Back light. Backlights should be above and behind objects. They create a subtle glow behind the object.

Tripods. Tripods are essential when you want to keep the camera totally steady. Since filmmaking and photoshoots are long processes, tripods will come in handy if you get tired. A tripod with a fluid head can be useful while filming since it allows you to move your camera smoothly as you pan and tilt the camera.

Things to keep in mind when hiring a photo studio:

  • Cost. Setting the budget is the most important thing to do before searching for a green screen studio. Knowing your price limits will help you narrow down your options and make the selection easier. Once you’ve set your budget, just set your price range in our search filters and our platform will show you the fantastic green screen studios available at your chosen price.
  • Size of the green screen studio. Consider how much space your green screen studio should offer. Whether you are filming a group of people, a person or an object will determine how much space you will need. It is essential that everyone has enough room to move comfortably and that the camera can be operated from different angles without interruption.
  • Studio equipment. Some green screen studios provide their own equipment. If you don’t want to lug around heavy equipment or you just don’t have it all available, simply check if the studio offers a hire option. Some venues can even provide crew to help you with your project and setup. We suggest that you ask the studio’s manager for more detailed information.
  • Extra facilities. Undoubtedly a green screen area is the most influential while making a film or taking photos. However, the availability of a hair and make-up area, changing rooms, and kitchen should also be considered when choosing a location. After all, these are the places where the magic begins. Also, don’t forget to check whether the place has Wi-Fi access. Many devices won’t work without it.
  • Reviews. No matter if you are hiring a green screen studio for the very first time or the hundredth time, it is always wise to check the reviews of the studio. You can spare yourself unnecessary stress when you know that the venue where you are going has positive reviews.

FAQs about Green Screen Studios in London

How much does it cost to hire a Green Screen Studio in London?

Many studios offer either per hour or per day/event rates. If you want to hire a green screen studio in London you will have to pay approximately £40-100 per hour. You can also find green screen studios that charge about £700-2000 per day. (All data from

Where in London can I find the best green screen studios?

Green screen studios are found all over London. The ones with the highest reviews according to Tagvenue’s customers are based in Camden, Islington and Hackney. However, there are a few well reviewed green screen studios on the other side of the river in Wandsworth, Lambeth and Southwark.

Are green screen studios staffed with crew members who can help us operate the equipment?

In some green screen studios, photographers’ assistants and videographers can be hired to help you with your project. If you choose this option, always check the fees ahead of time as these services are not included in the price of the hire.

What equipment does a green screen studio normally have?

Naturally, the essential part of a green screen studio is the green screen itself, which can come in different shapes and sizes. This can be a simple green screen, a 360° one, or a full green screen room, sometimes including furniture of the same colour. Don’t worry if you aren’t very well-versed in how to work with the green screen, as the staff is usually a team of professionals ready to help you out with anything you need. The studios usually have a wide range of other professional equipment, however, most of it isn’t included in the price. For an extra cost, some studios even provide a range of digital systems, lenses and lights.

Guests Reviews of Green Screen Studios on Tagvenue

Tomisin F.
Great space, well maintained, staff was incredible, couldn't fault it in any way. Perfect for what we needed and also had props on hand. Would recommend for any uses of green screen. Also a big space. Would recommend and use again. Have to mention again the staff help. He helped us get the prop we needed and was brilliant.
Adam H.
Booked White Infinity Cove​ at Cold Feet Studios
- Fantastic value for money - Studio manager incredibly helpful and friendly. Yassin went above and beyond. Even helped me carry my kit to and from my car and pack my kit down. - Great location in West London, easy to get to if you are relatively local - Versatile studio space with large black curtains and an array of stands and flags to manipulate light and absorb reverb
Emma D.
Booked Poutmedia at PoutMedia
Andy was very welcoming and accommodating - nothing was too much trouble. Very quiet studio for audio recording - minimal noise disturbance.
Abu B.
Booked Photo/Video Studio 4 of 6 at Soif Studios
Amazing location, very easy to get to due to multiple transport links. The studio was a decent size with multiple props that were helpful. Lighting was provided and there was enough space to set up equipment like a camera. The staff was very helpful and welcoming. I felt very comfortable to ask for anything and we were provided flawless service!
Charlotte C.
Booked Venue Room at The Cavendish Arms
The technician and all the staff were so friendly! They were very accommodating for all my cast and crew. It’s a great theatre and everyone has commented on what a unique location it has been. We can’t wait to return
Precious T.
Booked Fully Equipped Photo Studio at 46 Springfield House Lofts
The studio was easy to use, especially as it was our first time shooting for our project. I plan to book the studio several more times before the year ends!
Libby H.
Booked Fully Equipped Photo Studio at 46 Springfield House Lofts
Roberto was a very helpful venue manager. The space was perfect for filming green screen. We bought our own camera and mics, but we used Roberto's lights. Everything was great. Would recommend.
Stephanie E.
Booked Film Studio 2 at Price Studios
The friendly, can do attitude of the staff at Price Studios was excellent, they couldn't have been more helpful! The space was perfect for our requirements.

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