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Top Film and TV Studios in Bristol

Taking your hunt for a studio to the seaside? You're in the right place! With a well-established film industry and less than a day's trip from London, this city is ready to start filming! Hop on Tagvenue today and start searching for all the best film and TV studios that Bristol has to offer. Check out our listings and make the most of our intelligent filters, and you'll be sorting out your production schedule in a fantastic studio in no time at all!

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Film and TV Studios Hire Guide

Ready to book a studio in Bristol? There are many options to choose from in this maritime city. Studios large and small are all easy to find, and Tagvenue has offers that are sure to suit your needs. Only a short trip from Cardiff, Bath and even London, the city is a popular choice for films from the well-established professional culture to the fantastic range of hire spaces. Get your search started today!

FAQs about Film and TV Studios in Bristol

Where in Bristol can I find film and tv studio options?

Start your search for a studio around Redcliffe with Southwest Film, but be sure and look into the nearby neighbourhoods of Wapping Wharf and Welsh Back for great options. There are some great studios for hire between the Old City and the University of Bristol, such as Icon Films and Level Films on Berkeley Square. On the east side of the city, only a quick trip from Bath and London, you will find several other excellent options such as The Moth Factory and Bristol Television and Film Service. 

How much does it cost to hire a film and tv studio in Bristol? 

The cost of your studio hire will depend on the size of your production. For small to mid-range options, you may expect to find prices starting from £300, but they can reach upwards of £900. 

What equipment should a film and tv studio offer?

If you are paying the price for a properly equipped studio, you can expect to find it equipped with extra space for makeup, rehearsals, costumes and workshop production. In the studio, you should expect to find Colourama wall mounted backdrops or a green screen. In some studios, an infinity space might be made available as well. In terms of technical equipment, you may expect to find studio grip gear, including track and a dolly, as well as lighting. Expect a lighting rig or standing tripods with sandbags to be standard equipment for every hire.

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