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Discover film and TV studios in this exciting city that will help your next production shine. Whether you need an ample space with adjacent workshops or a small studio for a commercial shoot, we've got just what you need. Leeds has a fantastic range of modern film and TV studios that have grown in line with the city's growth as a popular filming location for TV and film productions. Check out your options and book your next studio hire today!

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Film and TV Studios Hire Guide

Get ready to find your next studio in Leeds. Hiring the perfect space to suit your shoot may seem daunting, but Leeds has many excellent choices. Whether you need a sizable multi-space studio or a small hire for an independent short, there is something here for you. Set out those requirements and start your search because it's time to get those cameras rolling.

Film and TV Studios in Leeds FAQ

Where in Leeds can I find film and TV studio options?

Start your hunt in the centre of the city with options along Wellington St, such as the Tell Studio. Heading east towards the Calls, check out options like Screen Yorkshire or SODIUM, out towards Mabgate Mills. There are several studios for hire on Kirkstall Rd on the western side of the city, including Prime Studios. 

How much does it cost to hire a film and TV studio in Leeds? 

When hiring a studio, you can expect today for a full day hire from £100 to £600 per day. You can negotiate a lower daily rate for longer-term hire, which can start as low as £50 to £70 per day

What equipment should a film and tv studio offer?

When hiring a studio for filming, you will encounter a range of different sized options. Many studios will include extra spaces such as green rooms, rehearsal spaces or workshops, while others may offer dressing rooms. A limited amount of basic lighting for the area, including lighting rigs or stationary lights, may be included. Colourama wall mounted backdrops, or a green screen may be available as well. Cameras and audio equipment are likely available for flat hire either from the studio or local vendors. Always confirm with the studio manager which equipment is included before signing a contract.

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