Film and TV Studios for Hire in Edinburgh

Film and TV Studios for Hire in Edinburgh

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Film and TV Studios Hire Guide

Film studios are plentiful in this Scottish city, and you will have your pick of locations among Edinburgh’s many neighbourhoods. Wherever you need to base your shoot and whatever crew or equipment you need to hire, you can be assured that the facilities for hire in this city will have exactly what you need.

FAQs about Film and TV Studios in Edinburgh

Where in Edinburgh can I find film and TV studio options?

Start your search for a film and tv studio in Leith. This northern area has the highest concentration of studios in the city and has many options for hire. You can find another large collection of studios around the Edinburgh Waverley railway station. Among the streets of the West End and Southside, there are numerous studios for hire both for large-scale or smaller-sized shoots. Other options can be found in Ardmille. If you wish greater access to the City of Edinburgh Bypass, look at your studio hire options around Westerbroom and South Gyle or south near Redford.

How much does it cost to rent a film and TV studio in Edinburgh? 

When hiring a film and tv studio in Edinburgh, you can expect to find half-day hire options starting at £120 for 4 hours. The full-day rate can range from £240 to £300 for small to medium studios. Rates for short sessions or booking time overruns will range from £14 to £30 per hour. Costs for larger studios will vary depending on the studio's size and the duration of the hire.

What equipment should a film and tv studio offer?

You should expect some essential fit out with your studio hire. Most studio hire is blank canvas and will feature either light or dark walls and some basic light rigs or standing lights. Your hire may also include some extra spaces for hair and makeup or, in some cases, even access to a green room or rehearsal and wardrobe spaces. The studio should accommodate any extra needs for broadcast or cine equipment by either hiring them from their inventory or by recommending local vendors. They may also be able to recommend local crew members authorised for technical assistance.

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