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Often equipped with props and natural light, daylight studios are a fantastic option for fashion, commercial, and even portrait photography. Now imagine adding artsy London to your photo session? Magical, right? Hiring a daylight studio for a photo session comes with a major advantage– a space rich in natural lighting. From bright spaces to stylish vintage studios, you can find your ideal venue by using the location, budget, and number of guests options on Tagvenue, which means finding the perfect daylight studio is easier than ever!

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Daylight Studios Hire Guide

Playing with indoor lighting and shape can add texture and mood to your photos. Using budget reflectors, artificial lighting, and adjusting your camera settings are some of the ways to get the best shots. That’s why we’ve rounded a few of our best tips to help you make the most of your daylight studio.

Tips & tricks for taking the best photos

Choose the right time of the day

If you’re going for a daylight studio, it’s imperative that you pick the right time for your session. Some lights are not only great for the quality of the photo, but they also fit a certain mood. For instance, midday lighting can take your photos to the next level.

Midday lighting is not only great for special occasions such as weddings but also for portraits or fashion shoots.

If you’re going for a daylight studio, it’s imperative that you pick the right time for your session. Some lights are not only great for the quality of the photo, but they also fit a certain mood. For instance, midday lighting can take your photos to the next level.

Midday lighting is not only great for special occasions such as weddings but also for portraits or fashion shoots. So, it's important to book your venue according to the theme of your photoshoot.

Make use of the natural lighting 

Daylight studios are known for their natural lighting. To make the most of it, you can explore the space and choose the best source of light for your subject. Harsh lighting adds drama to your shots while soft lighting adds a soft glow to your photography. Daylight does not always mix well with artificial lighting and should be avoided if possible. Turning off the lights and focusing on a single light source can help you achieve a more natural composition. 

Use additional light if needed

While most daylight studios in London are equipped with plenty of natural light, some days do require additional lighting. Colored gel and artificial light can add a unique touch to your photography. If you think you will need additional lighting sources, ask for assistance from the venue manager prior to your photoshoot.

Take advantage of the shadows

Indoor lighting can add a bit of mystery to your photography if done right. Instead of avoiding shadows, actively embrace them as they add character and depth to your photos.

Having your models or objects partly shrouded in darkness adds a mysterious vibe to your project.  You can also use windows to create patterns and shadows for eye-catching shots.

Adjust the composition

By adjusting the composition of your subject/s and the objects surrounding it, you can create exceptional images. Keep the focus in mind and take a look at your background before proceeding with the shoots. Inconspicuous backgrounds are best for portraits as you don’t want any objects to be sticking out of your model’s head unless it’s a crown! Any object that doesn’t add substance to your photos is best left out.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

Keep in mind some of the above tips but don’t be afraid to break the rules.  After all, photography is all about pushing the limits. Just remember to adjust your lighting, work on your composition, and make the most of your daylight studio. Experimenting with your model and setup not only brings new ideas but also helps in getting the most out of your venue. 

Why should you hire a daylight studio?

There are many things that make a daylight studio a better option than an outdoor setting. From the level of comfort to the equipment provided, these studios provide multiple advantages.

Complete control over your lighting and setting

One of the benefits of using an indoor setting is that you can play with the light and objects as you like. Whether you want to have a themed shoot or add new backdrops, you have full control over your setup whereas shooting outdoors tends to be more problematic due to the unpredictable nature of weather or should we say rain?  If you’re from London, you certainly know what we’re talking about! Besides, the risk of being photobombed is always higher in a public setting.

Save time on setup

When opting for a daylight studio, it’s a great time saver as the light, props, and backdrops are already in place. You can focus on getting the best shots and not waste time adjusting the setup. Plus, you can always contact the manager of any venue ahead of time to discuss the equipment, artificial light, props, or any other requirements. Most studios try to deliver the best experience possible to their clients, so everything should be ready to go when you arrive. So, go ahead and ask your questions!

Comfort is key to great shots

Whether it’s a sunny day or one full of clouds, it doesn’t matter when you’re working indoors. Most daylight studios in London are comfortable spaces that can accommodate a decent amount of people. Many of them also offer kitchen facilities. Who would say no to a cup of tea in winter?  In addition, many daylight studios are equipped with air-conditioning, which means you don’t have to sweat it out in summer. Daylight studios are also ideal in winter since it makes it easier for everyone to get involved in the process and not worry about freezing.  A comfortable environment always makes it easier for everyone to play their part.

FAQs about Daylight Studios in London

How much does it cost to hire a daylight studio in London?

London is known for its art scene, so finding a daylight studio that will suit your budget requirements is easier than it seems. Most of the time, daylight studios follow a similar pricing structure as normal photo studios, which means that the price can start around £300 per day and range as high as £7000 per day. The final price will depend on the location of the venue, its size, and the amount of time you’d like to spend there.

Which London districts have the best daylight studios?

From north to south, London is filled with daylight photo studios, all you have to do is take your pick depending on your criteria. On the north side of the river, you can find several professional studios in West Norwood, Clapham or Peckham. Once you cross the Thames, you should take a look around Spitalfields, Haggerston, Hackney Wick or Higham Hill, which are all home to cool daylight studios.

What are the best daylight studios for hire in London?

Check out some of our most recommended daylight studios in London, according to customers’ reviews:

Pure Light Photography Studio, located in West London, this study has plenty of light even on a cloudy day and offers equipment and additional light if needed. 

Butler in the Peanut Factory Studio, a multiple photographic shooting studio in Hackney Wick that can be used as a daylight and blackout studio.

Mavro Worldwide Studio is a bright space offering additional pieces of equipment such as backdrops and lighting.

Sizona Location, a spacious warehouse apartment with an outside patio area, great for indoor and outdoor photography.

What equipment does a daylight studio in London usually have?

A daylight studio is necessarily equipped with a set of windows that allow as much natural sunshine as possible. In another sense, daylight studios are quite similarly equipped classical photo studios, which usually include background options and tripods. Some daylight studios have their own props you can use for your photo shoot, as well as light modifiers, which allow you to play with natural light on a different level. Each space usually lists its equipment on its page, or you can inquire with the manager if the venue has the equipment you need.

Guests Reviews of Daylight Studios on Tagvenue

Matt R.
Booked Photography and Film Studio at Mons Studio Warehouse
This is great studio. Warm, welcoming, easy to use, lots of furniture and props in monochrome colours so easy to match up. Several lighting gels and lighting modifiers. Furthermore use of the whole space is possible. You won't find the same offer and flexibility and range of sets like that in this price range anywhere else in London
Tasnima K.
Booked Photo/Video Studio 3 at Soif Studios
Great value for money considering the size of the place and the location. The staff were very friendly and helped set up the lights. The studio was nice and spacious, equipped with a divider for privacy, sofas, clothing rail, full length mirror, steamer, make-up area and speaker. Had a great time here doing a pre-wedding shoot with my partner and some friends - would recommend!
Elliot K.
Booked studio TWO - photo and video at pixel studios - photo and video studios
Michal was extremely helpful. The place was well set up for what we needed: multiple background colours, plenty of lights and soft boxes... plus the vanity mirrors and option to play our own music was great! Overall an excellent experience that I could easily recommend to anyone wanting to shoot studio photography.
Mark C.
Booked Events/Gallery/Pop Up London at Indra Studios
Great location and great options to view the studio, spec out the studio and make sure everything was in place for the shoot. The communication was a real highlight as they were really accommodating and always kept us informed. The amenities nearby are also great for tired talent or for relaxing after the shoot. Really great for personal or professional projects.
Booked Fully Equipped Photo Studio at 46 Springfield House Lofts
The host (Ariel) was kind, friendly and helpful. We arrived 15 minutes late due to navigating to the venue which he still accounted for at the end of the session. The facilities were great and a family of 9 were able to take some fabulous photos. We even shared the birthday cake with him! A soloution to parking is use the adjacent car park for Matalan. I paid a few pounds for 2 hours. There s a slope outdoors which leads you exactly to where the lofts are situated on the right.
Saam Z.
Booked Studio at 3 Perseverance Works
Andrew was extremely helpful with setting us up in the morning and letting us go about our business. We finished a bit earlier than expected and he came earlier than we agreed just to close up for us. Had all the equipment we needed for our fashion e-commerce shoot. Sound system is amazing in there too. Will definitely be using the studio again
Booked Film and Photography Studio at Leonard Studio
Ben was incredibly helpful and friendly, they had little bits and bobs that were handy like gels, clamps etc. Also the flash head was quite fast which was a real bonus as a lot of equipped studios don't offer these, just knackered old lights. Lovely natural light. Great stuff, will definitely be back!
Lily H.
Booked Spacious Photo and Film Studio at UP Studios
The studio honestly had everything you could possibly need for a successful shoot! Creative leads, photographer and models alike were so impressed! We had break out areas, makeup area and so many different areas to work with and created amazing content beyond what we had planned for the time slot and space!

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