Daylight Studios for Hire in Manchester

Daylight Studios for Hire in Manchester

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Top Daylight Studios in Manchester

Manchester, a city known for its vibrant cultural scene and thriving creative community, is home to an incredible range of daylight studios. These studios are havens for photographers, filmmakers and artists, providing a unique canvas illuminated by the natural glow of daylight. In this dynamic and diverse city, daylight studios serve as the perfect backdrop to capture moments, create art and bring creative visions to life. Explore our listings and delve into the world of daylight studios in Manchester, discover their captivating spaces, innovative offerings and endless opportunities for creative expression.

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FAQs about Daylight Studios in Manchester

Are daylight studios in Manchester suitable for photography and videography projects?

In the heart of Manchester's bustling creative scene, daylight studios stand as a beacon of opportunity for photographers and videographers alike. These studios have been meticulously designed to harness the power of natural light, creating an environment that is nothing short of a visual artist's paradise.

Pollard St Studio - is located in the vibrant heart of Manchester, rich in natural light and featuring an expansive 50-square-foot photographic backdrop. The photography studio is fully equipped to meet your needs.

Tanzaro Creative - is just a five-minute walk from Piccadilly train station in the centre of Manchester. It is available for half-day or full-day bookings, and is suitable for fashion shoots, editorials, music videos, and more. The studio features a beautiful period window for natural light and views of Ardwick Green. Equipment rental and catering options are available upon request.

SPOT 1.0.1 -  has a range of spacious areas expertly designed to capture and enhance the beauty of natural light. It also has an elegant panelled wall that can be transformed into a cosy home-like setting. Located on Pollard Street East.

Can I rent daylight studios in Manchester for events or workshops?

Daylight studios in Manchester primarily serve as a photography studio for professionals, however, many can be rented for events or workshops. However, the rules and offers at such places may vary. It all depends on the theme of the classes, the number of guests and the activities to be held there. We recommend contacting them directly through our platform. They can provide you with the most up-to-date information on their services and availability for your specific event or workshop needs.

Can I request assistance with lighting and equipment setup at a daylight studio in Manchester?

If the studio offers lamp rental, we recommend that before booking the studio itself, you contact the staff and ask about the possibility of assisting with lighting setup. There are often professional staff on hand who can assist with set up and break down. However, in many cases these  services may cost extra.

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