London’s Most Photogenic Venues (And Where to Find Them)

When someone attempts to list world’s most photogenic cities, London always gets included. No wonder this city is (and has always been) a large creative hub for photographers of every kind. The choice of photoshoot locations is important, but the key is to know where to look for the truly unique ones.

The Roost is a former Victorian pub and one of our favourite venues for photoshoots in London.

One rule to keep in mind: there’s more to London than just photo studios – sure, there are some really marvellous ones, but it often pays off to think outside the box. From gorgeous lofts and penthouse apartments with breathtaking views to quirky cafes and cleverly converted warehouses, London has everything you can think of, as well as some things that aren’t “dreamt of in your philosophy” – pardon the pun!

Little Nan's Rio Bar is the ultimate London kitsch bar with lots of photo opportunities.

While onboarding new venues, we always pay special attention to creative spaces. Our venue experts have picked their absolute favourites. Here’s #tagvenue special guide to London’s most photogenic venues:

Beauty less obviousAsylum Chapel

If you want a photoshoot venue that's far from ordinary, Asylum Chapel is one of our top picks.

This pearl of Peckham has lived through a lot. First it served as London’s largest almshouse, then it was bombed in the war and left neglected for several years. Things have changed since 2010, when Jo Dennis and Dido Hallett started to use the space for exhibitions and performances and made it one of London’s most in-demand venues for unusual weddings. It’s that unique derelict vibe that makes Asylum special. Shabby walls and light softly leaking through the windows create perfect conditions for a stunning shoot.

Gorgeously green Green Lens Studios

studio product photography north London Portrait Studio Professional Equipment product

Definitely not your regular photo studio. So, what are the special touches? Exposed roof beams, wooden flooring, kitchen facilities… we could go on for a while. All the goodness is located in a restored stable warehouse in Harringay. Green Lens Studios is not only good looking, but also sustainable – they’re proud to call themselves UK’s first sustainable photo studio with an eco-friendly policy. See more pictures on the Tagvenue website to find out more about why we love it so much!