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Looking to celebrate a birthday party in Bristol but aren’t quite sure where to go to really give it a little extra zip? Well don’t fear, because we’ve got you covered! At Tagvenue, we’ve got a comprehensive list of some of the best Bristol has to offer. Whether you’re looking at kids birthday party venues near Brandon Hill Park, a venue to host an 18th birthday bash somewhere in the Bristol city centre (starting with a birthday cake and finishing up with cocktails and dancing), a good place to do a 30th birthday in style with a private party around Brunel Quay or anything in between. Just plug your preferences into our search engine and see what appeals to you.

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Birthday Party Venues Hire Guide

So now that you’re actively looking, what kinds of birthday party places can be found in Bristol? You’ve got the classics, such as hiring out a pub or bar with a function room, booking a space in a trendy club or lounge or even a private room in one of Bristol’s restaurants (particularly good for larger groups). For something a bit more out of the ordinary, you can look into private studios (great for kids looking to make a mess doing something crafty), hire out a small auditorium for a private movie showing, organise a karaoke (only for the brave) or even book a big pavilion in the park to take advantage of some nice weather before the season changes for the worse. There are even more venues out there - these are just a few ideas to get you started! 

Bristol isn’t a small town, so where should you start looking for a place to host a birthday party? It depends on what you’re looking for but as a rule of thumb there are a few good areas to begin. If you’re in the mood for a classier birthday party, start around Queen Square and work your way north while hugging the water. For something trendier and more high energy, try along College Green and Rupert Street. Kids friendly options, on the other hand, are usually found outside the city centre.

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Roman solyanyk
Booked Semi-Private Space at Veeno Bristol
Amazing staff, super friendly and personable and extremely accommodating. Alex and the team have absolutely nailed it. The drinks on offer and the food were both fantastic - the pizzas and the grande boards are absolutely incredible. Would highly recommend. I will definitely be going back, and look forward to holding another function here.

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