Baby Shower Venues for Hire in Edinburgh

Baby Shower Venues for Hire in Edinburgh

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Top Baby Shower Venues in Edinburgh

On the hunt for baby shower ideas and venues in Edinburgh? Let Tagvenue help! From private party venues to small cafes and restaurants for a baby shower afternoon tea, there’s an interesting range of spaces on our platform that will provide you with the ideal backdrop for your special day. Check out all that’s on offer using our easy-to-use venue finder and smart filters now and hire one of the best baby shower venues in the area in just a few clicks! It really is that easy! Start exploring Tagvenue today and make your baby shower an unforgettable event!

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Baby Shower Venues Hire Guide

Baby showers tend to be private occasions with only close friends and family, meaning private venues are high on the agenda when searching for suitable locations. Many of the city’s venues are indeed private baby shower restaurants that can be hired by small groups and offer all kinds of refreshments during the day, as well as more bespoke baby shower packages. 

Take your pick from exclusive restaurants and dining halls, or adopt a more relaxed approach by hiring a more laid-back outdoor terrace or cafe. As well as your own private area, there’s also more hidden spots to take the baby away for some quiet time, alongside clean and stylish facilities, as well as plenty of space.

FAQs about Baby Shower Venues in Edinburgh

How much does it cost to hire a baby shower venue in Edinburgh?

The price for hiring a baby shower venue in Edinburgh may vary based on a number of variables, including location, venue size, and amenities offered. Prices begin at roughly £300 and reach £1,000 for minimum spend, £100 to £500 for hire fees per session, or £10 to £14 package per person. All things considered, you can find baby shower venues in Edinburgh starting from around £50 for a small, basic space, up to several hundred pounds for a larger or more luxurious venue. It’s important to note that the cost can increase if a venue offers packages that include catering, decorations, and other extras. It's also important to keep in mind that costs may depend on the day of the week and the time of day you intend to host your event.

What should I look for when hiring a baby shower venue?

There are a few key aspects to take into consideration when picking the ideal baby shower venue. Initially, make sure the space can properly fit your guests by paying attention to the size of the venue. The perfect venue will have enough space for everyone to mingle and for you to perhaps host some baby shower games that require some space. Also, the venue’s location is important, so pick a place with convenient parking and nearby transportation links. Along with practical factors and necessary amenities, consider how the venue's ambiance and overall design will fit with the mood and theme of your baby shower. To make preparation and party planning easier, look for a venue that provides extra services like catering or décor. Finding a venue that is within your budget is also crucial. You may pick the perfect location for your big day by carefully taking these criteria into consideration.

What are some of the best baby shower venues for hire in Edinburgh?

  • For intimate baby showers of up to 10 people we recommend you check out the ambient Club Prive Conservatory at The Roseate Edinburgh. This venue is incredibly adaptable and provides lots of natural light. Also, it offers first-rate on-site cuisine, free parking, and lush greenery throughout.
  • You can also enjoy a pizza experience for 12 at Gusto Edinburgh! If you're planning a more laid-back baby shower party, this one is a great alternative option.

We have a few fantastic venues in mind that will satisfy all of your needs if you are planning a larger baby shower celebration with a longer guest list. Listed below are a few of our top suggestions:

  • Cardoon Suite at Bruntsfield Hotel - an ambient venue with wonderful decor; offers wonderful in-house catering, parking spaces and a projector you can utilize for entertainment
  • Season Quayside - you can exclusively hire the restaurant and conservatory areas in conjunction or separately and host a grand baby shower; this venue provides everything you may need such as in-house catering, a PA system and projector and various seating arrangements 
  • Terrace at The Place Hotel - the perfect outdoor baby shower venue for an alfresco celebration; this wonderful and spacious heated terrace provides catering, on-site accommodation, and fantastic package deals.

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