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Top Unusual Wedding Venues in Sydney

Weddings are a beautiful thing – but somehow many weddings seem to blur together because they all look so similar and traditional. Now, more couples than ever are skipping the tradition and throwing their weddings at unusual wedding venues in Sydney. The most memorable wedding receptions are the ones that stick out and make a lasting impression – what better way to make that impression than hosting your wedding at a venue that is far from the norm? Below we’ve listed Sydney’s most unusual wedding venues.

Unusual Wedding Venues Hire Guide

Sydney is a beautiful city that is filled with wonderful wedding venues! Not leaving you disappointed, Sydney plays host to many unusual and curious spaces where you can throw your wedding ceremony and reception! Whether you’re looking for rooftop terraces, modern spaces or hidden wedding venues in Sydney – you can find them all here on this page!

Before you book your dream wedding venue, consider these tips:

  • Does it fit your theme? – When searching for an alternative venue for your wedding, you will want to make sure that the venue you choose will be able to match the style and theme that you have in mind! Most unusual spaces will not be suitable for every theme. Choose the right space and have fun with it when you do! For example, you can rent out the entire first floor at Bustle Studios for a fancy soiree.
  • Seating arrangement – You will often find wedding spaces that will allow you to have your ceremony and reception on site. Make sure to plan ahead precisely how the seating arrangement will go for both parts of the wedding. You may have to use the same chairs for the ceremony and reception, meaning they will have to be moved and rearranged.
  • Catering – Unique wedding in Sydney deserve special catering. It doesn’t matter if you make use of the in-house catering, your friends, or a third party, if you want a unique wedding, you will need outstanding food too. Some of the most unique catering ideas include food truck catering, themed food bars, a barbecue and sharing platters. Be creative!
  • Alcohol licence – If you choose to have the ceremony and reception in the same venue, make sure the place has an alcohol licence (you’ll probably need it).
  • Insurances – There’s one solution that will help you worry less – especially if have chosen an outdoor or rooftop venue for your wedding – a wedding liability insurance and a cancellation/postponement insurance.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

How much does it cost to hire a non-traditional wedding venue in Sydney?

  • One price structure you will see for unusual spaces in Sydney is the hire fee – This is one flat rate fee for the use of a venue alone. With hire fee pricing you can usually choose if you want to rent the space for a few hours or a whole night. The cost for a hire fee in Sydney usually ranges from $400 for a few hours to $10,000 for an entire day.
  • The per person price structure is a popular one for venues that provide catering. The per person fee usually includes food, beverages and the venue. The per person price range for alternative venues in Sydney is $35-$85 per person.
  • The minimum spend is the amount that you agree to pay a restaurant or bar for their services. It has to be at least that amount, but you can spend more! The price ranges from $200-$3,500 depending on the size of the wedding space you are renting.

Why should I choose an unusual venue for my wedding?
There are hundreds of amazing wedding venues in the Sydney area, but if you are looking to organise a wedding to remember you may want to consider an unusual and off-beat venue! On this list, we have special venues of every kind; whether you want a special garden venue for your wedding or a unique rooftop space – you won’t be disappointed.

What types of unusual spaces that organise weddings can be found in Sydney?
If you’re dreaming of a wedding reception with a breathtaking waterfront view, you can celebrate your big day with a scenic cruise on the Sydney Harbour. You might also want to consider stunning rooftop terraces in Sydney CBD – pick your favourite and it’s sure to make your wedding reception stand out from the crowd! Last but not least, for minimalists and enthusiasts of the post-industrial aesthetic, Sydney offers heaps of warehouse wedding venues to choose from.

Which parts of Sydney offer some of the most unconventional wedding venues?

  • The Rocks – It’s a popular location for a mix of culture, a place where tourists and locals mingle together in the markets. Some of Sydney’s oldest pubs are located right here. So, if you’re thinking about a unique night out to celebrate your wedding, this is the place to go!
  • Pyrmont – Mostly known as an entertainment district, Pyrmont is filled with casinos and nightclubs, but also restaurants and designer shops. It’s a combination of entertainment, culture, and food! Who doesn’t love that, right? You can marry in a casino too if you want!
  • Sydney Harbour – There are beautiful wedding venues in Sydney with water views and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It’s a beautiful sight to see, especially at night when the lights on the bridge are turned on. Picking one of the wedding venues in the Sydney harbour at night is the quickest way to dreamland.

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