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Top Waterfront Wedding Venues in Sydney

Marriage is a beautiful thing! But one of the most stressful parts of the wedding planning process is choosing a venue. We’ve compiled a list of all the best waterfront wedding venues in Sydney to help you out! Sydney has a huge amount of shoreline and the Parramatta River flows through the city, so there are tons of options for Sydney wedding reception venues on the waterfront. Below is our choice of the best ones.

Waterfront Wedding Venues Hire Guide

Sydney is the largest city in Australia and offers many different unique options for a waterfront wedding. Whether you want to celebrate your marriage by the iconic Sydney Opera House in one of the Sydney Harbour venues or you want to find a small, romantic water view restaurant private room, you’ll find it all on this page!

Found your dream venue already? Take a second before you decide to book at a few useful tips we have compiled for you:

  • Weather – Keep the weather in mind as you choose a waterfront venue for your wedding. Some venues are much better suited than others for rain and inclement weather. If you do choose an outdoor venue, have a backup plan in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. Sure, a ceremony in the pouring rain might be romantic, but your guests might get cold!
  • Lodging – Waterside venue locations tend to be more remote and can be further away from hotels and lodging than other venues usually are. Check the lodging options around the area and plan accordingly with shuttle services etc.
  • Booking – Waterfront wedding venues are among some of the most popular ones out there. As such, there is usually a much longer waiting period to get a date. Make sure you provide yourself ample time to reserve the date that you want for your waterside wedding! 

Budgeting is an important part of the wedding planning process. Not sure exactly what to expect? Don’t worry – we did the research for you!

Most of the waterfront wedding venues in Sydney charge a per person rate for their services. The per person pricing model is usually all-inclusive and will cover food, drinks, and sometimes other extras. You can expect to pay from $40-$100 per person.

A lot of venues use the hire fee pricing model. The hire fee option is the amount you pay for using the space only and the price varies depending on how long you need the venue for. The hire fee price for a wedding venue by the water ranges from $2,500-$10,000.

Still not sure where exactly you want your special day to take place? We present you the most gorgeous locations for your waterfront wedding that will tickle your fancy:

  • Point Piper – One of Sydney’s highest end suburbs, Point Piper is a popular location for wedding receptions on the waterfront! There are beautiful beaches and lovely scenery all around. Point Piper is the most popular area for weddings with a view in Sydney.
  • Maroubra – Maroubra is a beachside suburb of Sydney that offers several all-inclusive, complete waterside wedding packages. It is a wildly popular area to have a beach wedding ceremony and reception.
  • The Spit – Although its name doesn’t allude to the fact, The Spit is a lovely harbourside area that is a part of the Sydney suburb of Mosman. It is part of the Lower North Shore and is host to a few great wedding venues.
  • Sydney Beaches - We absolutely love beachside wedding venues! Luckily, Sydney offers heaps of amazing ones. You can choose from the laid-back spots in Manly, stylish venues in Palm Beach and if you want something further away from Sydney city centre, we’re sure you’ll love the Northern Beaches.
  • CBD - On the other hand, if an urban wedding reception is what you’re after, Sydney offers a range of waterfront venues in the CBD. The choice is so big there’s literally something to suit all tastes!



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