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Top Small Party Venues in Brisbane

Having an intimate party can be as rewarding as holding a grand event! Especially when you choose the perfect venue that suits all your needs. Luckily, you’ve got Tagvenue and we’re happy to help you find a superb spot among all the great small party venues in Brisbane. You’re really in for a treat! So why not start browsing our curated list now? Amaze yourself with our long list of excellent restaurants, trendy bars, soulful cafes and laid-back event spaces and book one today!

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FAQs about Small Party Venues in Brisbane

How much does it cost to hire a small party venue in Brisbane?

On average, venues such as restaurants, bars, cafes charge from around $25 per person, but the prices may vary depending on the venue’s location, popularity, capacity, etc. Many restaurants can charge a minimum spend and you should expect to pay anywhere between $350 to $1000+. When it comes to hiring a space on the basis of hourly fees,  prices start from $38 per hour. (All data from

Can I bring my own alcohol to a small party venue?

It depends on the venue. Venues without an in-house bar are more likely to let you BYOB, but they may charge a corkage fee instead. If this fact isn’t stated on the offer, it’s best to ask the venue manager and they will dispel any of your doubts. 

Can I host a small party on a budget?

Of course that you can! There are plenty of tricks for hosting a superb party on a budget. For example, you can rent a blank canvas venue and ask your guests to bring their signature dishes and have a potluck party. You can also try hiring a space during the week as that’s when most venues offer lower fees. On Tagvenue, you can find venues exactly at your price range and check when the venues charge less for the hire, so don’t hesitate to take our search engines for a spin.

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