Find your 18th Birthday Party Venue in Melbourne

Find your 18th Birthday Party Venue in Melbourne

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Top 18th Birthday Party Venues in Melbourne

So you or a mate are turning another year older and you’re looking for the perfect venue in Melbourne to host that special 18th birthday party? At Tagvenue, we’ve put together a list of some of the best 18th birthday party venues in Melbourne. No matter if you’re looking for something small, cheap, cool, upmarket, unique, we guarantee that you’ll find the perfect party space on our platform. You can never have enough 18th birthday party ideas, so have a look at the venues we have available all over the city and see if something really jumps out at you!

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567 18th Birthday Party Venues in Melbourne

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18th Birthday Party Venues Hire Guide

Your special birthday is here, which means it’s time to pick the ideal party venue where you can properly celebrate with your mates! We know that it has to be something spectacular that will knock everyone’s socks off. That’s why we’ve curated a list of 18th birthday party venues that offers nothing but superb spaces! Why not check it out now? You’re in for a blast! 

And in case you’re looking for some tips on how to choose the right venue for your birthday party, look below! 

A guide to choosing the right venue for a birthday party 

Choosing the right venue for an 18th birthday party really depends on the type of bash you’re looking to host, but there are a few universal things that you should consider while searching:

  • Venue speciality – An 18th birthday party gives you a lot of options for the type of venue you can book. Are you looking to hire a hall and put in decorations that will match your party theme? Perhaps a trendy bar with a private room or a soulful restaurant? Something more unique with a wow factor that will sweep your guests away? Take some time to decide how you envision your party; consider the theme, style and setting. During the venue-hunt process, it will be easier for you to decide whether the vibe of each place matches with the type of a party you’d like to throw!
  • Venue negotiation – Some venues in Melbourne are hesitant to hire their business out for 18th birthday parties as they have the reputation of getting rather rowdy. Keep this in mind and make sure to inform them that you’re hosting an 18th birthday party at the beginning stage of your negotiations. That way, you won’t waste time and keep on searching until you find one that will happily help you host your bash. 
  • Seating arrangement and decorations – How would you like to seat your guests? Perhaps you’d like to use some cool decorations? Maybe you’re planning to hire a DJ? Many venues are happy to work with you to customize their space for your event. However, it’s always best to check in advance with the venue manager if it’s possible to rearrange the setting. Some venues allow it, and some don’t. We recommend finding a venue that is already close to the type of atmosphere you’re looking for. You can use Tagvenue’s smart filters to find venues that match your expectations.
  • Food and drinks - Consider what food and beverages you’d like to serve at your party. If you’re thinking of a sit-down dinner, check out private dining rooms and restaurants.  Perhaps you’d like to hire a catering/ have a potluck party? Keep in mind that many venues have in-house catering, which means it may not be possible to bring your own food and drinks. Agree on that matter as early as possible to avoid any unpleasant setbacks. 
  • Guest number - Estimate the number of people you’re planning to invite. That way, it will be easy for you to decide if the venue has enough capacity to accommodate everyone without a fuss. You should also consider if there’ll be enough room for any other entertainment you’re planning to have. 

How much should I expect to pay for a venue hire?

Now, let’s talk about money! If it’s your first time hiring a venue, you probably wonder how much it may cost. Also, how the hire fees look like. 

The prices will vary depending on the venue type you’d like to hire. Here are a few baselines for you to consider:

  • Many 18th birthday party venues in Melbourne operate on a minimum spend model, meaning you pay nothing to rent the space but agree to spend a set amount on food/drinks/etc. The cost may vary depending on the room size and location, with prices going from $500 all the way to $8,000!
  • Other places have a flat hire fee with everything else added to the bill as per usual, and you can typically expect to spend in the neighbourhood of $500 for the hire fee.
  • Finally, the per-person spend model for 18th birthday party venues in Melbourne is quite popular with many of the best locations charging between $20-70 per guest. Usually, food and drinks are included in the price. However, it will solely depend on what type of packages you’ll choose. Obviously, the expensive ones offer much more variety than the basic ones. 

Now you know everything to successfully hire a venue for your birthday party! It’s easy as pie, but only if you know all the key elements you need to consider. So how about checking out what Tagvenue has to offer? Take our smart engines for a spin! We guarantee that you’ll be making a booking in no time. 

FAQs about 18th Birthday Party Venues in Melbourne

I want something with a bit more impact than just getting a private room at a bar for my 18th birthday. Any suggestions?

Two words: party boat! Nothing says awesome 18th birthday quite like hiring a party boat and partying till sunrise with sweeping Melbourne views all around! You can rent an entire yacht, or only a part of the boat, depending on your budget.

Can you recommend some good yet cheap 18th birthday venues?

Sure thing! There’s plenty of fab venues that don’t break the bank. Terrace at Secret Garden Bar offers a beautiful deck that can fit up to 100 guests, and the per-person packages start from as low as $30. The Beer Garden at Aviary Hotel boasts a cosy setting and a wide selection of drinks for just $250 per session. The Oak Room at The Deck Brighton has modern yet relaxed vibes that can help you create a dream setting for your birthday.  

Can I decorate the venue on my own?

It depends on the venue’s policy. Some spaces allow you to build your unique setting from scratch while others have fixed decor that can’t be changed. If you want to have much more freedom when it comes to decorating the space, consider hiring blank canvas venues.

How early should I book a birthday party venue in Melbourne?

The earlier, the better! You should secure your dream space at least 8 weeks in advance. That way, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from and have all the time you need to compare their offers.

Guests Reviews of 18th Birthday Party Venues on Tagvenue

Rachel M.
Booked Outdoor Courtyard at Banzai Bar
What a fabulous venue. The manager and bar staff were amazing, they kept the bar tab under control and worked easily with us to keep uninvited guests out. A fabulous party night was had by all. The food was terrific and the atmosphere sensational. Highly recommend
Leena D.
Booked Balcony Bar at East Brunswick Hotel
Well positioned central venue with good facilities. Great helpful staff who made our 18th birthday function a big success! They really went the extra mile. Would highly recommend
Timothy H.
Booked The Den at The Fitzroy Beer Garden
Communications with the staff were helpful and the regular check ups both at the venue and beforehand were appreciated. We really enjoyed the venue it was well set up and the food was great. Would definitely choose it again !
Mel G.
Booked Private Room at Caffe La Via
Working with Stuart was fantastic, nothing was too much trouble , his staff were amazing. Friendly , polite. I cannot fault this place or Stuart.
Eva W.
Booked Upstairs Venue at 56 Bricks
Friendly, courteous and helpful - excellent customer service from the first point of contact right through to the manager and every staff member on the night. The venue was perfect for my daughter’s 18th birthday bash. Thanks heaps to Tess, Ben and the 56 Bricks team!
Veronica H.
Booked Entire Venue at The Purple Emerald Lounge Bar
Phil and Shiona were extremely helpful, friendly and attentive both before and during the event. Great atmosphere with a unique and quirky vibe. Kept me updated and looked out for the guests to monitor behavior. Event went smoothly and as planned.

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