Thanksgiving Restaurants for Rent in Los Angeles, CA

Thanksgiving Restaurants for Rent in Los Angeles, CA

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Top Thanksgiving Restaurants in Los Angeles, CA

People go crazy for Thanksgiving, a celebration of gratitude, and rightly so! On a daily basis we forget to appreciate little joys in our lives, which can lead us to take things for granted. This is why one day a year is better than none! Our love for Thanksgiving celebrations calls for a quick booking if you’re thinking of having dinner at a restaurant with your nearest and dearest. Tagvenue is ready to help you with finding a fantastic venue in no time, so have a look at our listings of Thanksgiving restaurants and start scrolling through the platform. Once you’ve picked your favourite, book it and get ready to celebrate properly!

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Thanksgiving Restaurants Rental Guide

If you want to celebrate Thanksgiving with your friends, but you already know that you won’t be able to get together on the actual day, why not book a table (or even the whole restaurant for a bigger group) to celebrate?! There are plenty of options for you to choose from, all offering delicious meals and fantastic service. Depending on your decor preferences, you can choose between LA’s more traditional or modern spaces.

It doesn’t matter in which part of the country you are located, Thanksgiving is arguably the most celebrated holiday in the USA. That is why it comes as no surprise that people put so much thought into preparations and hosting of the Thanksgiving party. Everybody wants it to be unique and run smoothly so that great memories can be made. There are quite a few things that go into planning a Thanksgiving dinner, from the food, to the decor, and finally the guest list. We bet you have all of that already figured out, but in case you are about to host your first Thanksgiving, we have listed some essentials that you should take care of beforehand. 

The Thanksgiving essentials include:

  • Food - Thanksgiving is one of the biggest family holidays of the year - and probably the most delicious one. Great food is the star of every Thanksgiving gathering, even more so than the feeling of gratitude. To take the stress off the host’s shoulders, you could have everyone bring an item and contribute to the feast. The most important part of the meal is turkey, but you can’t miss out on gravy, potatoes, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and pies. What about the logistics of your meal? With more than eight people attending we recommend you go for a buffet. This way everyone will be able to comfortably get whatever they want to and no dish will be left untouched. 
  • Your favourite crowd - No Thanksgiving celebration can be a proper one without your nearest and dearest! In fact, coming together and celebrating each other is as important as the roasted turkey! Because what would your life be without the healthy and loving people within your circle? Who else would help you boost your serotonin levels and help reduce stress? And since we’re talking about the holiday that is all about gratitude and appreciation, a shared Thanksgiving day could be a great opportunity to thank everyone who is there for you every single day and helps you navigate this crazy adventure called “life”. 
  • Setting - The dinner table is the main point of the Thanksgiving feast, partly because of the fantastic aromas wafting around the house, and partly thanks to the amazing decor. If you’re hosting a Thanksgiving dinner, you can’t miss out on the appropriate decorations. You can make them yourself (think about the satisfaction you would get out of it!) or when short of time, you can buy some. You can find them in pretty much every shop, not only online but also in the ones around the corner. Turkey decorations, wreaths, candles, Thanksgiving banners, balloons and cutout decorations - there is a lot to choose from!
  • Homely environment - We can’t stop talking about how important the atmosphere filled with warmth and love is during a Thanksgiving dinner. It doesn’t matter if you’re celebrating with family or close friends, take a few moments to appreciate one another. A fireplace on, tasty food, amazing smells, festive decorations, loved ones - what more could you ask for?! Once the feast is over and everyone is on the verge of a food coma, you can comfortably sit down together and simply talk about any topic you wish. To make the whole thing extra relaxing, why not put on some comfy clothes and make a cup of your favourite fall beverage? We don’t know about you, but for us it sounds like a plan!  
  • Having fun - Thanksgiving is all about being grateful for what we have, so don’t let anything spoil the special atmosphere. Even if the turkey is burnt, your tablecloth is decorated with stains and the whole table doesn’t look like those perfect-made ones you see on social media - don’t let it bother you. Focus on the things that are actually important, like the people you are celebrating with and the amazing things that happened to you over the last couple of months.

In summary: an unforgettable Thanksgiving bash is quite an enterprise. Preparing a proper meal can take hours, in some cases even days, depending on what dishes you’re preparing and how many people will be attending your feast. Obviously the fantastic smells put you already in a special mood but the cute cut-out turkeys on the table, decorative pillows with leaves and turkeys on them, as well as a festive tablecloth are what transforms you to a very different place. We also can’t forget about the people you will be celebrating with! Send out the invitations as soon as possible and arrange everything so that no special person is missing at your table on Thanksgiving. One more important thing: involve others in the preparations. You shouldn’t be robbed of the joys of celebrating and having fun, so gather everyone beforehand and make the game plan! Once you have all of that, just get ready to have fun!

FAQs about Thanksgiving Restaurants in Los Angeles, CA

How much does it cost to rent a restaurant for a Thanksgiving dinner in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles offers plenty of venues for parties of all sizes and suitable to all purses. You can rent a place charging for each plate - prices start at $30 and can go up to $78 per person. Other places charge either hourly fees - rates usually vary from $95 to $195 per hour - or fees per session - prices range from $2000 to $2500. If you wish to celebrate quite unconventionally, you can also hire a yacht for your Thanksgiving dinner. The rental fees for boats in Los Angeles range between $10000 and $20000. (Based on data from Tagvenue.)

Which areas around Los Angeles have the best restaurants for a Thanksgiving celebration?

Thanksgiving is a beloved holiday around the world, so it comes as no surprise that people want to celebrate it as much as possible. Not everyone has the space at home to host a Thanksgiving gathering, but that’s not a problem - the areas around LA have some fantastic restaurants ideal for unforgettable parties. Downtown LA is home to many spots with dining options for every foodie, from a vegetarian to a meat lover. The same goes for Hollywood and West Hollywood, both vibrant areas filled with restaurants serving traditional Thanksgiving food. If you wish to have dinner with a special view, Santa Monica and Long Beach will ensure a coastal setting for you.

Do restaurants work on Thanksgiving?

There are some popular chains of restaurants that work on the fourth Thursday of November. But you should expect many places to be closed as everyone will be occupied with celebrating. If you’re thinking of hosting a Thanksgiving dinner for friends and extended family, why not do it prior to the date? There are plenty of places that will happily accommodate your Thanksgiving party - scroll through our platform to find somewhere suitable to your preferences.

What are some of the best restaurants for hosting a Thanksgiving dinner in Los Angeles?

If you’re on the lookout for a fantastic space to celebrate Thanksgiving with your nearest and dearest, have a look at our recommendations:

  • Marmalade Cafe - Located on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, this charming neighborhood cafe offers not only delicious food but also high-quality and friendly waitstaff. 
  • Hidden Gem LA - Hidden Gem LA is a tranquil Cali-Spanish space, only minutes away from Downtown LA. It offers a fantastic setting for any special occasion, including a Thanksgiving dinner.

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