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Top Restaurants with Function Rooms in Los Angeles

Looking for an event space in LA that offers intimacy and great food? Consider renting a function room at one of the city’s countless amazing restaurants! From San Fernando to Long Beach, the Los Angeles greater area is dotted with dining spots ready to host you and your guests. Exquisite or easy-going, bright and cozy or dimly-lit and atmospheric, high-end or budget-friendly – there’s a space to satisfy all styles, event types and budgets. Check out Tagvenue’s list of top restaurants with function rooms in Los Angeles and start planning your special occasion!

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Restaurants with Function Rooms Rental Guide

If you book a private space for your event at one of LA’s restaurants, prepare to have your tastebuds spoiled. The city’s eclectic dining scene can transport you to different corners of the world in the blink of an eye and the diverse selection of restaurants offers unique spaces that will make any occasion special. Browse our top picks and read our guide for extra inspiration and advice!

Why should I rent a function room at a restaurant for my event?

Before we get into the process of booking and event planning, let’s first explore some of the reasons why renting a function room at a restaurant is a fantastic idea.

  • Renting an event space at a restaurant is a great way to treat yourself. This should be enough of a reason, especially if you’re the focal point of the event (maybe you’re celebrating your birthday, an important anniversary or getting a promotion at work?). It could give you the chance to experience your favorite restaurant from a completely new perspective, where you’re the center of attention and you’ve got an entire space all to yourself.
  • It offers a change of environment and makes the occasion even more special. Some people love celebrating at home, but there’s something about going out and changing the environment that takes the celebration to another level. A unique atmosphere, delicious food, the fact that you’re being served by someone else and all you have to do is relax and enjoy it – all of this contributes to a successful event.
  • You don’t have to worry about preparing and serving the food or cleaning up after the event. One of the best things about hosting your function at a restaurant is the fact that you won’t have to buy the ingredients, cook, serve the food or clean up and do the dishes afterwards. Instead, you’ll be able to fully focus on spending time with your guests. After all, feasting together is all about fostering deeper connections and simply being with one another.

How can I choose the perfect restaurant with function rooms for my event in Los Angeles?

It’s time to dive into the nitty-gritty of finding and securing the perfect function room at an LA restaurant. Let’s go over a few basics you should consider:

  • Set your budget. Start by setting your budget. This will be the key thing that determines your search for the ideal event space. Once you’re clear on the numbers, you can use Tagvenue to easily browse LA restaurants with function rooms that fall within your price range.
  • Pick the date. Next, figure out when you’d like to host your event. Remember that the most popular venues in Los Angeles have very busy calendars, so book well in advance! It’s a big advantage if you can be flexible with the date and day of the week – it’ll be easier to secure your dream function room and you might even get a better price!
  • Create a guest list. Think of everyone you want to invite and estimate the total number of guests who will show up. This will help you determine how much space you need. To quickly find a function room that’s just the right size, enter the number of guests in Tagvenue’s search bar.
  • Decide on the location. Consider which part of Los Angeles will be the ideal location for your event. It could be your own neighborhood or an area that’s somehow special to you. You can also choose the location based on its vibe: for example, vibrant West Hollywood, quiet Pasadena or artsy Los Feliz. Don’t forget that the location should also be convenient for your guests – think about easy road access, ample parking space or the close proximity to bus routes and other public transport links.
  • Focus on the ambiance. The ambiance is made up of elements such as the design and decor of the room, the lighting, music or even the quality of service. Pick a space whose atmosphere corresponds to the vibe of your event. Do you want something traditional and elegant or sleek and modern? Perhaps you’re into bohemian vibes or maybe you like quirky, unconventional spaces? Would you prefer a bright interior with natural light or a dimly-lit room with mood lighting and neon lights? Take some time to come up with your vision of the ideal space!
  • Schedule a viewing. Speaking of ambiance, the best way to make sure your chosen space ticks all the boxes is to schedule a viewing. So after you’ve compared different function rooms on our platform, created a short list, and chosen the most likely candidate, contact the venue manager and agree on a date when you can see it in person. It’s also a great time to ask any additional questions.
  • Choose the menu. And finally, the food! What type of cuisine are you interested in? You’ll be spoiled for choice with LA’s vibrant dining scene! Italian, Thai, Mexican – anything you dream of is there. Once you make up your mind on the type of food, decide whether you’ll be serving pre-prepared dishes or let your guests order a la carte. Keep in mind that the second option may increase the waiting time. Also, don’t forget to cater to any of your guests’ dietary restrictions.

Restaurants with Function Rooms in Los Angeles FAQ

What types of events can I host in a restaurant’s function room?

Restaurants with function rooms are versatile spaces that can host many types of events. They’re a popular choice for private events, such as private dinner parties, birthday celebrations, engagement parties, anniversaries or wedding receptions. However, they work equally well for corporate events, such as business lunches or office parties.

Where in Los Angeles can I find the best restaurants with function rooms?

You’ll find plenty of amazing dining spots in Downtown LA, notably in the fashionable Arts District or the areas of Chinatown or Little Tokyo. Other well-known hotspots include West Hollywood with its fabled Sunset Boulevard, the areas near Hollywood Boulevard or the lively Fairfax neighborhood. If you’re after a more relaxed and artsy vibe, check out places such as Los Feliz, Silver Lake and Echo Park. And if you fancy a function room with an ocean view, the beach cities such as Santa Monica or Venice also have a lot to offer!

How much does it cost to rent a function room at a restaurant in Los Angeles?

When renting a function room at one of LA’s restaurants, be prepared to pay around $1500 to $4000 per day, depending on the standard and capacity of the space. If you want to go easy on your wallet, a good solution is to look for restaurants that offer all-inclusive package deals. Those typically start at $25 and can reach up to around $78 per person. (All data from Tagvenue.)

What are the best restaurants with function rooms in Los Angeles?

Discover some of our favorites:

  • Playa Hermosa Fish & Oyster Co. - An oyster and seafood restaurant just feet from the sand also offers an esoteric wine list. Featuring a private area perfect for gatherings for up to 30 people filled with natural light and fresh air.
  • Theía - Located in Beverly Grove, Theía serves up delicious Greek food, but their cocktails are what really make this place stand out. If you're looking for a space that can accommodate both dancing and dining, look no further!
  • Vista - Hermosa Beach - A coastal eatery offering breathtaking views of the ocean, accompanied by the most creative drinks and cocktails. The outdoor space allows for an unforgettable dining experience in a relaxing atmosphere.

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