Unique Restaurants for Rent in New York City, NY

Unique Restaurants for Rent in New York City, NY

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Top Unique Restaurants in New York City, NY

Enjoy your meal with a side of weird in one of New York City’s unique restaurants! Go with the flow and savor an amazing meal as you enjoy a one of a kind atmosphere. New York is known for its superb restaurants with a range of cuisines and decor. It doesn’t matter what kind of event you’re planning, we can help you find places of all kinds and sizes where you’ll be able to have a dining experience that will be out of this world. So without further ado, have a look at our list of quirky restaurants in New York City and book the place that ticks all of your boxes.

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Unique Restaurants Rental Guide

One of the best things about cities like New York is the variety of food you can try there. And if that weren’t enough, there are plenty of unique restaurants to dine in around the city. Every place hopes to create its own special atmosphere that’ll make people give it a shot and, hopefully, enjoy the experience so much that they’ll come back. NYC’s selection of fun restaurants - a mix of themed and concept spots serving crazy menus - is gaining new lovers all the time.


What types of events can be thrown in a unique restaurant?

Birthday party. A birthday always deserves a party with fanfare, no matter which year on Earth you’re celebrating. A kid’s birthday party can be thrown in a venue that has a kid-appropriate feel, e.g. a dinosaur birthday party place or somewhere colorful with an inflatable playground. In case you’re about to host a teenage birthday party, think of a place that matches their interests - whether it’s music, books or a favorite movie. Having said that, it doesn’t mean an adult’s birthday party can’t have its own flavor too! You can go for an unusual spot with a unique menu that is just waiting to prepare a fantastic bash for you and your guests. There are plenty of unique spots around the city, so no matter your desire, you can make it happen in New York.

An engagement party. Even though it’s not your wedding day yet, such a special occasion calls for a proper celebration! You should plan the event carefully, but, most importantly, choose a venue that is unique and suits your particular taste. If you already have a theme set for your wedding, why not echo it for the engagement party as well? You can go with something simple, such as a romantic or bohemian theme, or go a step further and create a sci-fi or fantasy event straight from Star Wars or Harry Potter. You can either find a venue that is already dedicated to the party theme of your choice or rent out a blank canvas space and decorate it however you like.

Battle of the bartenders. For anyone fancying trying out new cocktails and experiencing something thrilling at once, arrange a face-off between a group of bartenders. They will prepare bespoke drinks for everyone in the room and the guests, including you, decide who’s the winner. You can also put your own spin on this event and organize a friendly competition between you and your friends. Rent out a bar, get a professional to guide you through the process and enjoy what you prepare.

Dining in the dark. If you’re thinking of new ways to experience dining, you have to try dining in the dark! When the lights go down, a sensory experience is created. Diners are forced to awaken their senses and to connect with other people around them in a powerful way (despite being unable to see). Dining in the dark allows you to taste various dishes, even those you’re familiar with, from a different perspective and discover new flavors. 


What are some great quirky restaurants in NYC?

Retro diners. Even though they are a rarity right now, there are a number of diners around the city that still possess a unique nostalgic appeal about them, vintage decor and old menus. Visiting one of these establishments will feel like stepping into the past. You can either have an intimate dinner with those closest to you or throw a big celebration for a large crowd. To pump up the party, blast out some music from the past and encourage your guests to put on their best 70s or 80s inspired attire.

Film- and book-inspired restaurants. If you’re a huge fan of a particular book or movie and wish to experience the imaginary world for even a few hours, New York won’t disappoint. Fans of Alice in Wonderland can enjoy a tea party straight from the Carroll classic. You can have tea with fun bites and enjoy time with friends in this cozy establishment. Manhattan’s Jekyll and Hyde boasts a beautiful design that’ll appeal to fans of the characters. And there are many more places that offer unique experiences inspired by the cinematic and book worlds, so google away for your favorites.

Music inspired restaurants. We have some great news for any music lover! You’ll find plenty of places that pay homage to music legends, as well as various genres of music. Take a trip to another world by visiting one of the music-inspired restaurants. Whether you’re thinking about going back in time to those years of ‘Beatlemania’ or somewhere that screams ‘rock’n’roll’, you’ll be able to find somewhere suitable to your taste and interests.  
Animal-themed spots. It comes as no surprise there are animal-inspired places around the city - they’re all open in celebration of pets everywhere. In New York you’ll mostly be able to spot dog and cat cafes. Dog cafes are specially designed to cater for both canines and humans. Cat cafes are a fantastic alternative for all cat lovers that can’t own their own feline or simply want to spend some time with a lot of them at once.

FAQs about Unique Restaurants in New York City, NY

What should I keep in mind before booking a restaurant in New York?

First things first, you should think of the budget you have for the event. This will determine many things, such as the guest list, venue size and location. Remember to book the space at least a few weeks in advance. Also, New York is a busy city with plenty of people celebrating something every day, so it’ll be useful to have a few dates in mind for your party.

How much does it cost to rent a unique restaurant in NYC?

The cost depends on the purpose of the space you’re renting, but a lot of them offer special packages with prices varying from $30 up to $65 per person. Other venues charge hourly fees - rates start at $300 and can get as high as $2000 per hour. Some places can be even rented out for the entire day for an average of $15000 per day. (Based on data from Tagvenue.)

Which New York areas have the best unique restaurants for rent?

There are plenty of areas in New York that you should check out for quirky venues. If you’re based in Manhattan, we suggest you have a look around Tribeca, Hell’s Kitchen, Chelsea and SoHo. For any Brooklynites we recommend checking out the unique spots in Brooklyn Heights, Dumbo, Bushwick, as well as Williamsburg. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed with the selection of quirky spaces in Queens, especially those located in Astoria and Flushing.

What are some of the quirkiest restaurants in New York?

  • The Garden at Vineapple Cafe - If you’re looking for a unique setting, this Brooklyn Heights spot is perfect for brunches and cocktail parties. Walls adorned with paintings, lush green wonderland and colorful furniture will brighten your day!
  • Monk McGinn’s - A great establishment with old-world touches where you’ll experience a truly spectacular setting and cocktails. High ceilings, brick walls, as well as exposed pipes and beams will take you back in time to a 1920s tavern.
  • Wandering Barman - Located on the outskirts of Downtown Brooklyn, Wandering Barman is a cocktail tasting room offering the best in handcrafted cocktails. The interior is a neutral gray and the space feels elegant. This venue does not provide food but has a dedicated space to set up your own catering.

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