Birthday Restaurants for Rent in New York City, NY

Birthday Restaurants for Rent in New York City, NY

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Top Birthday Restaurants in New York City, NY

Are you planning a birthday party? Then why not give yourself a present and celebrate with your friends and family at a restaurant! Birthdays are a perfect excuse to gather together all of the important people in your life and spend some quality time with them. Thousands of restaurants in the city will be more than happy to help you organize a celebration of your dreams! To make it easier for you, Tagvenue has assembled a list of the best birthday restaurants that New York has to offer! So, start scrolling our listings, you’ll be planning your birthday party celebrations before you know it! 

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Birthday Restaurants Rental Guide

There is nothing more exciting than throwing a birthday party! And to make the task of organizing a birthday celebration easier, it can be a great idea to rent out a restaurant! There are a lot of New York restaurants that are experienced in pulling off these types of events and they are more than willing to help you plan your birthday event. These venues come in many sizes and locations, and they offer a range of menus that will please the pickiest palate: from Mediterranean to French and Italian cuisine or a mix of everything. It doesn’t matter if you’re throwing a birthday party for your kid or for a friend, or a family member as a surprise, you will find a restaurant that is sure to please them! 

If you have never booked a venue and are thinking seriously about it, it’s best to understand the many pros of organizing a birthday celebration in a restaurant. First of all, restaurants in the city have a special ambiance that is perfect for any celebration. You can even pick one based on your party’s theme or any personal preference. Also, if you hire a restaurant, you don’t need to deal with all of the hassles of food preparation and cleaning with a professional venue, everything will be done for you! You can use the time you save on talking and entertaining your guests instead of running around and checking if there’s enough food or drinks on the table. Most venues will also come with professional staff that is ready and at your disposal. If you pick a place with a bar, make sure that they offer a professional mixologist to prepare delicious cocktails and drinks that you wouldn’t have the chance to serve at a home party. Overall, birthday celebrations at restaurants are a great way to enjoy a celebration that you plan, without dealing with the headache of hosting it in your home.  

Feeling convinced and ready to rent a restaurant? Now it’s time to search for the perfect one for your event! There are many types of restaurants for rent in New York, so we have listed the most frequented ones below to make your choice a little bit easier:

Fast-casual restaurants - These types offer less-processed food dishes and are a healthier option than fast-food restaurants. The ambiance and food are similar to what you can find in casual dining restaurants, however, they don’t offer a full service. Their customized menus consist of fresh vegetables and meat and most of the food is prepared right on the spot. 

Casual dining restaurants - With full-course meals on their menus, as well as some alcoholic beverages, these types of restaurants offer a more casual and upscale experience. They also offer full service and affordable prices. Some of them may be considered “premium” as they are located near the city center or in shopping malls. Overall, they are popular among families for their reasonably priced decent food. 

Pop-up restaurants - These unusual locations have grown in popularity on the restaurant scene and intrigue aficionados with their quirky, unique dining spaces, unusual decor, and settings. Their main goal is to offer intriguing and surprising dishes, often mixing cuisine from all over the world. They are the perfect place for people who aren’t afraid of trying new flavors. Often they are open only for a short period of time, as their main goal is to showcase culinary skills. 

Fine dining restaurants - Offer high-quality meal courses in upscale surroundings with full service. They come with certain rules of savoir vivre. The atmosphere is more formal than the casual dining experience, and the prices are also higher.  

Tips for organizing a kids birthday party

Children love birthday parties! They’re perfect for having fun outside of school, helping them to get to know their classmates better, and gain new friends! Kids’ birthday parties may come in different sizes and themes: you can easily throw one big feast for your family and your kid’s friends to celebrate a special day or consider hosting two small separate parties for each group. It all depends on your preferences. We have listed some tips to help make sure that your preparations go easily. 

Pick a theme - Children love joyful and exciting party themes! Picking a theme can be helpful when determining what decorations to buy, as well as what type of foods and drinks to pick that will go well with it. If you can’t decide on that, you can also go for a character party with your kid’s favorite movie or book protagonist. Sit down together and discuss what they like the most, after all, it’s their celebration. Note that some themes are easier to achieve than others, so it’s best to do some research at the decoration stores or online to find decorations and other props that will fit the theme. 

Send invitations - When you have agreed on the theme and date of the celebration, prepare the invitations. You can easily grab ones from the store or have some fun and do them on your own! Preparing invitations from scratch is an extremely fun activity that stirs the imagination and gives you a chance to spend a great time with your kids. No matter what option you’ve picked, deliver them at least a month before the party. It will help other parents to plan their schedule to bring and pick up their kids on time.   

Take care of the entertainment - Plan out fun activities and games! You should have lots of options up your sleeve to keep the young guests busy. Check the internet for fantastic ideas and for sure you will get inspired! You can also ask your kid about activities they did at other birthday parties. Consider hiring a professional party entertainer to make the celebrations even more unforgettable and take the strain off of your shoulders! A magician, a superhero, or a princess can visit your kids' party and organize fun interactive games, singing and dancing performances, face painting, and more!  

Decorations - They are a must for making sure that the kiddos are all excited. Choose your favorite balloons, streamers, banners, confetti, garlands, and cutouts. Children will be in awe and ready to celebrate immediately after seeing such fun decorations! It can also be fun if they can take some of them home–a perfect souvenir to remind them about a fun day they had. 

Food and drinks - Finger foods and kids' party dishes need to be colorful and appetizing. Choose a wide variety of finger foods they can easily grab and eat on the go between games and other activities. It’s a perfect way to smuggle some vitamins in cute-looking mini sandwiches or freshly squeezed juice. Don’t forget about easy access to water as they can get thirsty after an intensive game session. A sweet table with cupcakes and cookies that will match the theme will also amaze your guests. And don’t forget the most important thing… the birthday cake! You can’t call it a birthday party without a cake! Blowing the candles and eating a cake in every color of the rainbow is the climax of every birthday celebration. You can make this yourself, or hire a professional cake maker, however, always plan ahead and get your order in early.

If you keep those tips in mind while planning your kid’s birthday party, you can expect it to be a total success!

Birthday party ideas for adults

Would you like to throw an adults-only birthday party? Here are some tips to spice up the atmosphere and make your party a hit!

Escape room - Solving exciting quizzes and puzzles is a great way to start your celebration, especially if you and your guests love an atmosphere of mystery! Escape rooms offer dynamic activities and guarantee lots of fun. Also, you will see how your group cooperates to get yourselves out of the room! While booking a session, consider the location and choose an option that isn’t far from the place where the party is going to take place later. 

Drink bar - Colorful and delicious drinks will please everyone! You can either hire a professional bartender, pick a restaurant that has drink bars in their offer or move to a bar after dinner. If you opt for a house party or rent a venue that has a BYOB policy, you can buy different types of alcohol, prepare some recipes and encourage your guests to make their own drinks! It’s a great way to get creative and get your guests in the mood for celebration! 

All-over-the-world party - Many restaurants in the city offer a wide range of culinary choices from all over the world. You can use that to your advantage and prepare original birthday celebrations that will take your guests to distant places without leaving the city. The main course from Greece and a dessert from France? Not a problem! You can arrange your menu in countless ways to surprise your guests and help them discover different types of food from other countries! 

Virtual party - Do you want to throw a birthday party, but your favorite people are scattered around the country? Virtual parties are a superb solution for that! You can bring everyone together at the same time and celebrate via virtual platforms that offer enjoyable and exciting online activities. Pick the one that you like most and invite your guests for an original celebration.  

Karaoke night - Karaoke is excellent for waking up the inner-entertainer in your guests (especially after a few drinks). Everyone knows the lyrics of their favorite tunes and you can encourage your guests to sing them at your party! Although your guests may be shy at the beginning, trust us, they will be singing their hearts out in no time! You can always spice up things with some competition and use karaoke to organize some games, such as “Name That Tune” or singing a random song! 

Wine tasting - a dinner in the company of a sommelier can be a hit if you and your guests love tasting different types of wine. Consider throwing a celebration at a local winery or wine bar and you will immediately be transported to a whole new level. These types of celebrations are excellent for offering a whole new experience and learning while also bringing a group together to celebrate with delicious food and drinks.

No matter what option you choose for your birthday party, always give yourself enough time to plan everything, from the number of guests to party theme, decorations, food, and drinks to venues that will suit your needs. Also, don’t limit your search to only one restaurant, look around, compare offers and pick the best one for your budget. Arrange meetings with the managers of your prospective venues and discuss such issues as additional costs, equipment, clean-up, the menu, etc. before finalizing everything. Then you’ll be all set and ready to celebrate! 

FAQs about Birthday Restaurants in New York City, NY

How much does it cost to rent a restaurant for a birthday party in New York?

The city offers a wide variety of restaurants suitable for any pocket. Generally, restaurants charge per minimum spend - from $1000 in casual restaurants up to several hundred dollars in luxurious neighborhoods of Manhattan, for example. You can also find places where the charge is per person, from around $30 to $85, or per hour- from $50 up to $2000 and more. Keep in mind to ask the managers for individual price offers, as prices can vary depending on guest packages, high/low peak dates, etc. (All data from

How far in advance should I rent a restaurant for a birthday celebration?

Secure your booking at least 4-6 weeks prior to the party. Don’t wait for the last moment to rent out a restaurant, as New York is a busy city and many venues are in high demand. Also, some restaurants listed on our website are extremely popular, so when you’ve determined your needs, make a booking as fast as possible. 

Can you recommend some restaurants for birthday parties around NYC?

There are many options for birthday party restaurants all over the city, but here are a few of our favs:

Midnights - offers a garden, dining room, and bar areas in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Affordable and a great place for lunch and dinner.

Gran Morsi - this Italian restaurant with its special ambiance is an ideal pick for celebrating in privacy with family and friends. 

La Vibra - the vibrant and casual vibe, combined with Latin American plates, will take your birthday celebration to a new level!

Where can I find affordable restaurants for a birthday dinner in New York?

You can find budget-friendly restaurants all over the city! In Manhattan, we recommend looking near Soho and Tribeca. Brooklyn’s popular and affordable picks are in Bushwick, Williamsburg, Crown Heights. In Queens, St Albans, and Queens Village neighborhoods are also worth taking a look at. 

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