Special Occasion Restaurants for Rent in New York City, NY

Special Occasion Restaurants for Rent in New York City, NY

Gather your friends and family at these special eateries

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Top Special Occasion Restaurants in New York City, NY

You’ll have more than just an apple to bite on in the Big Apple! Special occasion restaurants in NYC exude another level of sophistication! The city of convenience, diversity, and inspiration makes this the perfect place for hosting a special event. Whether you’re celebrating an achievement or an anniversary, the eateries in this place will impress you with their finest meals! Foie gras, caviar, or customized menus? They’ve got it all! Get ready to be blown away by Tagvenue’s list of the best restaurants for a very special party and book your favorite in a jiffy!

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Special Occasion Restaurants Rental Guide

Gotham’s selection of fine dining restaurants is the epitome of special occasion dining. For any unique celebration, you want elegant decor, sophistication, and a range of dishes paired with the right bottle of wine. No private dinner experience can be truly special without the assistance of talented service and renowned chefs.  Without forgetting the breathtaking surroundings, like a view of the Empire State Building, the Belvedere Castle, or the Brooklyn Bridge, will have you “ooh” ing and “ahh” ing all through the meal.

Is NYC a good place for dinner parties?

We’ll make this simple for you! Yes, yes, and yes! The Big Apple offers so much that you can spend all your life there and still not have enough time to visit every restaurant or go to every pub. Brimming with culture and entertainment, there’s no way you’ll ever get bored here. Looking for a new cuisine style or pub in town every week? This ever-evolving city will always keep you on the edge of your seat and keep you yearning for more excitement. Made up of 5 boroughs, Brooklyn, Manhattan, QueensStaten Island, and the Bronx, you can easily hop on the subway and get to a different neighborhood within minutes and be in awe at the uniqueness of each district. Fine dining spots, parks, landmarks, celebrity sightings, you are in for a treat in Gotham! 

What are the special occasions that require unique restaurants?

We believe there are many reasons in life to celebrate! Whether it’s ten epic years of friendship, an engagement, or celebrating life, the reasons are endless. Special days require a proper commemoration, and what could be better than a dinner party at a restaurant! The dining scenery in NYC will surely bring life to your gathering. Whatever the occasion, you’ll find the most distinct spots to dine out and impress your guests. Greek breakfast at a restaurant, Cantonese delicacies at lunchtime, and French cuisine at dinner, all your wishes will be granted in a flash in any part of the city. But let’s get into some occasions that require a serious touch of class! 

Romantic lunch to celebrate an anniversary 

Been with that special  lady or the gentleman for 6 years? That calls for a celebration! If your lover is a foodie, the best way to party is to dine in style.Whether they love Wagyu beef or white truffles, filling your partner’s tummy with the yummy food that they adore is the best way to keep the romance alive! It shows that you care about their likes and are willing to revive the romance every once in a while! Top that romantic night with their favorite chef, beautiful surroundings, and excellent service, and you will win their hearts for a lifetime!

Celebrate your birthday with your loved ones 

Birthdays are ten times sweeter with heavenly food! Make your birthday better than ever by treating yourself to your favorite people! With fusion and local cuisine to die for and incredibly talented bakers in NY, you’ll be feeling like Queen B after your first bite! Some places will even allow you to customize your menu and help you with the decor. With a unique backdrop and premium desserts, those Instagram clicks will surely make the absentees regret missing out on this event!

Host a milestone celebration

Congrats on that million-dollar contract! Your company’s reached another milestone, and that surely can’t go unnoticed! With a wonderful reason to toast, high-end restaurants in the city are here to serve your most insane cravings. Pat your shoulder by treating yourself to that three-figure burger or even that four-figure pizza you’ve been drooling over for years! After all, your hard work deserves that opulent dining experience. 

Throw a baby shower

Hello, parents-to-be! Share this exceptional period of your life with the people you love. Why bother with hundreds of guests when you can keep it to a few and splurge on the event and the people you love. You’ll be happiest sharing the news with your dear and near ones at a location that makes you feel on top of the world. 

Mark an ordinary day by making it special

Birthdays, bridal showers, and wedding receptions are all occasions to host a party at an outstanding place. Experiencing the finest restaurants in NYC is all about treating yourself and your guests. The magical ambiance, surroundings, elegance, and glorious selection of dishes paired with insatiable drinks are elements that will instantly make anyone feel special on any day! Feasting experiences are excellent for making even the most ordinary day an unforgettable one. Take your time to cherish every bite of your luscious gourmet as if it’s your last one! Make the event even more extraordinary with a chef’s appearance or a table in the kitchen where your guests will have the opportunity to discover some insider information about their favorite dish! If that’s not special enough for your guest, then make sure to visit some places such as Gantry Plaza State Park in Long Island City or the Empire State Building in Midtown West for them to experience the grandeur of New York City at its fullest! 

FAQs about Special Occasion Restaurants in New York City, NY

Do I need to inform the restaurant that I am celebrating something special?

Absolutely. However, do not expect the restaurant to do something special for the occasion. Most restaurants will go out of their way to make something nice for you if the restaurant policies allow it. They may also offer even better service to you and your guests if they’re aware of the occasion. 

Where can I celebrate my special occasion in NYC?

Well, well, well, things are about to get fancy. If you’re planning to make it classy for a big event, we recommend the space at Gran Morsi where you’ll get the chance to taste bold Italian delicacies.

What to celebrate there: bridal showers, baby showers, bachelorette parties, summer parties.

Keep it classy by holding your event at the Semi-Private Wine Alcove at Pera, where your guests can try delightful Easter Mediterranean cuisine surrounded by a selection of wines. 

What to celebrate there: engagement parties, corporate events, family dinners.

Enjoy skyline views? Head to the Daintree Treetop Terrace at Daintree New York and fall in love with the Manhattan skyline. Enjoy craft cocktails and small plates in a metropolitan-meets-bohemian vibe!

What to celebrate there: birthday parties, anniversaries, corporate events, graduation parties 

How much does it cost to rent a special occasion restaurant in NYC?

Restaurants in NYC offer different types of rental options. You can either rent the venue on an hourly basis or opt for per-person rental packages. Another common option is the minimum spend, meaning you and your guests need to cover a specific sum of money for the event. Hourly rental can be anything between $75 and $350+, while the minimum spend is between $1000 and $50,000 for the most exclusive spots. Per-person packages are on the cheaper side and start at $45. (All data from Tagvenue.)

How early in advance should I book a restaurant for my special occasion?

You can book some spaces within a week or two if it’s urgent and you want to get your hands on something decent. However, if you are planning an anniversary party, a birthday shower, or a Christmas party, we highly recommend booking them 3 months in advance. This allows you to have many venue options and plan the event as intended. 

Do special occasion restaurants provide extra facilities?

If you’re looking for wheelchair access, require an additional parking space, or need extra audiovisual equipment, you need to consult the manager before confirming your reservation. Many special occasion restaurants can go out of their way to help you with the event, whether it is the decor or the menu. If you're thinking about a hosting an exclusive event, we suggest hiring a restaurant with a private room. 

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