Top 21 Places for an Unforgettable Dinner Party in NYC

11 mins read
Top 21 Places for an Unforgettable Dinner Party in NYC
March 12, 2024
11 mins read

Welcome to the vibrant and diverse world of dinner parties in NYC! 

Whether you’re planning an outdoor gathering under the stars, a glamorous rooftop affair, or a unique dining experience, New York City caters to every vision with its unique and versatile spaces.

Join us as we explore the best dinner party options in NYC. Get ready to elevate your event to new heights and create memories that will linger long after the last toast is made.

Let’s dive in!

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Dinner Party Venues with Private Rooms in NYC

Enjoy a more personalized experience and rent a private room for your dinner party. These spaces are ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, and business dinners where privacy is paramount.

A bright and airy NYC dinner party venue with a long wooden table, white chairs, and blossoming branches overhead, invoking Greek vibes.
Experience a dinner party in NYC with the vibrant spirit of Skinos.

Many restaurants and bars in NYC offer private rooms, and some are even available for a full buyout. Here are our top picks:

  1. Private Large Table at Festival Cafe NYC—Festival Cafe offers a vibrant setting ideal for bringing a festive spirit to any dinner party. This venue shines with its premiere farm-to-bar menu and  warm, inviting atmosphere. Its private space is perfectly suited to groups of 20. 📍 Lenox Hill
  1. Small Private Room at Casa La Femme—Casa La Femme is known for its unbeatable setting with dim lighting, soft music, and gourmet food, complete with a luxurious Egyptian tent decor. It’s perfect for small celebrations with groups of up to 14 people. 📍 West Village
  1. Mykonos Private Room at Skinos—Bringing the breezy, blue-and-white charm of the Greek islands, Skinos is a dream for themed dinner parties. With its authentic Greek cuisine, it’s an ideal choice for those looking to combine privacy with vibrant flavors. The Mykonos Private Room hosts up to 30 people. Larger spaces are also available. 📍 Financial District

Rooftop Dinner Party Venues in NYC

Create a glamorous and unforgettable setting for your dinner party and host it in a rooftop venue. Whether it’s a chic lounge or a rooftop drink bar, the stunning city skyline views will add a touch of sophistication to your event.

A trendy rooftop venue in NYC for a dinner party, featuring wooden benches, colorful chairs, and string lights with a cityscape in the background.
Elevate your NYC dinner party with a rooftop setting that offers breathtaking views and a laid-back, stylish atmosphere. | Azul Rooftop Bar at Hotel Hugo

Which rooftop venues in NYC take the top spot on our list?

4. Azul Rooftop Bar at Hotel Hugo—The iconic views of the city and the river, the mouthwatering menu, and the signature cocktails you can enjoy at Hotel Hugo will turn your dinner party into a stylish and fun event. The old-school vibes of Cuban cantina and modern Manhattan come together to create the unique atmosphere of this space, which can hold up to 100 guests. 📍 Greenwich Village

5. Dear Irving on Hudson Rooftop—Located on the 40th and 41st floors of the Aliz Hotel, this restaurant guarantees a ‘wow’ reaction from your guests. The amazing cocktails, breathtaking views of the city, and the speakeasy lounge vibe make it a perfect place for a dinner party. With various spaces available, the venue can host from 50 to 300 guests. 📍 Garment District

6. Rooftop Reds is a unique urban green space in NYC, as it blends a rooftop bar with a vineyard. Hosting up to 60 guests, it also operates on a minimum-spend basis, making it an affordable spot for a dinner party. 📍 Brooklyn Navy Yard

Elegant Dinner Party Venues in NYC

From chic restaurants with exquisite interiors to luxurious private clubs adorned with fine art, NYC has no shortage of elegant venues. Featuring stunning decor and impeccable service, these venues are synonymous with sophistication and class, making sure your dinner party would put to shame the best of Gatsby’s events.

A modern and minimalist dining space in NYC for a dinner party with a long white table, plush seating, and spherical pendant lights.
Gather for a chic dinner party in NYC at Loft on 5th.

Which NYC venues take the top spot when it comes to impressing your dinner party guests?

7. Upscale Private at Loft on 5th—This unique and stylish space has everything you need for a successful dinner party: a fireplace, a custom-built-in bar, a full-size disco ball, a chandelier, an outdoor terrace, and a fully equipped kitchen for the caterers. The nostalgic glamor of this place will elevate every dinner party. Ideal for sitting dinner parties of 20. 📍 Flatiron District

8. Bobby Van’s (50th Street)—After visiting this place, you’ll finally understand what ‘mouthwatering’ means, just as the owners claim! The legendary steaks and fresh seafood, combined with the elegant interior, make this restaurant a perfect spot for a fancy dinner party. The venue hosts up to 100 guests. 📍 Midtown West

9. REYNA, as the name suggests, reigns among the elegant venues in New York. This tapas restaurant and cocktail bar is perfect for groups between 50 and 100 guests who appreciate the beautiful decor and unmatched ambiance of fine dining. 📍 Union Square

BYO Dinner Party Venues in NYC

For those who prefer to bring their own bottle, there are several dinner party venues in NYC that allow you to do just that. Bringing your own alcohol offers the flexibility of tailoring your party’s drink menu to your exact preferences, but it’s also a cost-effective option.

A cozy dinner party venue in NYC with exposed brick walls, a wooden bar, and a homey, vintage-inspired lounge area.
Host a memorable NYC dinner party without breaking the bank! | 3rd Floor Speakeasy at Loft39

Many of NYC’s bars and restaurants have a BYO policy, here are our top picks: 

10. 3rd Floor Speakeasy at Loft39—The warm and intimate vibes of the speakeasy provide a perfect setting for your next dinner party. Exposed brick walls, hardwood floors, and the touches of European and industrial influences in decor provide an unmatched setting for any event. Hosts up to 100 guests for a seated party. 📍 Garment District

11. Private room at Madeline’s—This elegant space is perfect for parties of 30 guests. The art deco style, unique flavors inspired by international cuisines, and relaxed atmosphere welcome all who are looking for a sophisticated venue for their next dinner party. 📍 Greenpoint

12. Main Dining Room at Moldova Restaurant—Whether you choose to bring your drinks and taste the Moldovan menu or just rent the space and bring in your own dishes and beverages, you’ll still get to enjoy the Balkan hospitality spirit in this venue. With warm decor and the owner’s promise to ‘bring authentic Moldova to NYC,’ you can be sure your dinner party here will be a success. Hosts up to 80 guests. 📍 Midwood

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Outdoor Dinner Party Venues in NYC

Experience the magic of dining under the stars at several outdoor dinner party venues in NYC. From lush garden patios in Brooklyn to waterfront spaces in Manhattan, these venues can host parties of any size and style. They are perfect for those looking to combine city vibes with the natural charm of the outdoors.

An outdoor NYC dinner party venue with vibrant neon signage, plush seating, and a lush wall garden, creating a whimsical atmosphere.
A dinner party in NYC becomes an enchanting affair amidst lush greenery and neon lights at Bonsaii Tapas & Wine Bar.

Take a look at our favorite outdoor dinner venues in NYC:

13. Outside Bar at One Station Plaza—This local eatery is everything you’re looking for if you need good food, a friendly atmosphere, and a space for 70 guests. Located just by the subway station, it has easy access from across the city, but the conveniently metered on-street parking is perfect if you choose to travel by car. 📍 Bayside

14. Courtyard at Bonsaii Tapas & Wine Bar—Endearingly called ‘the secret garden,’ by the staff, this enclosed outdoor area will make you feel like you’re in a fairytale. The international-inspired tapas and beautiful decor will make your dinner party one of the sweet dreams. The space holds up to 26 people. 📍 Midtown East

15. Patio at Casa La Femme is your Egyptian gateway in Greenwich Village. Enjoy the outdoor patio covered in fresh farm grass and the restaurant’s unique flavors. With space for up to 22 people, this is a perfect venue for an intimate dinner party. 📍 Greenwich Village

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Unique Dinner Party Venues in NYC

For a dinner party that stands out, consider booking a unique venue! Think of dining in a converted warehouse, a secret garden, or a historic library that will help your event truly be one-of-a-kind. Surprise your guests with an unforgettable location, and enjoy the party even more!

An elegant dinner party setup in NYC featuring a long table with lit candles, fine china, and a cozy fireplace in a room with traditional decor.
Converted townhouse, a winery, or maybe something else—which unique venue in NYC will host your dinner party? | The Raines Law Room at The William

Our top choices for unique dinner party venues in NYC include:

16. The Raines Law Room at The William—This converted townhouse offers an intimate setting with a touch of vintage elegance for your dinner party. Enjoy the old-world charm, crafted drinks, and cozy atmosphere. The rooms in this venue can host from 20 to 65 people. 📍 Murray Hill

17. The Winery at Honey’s Brooklyn—For a dinner party with a twist, Honey’s Brooklyn offers the enchanting atmosphere of an urban winery. This unique space combines the rustic appeal of wine-making with a modern Brooklyn vibe, making it ideal for those looking to host a dinner party in a less traditional setting. The venue has a capacity of 40 people. 📍 East Williamsburg

18. Randolph Beer DUMBO provides a dynamic and versatile space that’s perfect for a laid-back yet distinctive dinner party. Enjoy the modern American menu for the dinner part of your event, and for the party time, make use of the many games available onsite. The venue hosts large parties of up to 280 people. 📍 Dumbo

Dinner Party Boats in NYC

Enjoy breathtaking views of the city skyline, feel the gentle breeze against your face, and savor a delicious meal while cruising along the Hudson River or the East River for a special, on-board dinner party. Whether it’s a luxury yacht or a charming sailboat, an on-board dinner party is perfect for celebrations that want to combine fine dining with an exceptional setting.

An upscale dinner party setting in NYC with tables set against large windows showcasing a nighttime view of the city skyline.
Dine with the Manhattan skyline as your backdrop at Lexington.

Our top boats for a dinner party in NYC include:

19. Lexington at North Cove Marina—This 92 ft yacht will bring you back to the old world with its 1930s classical look. Dine on the first deck, dance on the upper one, and enjoy a memorable dinner party on the water. The boat hosts up to 60 people. 📍 Battery Park City

20. Clipper City Tall Ship—Embark on an unforgettable journey aboard the Clipper City Tall Ship, the largest sailing vessel in New York. With the capacity to host 149 people, guests can enjoy the open decks and the breathtaking views of the iconic NYC landmarks. 📍 Financial District

21. Eastern Star at Liberty Landing Marina—With its elegant decor and refined atmosphere, the Eastern Star is suited for those looking to host an upscale dinner party on the water. Considered one of the most elegant cruise ships in the NYC harbor, it’s a perfect venue for a chic dinner party. 📍 Jersey City, NJ (across the Hudson from Lower Manhattan)

Wrapping Up

As we’re closing down our list, it’s clear that the city’s vibrant energy and diverse venues offer the perfect backdrop for any event you can imagine! From the elegance of rooftop celebrations to the charm of intimate garden gatherings, New York City not only provides the setting but also the inspiration for dinner parties that leave a lasting impression.

Here’s to making your next dinner party in NYC the highlight of the season!

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Can I find dinner party venues in NYC with a view?

Absolutely! NYC is renowned for its breathtaking skyline, and many venues offer stunning views of the city, rivers, or landmarks, adding a spectacular backdrop to your dinner party. Our favorite venues with a view include Azul Rooftop Bar at Hotel Hugo and Dear Irving on Hudson Rooftop, but you can browse Tagvenue for more venues.

How can I make my dinner party in NYC unique?

To make your dinner party in NYC truly unique, consider incorporating creative elements that reflect your personal style. One idea is to choose a theme, either one that captures the essence of the city, or a movie-inspired one. You can also infuse local flavors by collaborating with renowned chefs or mixologists. Additionally, you can choose a venue with a unique concept or history to create an unforgettable dinner party experience in NYC.

How can I host a dinner party in NYC on a budget?

Hosting a dinner party in NYC on a budget is achievable with smart planning. Opt for venues that allow BYO food and drinks to cut down costs, and consider hosting during off-peak times for reduced rates. Embrace DIY decorations and digital invitations to add a personal touch without overspending.

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Top 21 Places for an Unforgettable Dinner Party in NYC