Photo Shoot Locations for Rent in New York City, NY

Photo Shoot Locations for Rent in New York City, NY

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Top Photo Shoot Locations in New York City, NY

Capturing some fantastic snaps in New York City is a breeze for any photographer when you have some of the best photo shoot locations at your disposal. So are you ready to immerse yourself in this energetic city and take some impressive shots? Our shortlist of NYC’s best photo shoot locations will surely be of some help. Whether you’re looking for a loft with a view of the Brooklyn Bridge or a garden in Greenwich Village, Tagvenue’s got something for each of you!


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Photo Shoot Locations Rental Guide

What are some of the best photoshoot sites in New York City?

It's tempting to use your favorite park or city as the default background for every photo shoot. However, it's always worth going above and beyond to find some spectacular locations in the city to add to your list of options. The bustling heart of America, The Big Apple, is where you can find pretty much anything, from unique architecture like the Empire State Building, to stunning views like the Bow Bridge. It would probably take you a lot of browsing hours or many lifetimes to experience NYC to the fullest -this is why we’re here to recommend some photoshoot locations in this urban center to make your life less complicated. 

Iconic Buildings

Let's start with some of the city's unique architectural treasures. The Flatiron Building, which, unsurprisingly, resembles a flat iron, is a triangular, 22-story building in Manhattan. Despite the fact that it is not the city's tallest structure, it is quite popular among photographers due to its peculiarity! The Chrysler Building is yet another remarkable structure, built in the early 20th century and seen as the epitome of Art Deco architecture. Among other iconic skyscrapers are The Epic, 919 Third Avenue, and Tower 49. Planning a fashion shoot in Times Square? Consider doing the photo shoot on Sundays, when the square is less crowded and you can capture the nicest shots. Oh, we almost forgot the Rockefeller Center’s top. The Rockefeller is ideal for sunset photography and capturing that unique vista of the Empire State Building.

Now that we've had our fill of tall buildings, let's turn our attention to nature and the lovely parks that dot this concrete jungle. If you're organizing a portrait shoot, New York's parks provide plenty of light. You won't have to work too hard to capture perfect images with these spectacular sceneries as your backdrop. Furthermore, if it's rainy or gloomy, you can easily move your session to a nearby cafe or rent a photo studio ahead of time to avoid any risks.

Green Spots

Prospect Park, New York's iconic green urban park is a 585-acre haven that will make the perfect background for any engagement or wedding photo shoot. This picturesque place, designed towards the end of the nineteenth century, can instantly add flair to your pictures. Brooklyn Bridge Park is a waterfront park with stunning views of Lower Manhattan that can be rented for weddings or other celebrations. This local favorite is the ideal setting for any type of fun event shoot! Among some other places to check out are Central Park- 840 acres of nature where you’ll find numerous iconic sites, The Hills at Governors Island, a hallmark of 21st-century design, Washington Square Park, and Riverside Park.

What are some tips for picking a great location for my photo session?

Okay, so we’ve already mentioned how these meaningful places can be attractive locations for your next photo session, yet many locations in NYC tend to be overcrowded and hence inconvenient for capturing images. To make the most of your photo shoot locations, we’ve come up with some recommendations:

Pick a location that means something to the subject

We’re not only talking about the amazing spots in NYC but anywhere from pubs to gardens. For example, if your wedding couple or birthday boy has fond memories of a particular area, they'll be more relaxed there, making it easier for you to capture some fantastic photos. So, the engagement couple first met at the Irish Bar? Why not book the venue to host the engagement party and capture these lifetime memories. You’ll be able to capture more natural-looking photos by picking a place that matters to your subject.

Take advantage of natural light

A major advantage of renting an outdoor venue or taking photos outdoors is the abundance of daylight. Professional photographers swear by natural light, and many don’t use additional lighting unless absolutely necessary. If you’re planning an indoor shoot, pick daylight studios such as Nomad Photo Studio where you'll have big windows that flood the room with light. If you need a bigger shooting space, places like Hook Studios are equipped with spacious rooms that can fit up to 60 persons- great for corporate shoots!

Have a plan B

Unfortunately, due to the unpredictable nature of the weather, you can find yourself drenched before even getting a chance to shoot the first shots. Sometimes, you’ll need a backup venue in case something goes wrong. Or you can always look for locations with a nearby cafe, or simply book an outdoor location that has indoor access, such as the Rooftop Deck at Highlight Studios where you can rent an indoor studio and have access to the rooftop decorated with lightbulbs. If your client is planning a bigger event like a gala or a corporate party, they could rent a spot like the Common Ground Bar as it provides ample space for relaxation, enabling you to catch many smiles on camera, whether indoors or outdoors, since the place features a spacious area with a splendid view.

FAQs about Photo Shoot Locations in New York City, NY

What are some of the best neighborhoods for photoshoots?

It all depends on the project's objective. For example, if you're arranging a photoshoot to highlight NYC's restaurants, you might want to go to Greenwich Village, which is full of great pubs and restaurants. If you’re looking for something close to nature, consider the Upper West Side, where you can take some polished photos at Central Park. For urban fashion photos, head to Brooklyn's Williamsburg, where you can soak up the hipster mood and get some unique shots.

How do I find a photoshoot location?

With the ubiquity of the internet, you can find the perfect spots in NYC within minutes. You can Google special spots in the city or simply check some of the popular locations on Instagram to find some worthy photoshoot areas. If you spot some amazing locations, simply make a list and go through them once you’ve discussed the options with your crew. Also, you can make use of online marketplaces such as Tagvenue to find photoshoot locations according to your budget and number of guests.

Do I need a permit for a wedding shoot in Central Park?

Visitors do not require a permit if they’re using handheld equipment or a tripod. However, if you’re bringing equipment that can disturb the other visitors, you might need a permit. In any case, it’s best to inquire about it with the Central Park Conservancy.

What is the price for renting a photo studio in NYC?

Prices can be as low as $ 18 per hour for a dance studio that can be used as a photoshoot location and go up to $ 100 per hour for an affordable photography studio. If you’re looking for an upscale or spacious studio, budget between $150 per hour and up to $6,000 per day. No matter what budget you choose, you can easily find a studio to hold a photoshoot in NYC. (All data according to Tagvenue.)

Can outdoor photoshoot locations provide awnings for the session?

Yes. However, this will come at an additional cost if they don’t typically have awnings at the location. You may also consider selecting an indoor spot when renting an outdoor terrace or patio, just to make sure that your plans are not ruined by the weather.

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Cecilia S.
Booked HUGE Studio CYC Wall Bushwick at MikSpace - Brooklyn
Love this studio! Booked it twice and will keep booking it Owner is ALWAYS replying so fast to all my questions and super nice!
Tony M.
Booked Unique Photo Studio Loft at Boerum Studio
Great studio with lots of options for shooting different sets. Good availability of lighting options and modifiers. Studio owner met us, made sure we had everything we needed and was on hand for any queries.
Troy W.
Booked OKNO: Super Bright+Tropical at Matka LLC: OKNO
Great space. Everything was just as it looked in the picture. It actually had some items that we brought ourselves already there available for use.
Michael J.
Booked Williamsburg Artist's Parlour at Williamsburg Artist's Parlour
I was a good space for our photo shoot. The location is perfect. Emmy the studio manager was amazing. Thank you.
Charles B.
Booked Rain Room at FD Photo Studio - Metro Brooklyn
The Rain Room Venue was great. Staff was courteous. The shoot was successful. Thanks for a great shoot.

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