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Getting ready to shoot a fab session in one of Brooklyn’s photo studios? This NYC borough is a melting pot of creativity and talent, making it the perfect place to shoot editorial, fashion and other photography projects. Tagvenue has all the warehouses, rooftops, and studios that will fit perfectly for your next big project. Get inspired by our directory of Brooklyn’s finest photo venues, and book locations that will cater to all your needs. Scroll for some of the best photo shoot locations in Brooklyn!

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Photo Studios Rental Guide

Photo Studios in Brooklyn FAQ

What’s the price range of photo studios in Brooklyn?

You can expect to pay anywhere from $40 to $300 per hour for a photo studio in Brooklyn. Some of the bigger locations, or more stylish and professional ones, will want even as much as $6000 per session. If an affordable photo studio is what you’re after, then we recommend you check out venues such as The Studio at Native Creations Studio. With prices starting at only $40 per hour, it’s as cheap as it gets!

What equipment can I expect to find in photo studios in Brooklyn?

Depending on the location, you can expect to find white walls, a green screen, tripods and lights with light diffusers, reflectors, etc. Some studios also offer software and even PC’s, should you need to upload your work. As for cameras and camera equipment - that you will have to bring yourself. Always make sure to contact the host of the venue to check what’s included in the price, what you can rent when you arrive, and what you have to bring yourself.

Do I need a permit to shoot photos in Brooklyn?

In some areas of Brooklyn you will be required to have a permit in order to shoot photos. However, if you’re mostly shooting inside private property, you might not need any type of special licensing to take pictures. You’ll most likely need a license if you’re shooting for public sites or magazines - for private purposes you don’t need any permits. Remember that certain landmarks and parts of the city cannot be published even if they are only in the background.

What are some photo studio recommendations in Brooklyn?

You can check out The Love Shack, which is a gorgeous studio, perfect if you want a built-in stylish background for your photos. Renting this space starts at $200 per hour. And if you’re more of a blank canvas fan, then head to Studio at 9BK Studio and negotiate. Venue prices start from $75 per hour.

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