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Daylight studios in New York City are in demand. Have you been searching for the perfect place to shoot some natural photos or film? We have exactly what you’re looking for! New York City is known for not only being the first most popular city in the USA, but also for its popularity for film and photo shoots. Daylight studios are fantastic locations for shooting natural photos - whether it’s portrait, editorial or fashion photography. Wow your clients with the best daylight studios New York City has to offer. Book the ideal location today!

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Daylight Studios Rental Guide

New York City - a city famous for its landmarks and iconic sights. You’ve found yourself in a place that is a creative playground for anyone that comes here. As an artist, you search for locations that will fill you with ideas and inspiration. Between the yellow cabs, and the “I Love NY” shirts, you wander around thinking of your next big project. You may have been on top of the Empire State Building, and seen all the sights. But has looking for a film or photo location been slightly overwhelming? That’s where Tagvenue comes in and gives you the answers that you’ve been looking for. 

We know that your head may be crowded with questions. 

What should I take into consideration when booking a venue? You wonder… 

We’re glad you asked. Here’s some information which you may consider useful.

There are so many daylight studios in New York City, choosing just one may seem like an impossible task. Fortunately, we specialize in those kinds of choices. If you’re planning a photoshoot, there will be a couple of things which you will have to think about before booking the perfect venue. We’ve narrowed down the search to a few locations, which we consider interesting, just so you can get a little inspiration.

You’ve been looking at standard photography and videography studios, and perhaps you may have been wondering: 

What’s the difference between a standard studio and a daylight studio?

The first and most obvious thing, which we probably don’t even have to mention, are the big windows with natural light. Thanks to these, you will be able to shoot the most beautiful natural photos for whatever project you’re up to this time. Yet, you may be more interested in the second thing, which is probably quite important no matter what your budget is. And it is that daylight studios are very cost-effective. Think about the hours which you spend in the studio, and the equipment which is constantly plugged in. It is bound to rank up very high bills. When you use a daylight studio, you don’t need to use as many artificial lights, meaning that you will not have to pay for the huge electricity bill, but hopefully for one that is a lot smaller. Not only is this good for your pocket, it is also good for the usage of the equipment. It won’t break as quickly, as when used throughout the whole day, every day. Not to forget about the environment, which will also thank you. Other than that, natural daylight is very hard to recreate artificially, and it’s quite time-consuming to do so. If you’re looking to create photos which will have a natural feel, daylight studios are the best locations to do it in. 

So now that you know the difference, you may also be thinking about: 

What equipment should a daylight studio in New York City have? 

Depending on the studio, you can expect different types of equipment. First of all, check what the studio you picked has to offer, and compare it to other studios you may want to rent. Ask the manager if any equipment is not listed in the offer, and if there is an opportunity to rent it from them. If they don’t have what you need in place, you can always ask for suggestions where in the area you can hire additional apparatus. The fundamental thing that you should expect on set, are big sets of windows, which will give your photography or film the natural daylight feel. In general, daylight studios will be equipped with the same things as a standard studio. Although you’re filming in natural light, you are going to need some artificial lights as well. Think what types you need - will you require ring lights or soft boxes? Are you going to want soft or harsh light bouncing off the object in your photo? Reflectors that will redirect sunlight are also extremely important - they can sometimes be the make or break of your photos. Light stands, light modifiers, tripods and backdrops will also come in handy. And at the end of the day - it is still good to have the option of blacking out the studio. The weather doesn’t always turn out as we wish, so in case the lighting isn’t what you expected, it’s good to have a plan B. 

Here are some daylight studio inspirations for you to check out:

  • A warehouse photo studio? Why not! Check out The Warehouse Photo Studio at Brooklyn Warehouse which is located, surprisingly, in Greenpoint Brooklyn. A perfect place to shoot a romantic music video. 
  • Moving further up, we can come across Studio 3 at FD Photo Studio which is located just 10 minutes away from Manhattan. Exposed brick and concrete wall, big windows that let in the light. Book away!

If you’re searching for something slightly more unique, then check out the Gallery at 5th House Studios in the heart of Williamsburg. A white brick gallery space, neutral gray concrete, and a garden or rooftop if needed.

Daylight Studios in New York City FAQ

Which districts of New York City have the best daylight studios?

Check East Williamsburg, where lots of venues are available or head over to Greenpoint if you wish for some other great options. Lower Manhattan, and Chinatown are also very popular districts for daylight studios.

What is the price range of daylight studios in New York City?

The price range is a varied one as usual. Expect some affordable options around $40 to $100 per hour. If you’re up for paying a little more, then prices in the ranges of $200 to $400 per hour are also available.

What types of daylight studios are available in New York City?

New York’s daylight studios vary in decor. The most common ones are bright, white colored ones, which are a good base for any kind of photography or videography. As you search, you will also find studios with rustic feels or brick walls. It is not uncommon to find some type of garage turned into a studio, as well as lofts and rooftops.

What facilities should I expect in a daylight studio in New York City?

We’ve checked the locations, and you can expect different things depending on the price. You can expect a cyclorama in most locations. High speed internet these days is also on top of the list. However, if you’re expecting a kitchen only in the more expensive studios, you’ll be pleased to hear that they may also appear in the cheaper ones. Sometimes you can expect additional staff are included in the price, and are ready to help you with the photos from start to finish.

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