16 Group Activities in Houston That Guarantee a Good Time

17 mins read
16 Group Activities in Houston That Guarantee a Good Time
Written by: Jaya Ramchurn
January 29, 2024
17 mins read

Welcome to Houston, Texas—where the spirit of rodeo meets the flavors of Tex-Mex, and the beats of country music mix it up with the queen herself, Beyonce! If you’re looking for group activities in Houston, consider yourself in for a treat. From the awe-inspiring Johnson Space Center to upscale restaurants, the diverse Museum District, and charming small galleries, Houston offers an array of experiences for your squad to delve into, ensuring boredom is nowhere in sight!

Let’s face it: catering to everyone’s tastes in your group can be challenging. Brad’s the athletic type, while Tina sways to Lady Antebellum. So, how do you strike the perfect balance without a chorus of “no’s” to your next group event? Fear not! We’ve crafted 16 unique ideas that seamlessly blend interests. Whether combining two activities or hosting a medley of events in a single day, our suggestions are designed to leave every member of your crew content and smiling!

Need a venue to host your awesome group party?

You’re in the right place! From halls, meeting rooms to rooftop spaces and cozy restaurants, we’ve got you covered with venues for any type of activity in Houston!

Large Group Activities in Houston 

Howdy there! Are you ready to wrangle up some good times in Houston? Whether you’re a posse of pals or a crew of coworkers, if you’re hunting for big group activities in H-town, look no further—we’re on the scene! 

Get ready to kick off your boots and explore various exciting options, from quirky selfie museum tours to swanky ballroom bashes. We’ve got the scoop on activities that’ll suit everyone in your group!

💁🏻‍♀️Do you need some help to plan your corporate team building? Jump to our 20 team building ideas in Houston to organize something super fun for your crew!

💦1. Throw a Pool Party

Dive headfirst into the ultimate Houston heat remedy—throw a year-round pool party! While any time’s fair game, summer reigns supreme for this aquatic bash. Timing is crucial, and if you’re after an exclusive oasis, consider renting a venue. Are you lucky enough to have a backyard pool? Home sweet pool party!

Now, let’s talk about the essentials: cocktails, beers, finger foods, floats, and Insta-worthy pool toys—check! 

So, let the watery festivities roll, and may your pool party be a splash hit!

Our tip: Elevate the fun with a water balloon war or a volleyball match. Who says you’re too old for a good old water balloon fight? Prep those water grenades or make balloon-filling part of the suspense. For the fitness buffs, toss in some aqua gym activities!

houston texas group activities martinez eventos room
Need a place to throw an amazing pool party that your guests will cherish for years? Rent a stunning venue like Martinez Eventos to host up to 250 people for your party!

🌳2. Plan a Picnic 

Revitalize your outdoor escapades in Houston with a picnic that goes beyond the basics! Whether you’re a BBQ enthusiast or a fan of American finger foods, there’s a picnic style to suit every palate.

Rally your friends or coworkers, tell them to grab their wicker baskets, throw on some stylish hats, and don’t forget those floral blankets—because Insta-worthy moments are on the horizon!

Choose a charming spot like the Lake Picnic Area, Menil Park, or the dynamic Eleanor Tinsley Park, where urban architecture perfectly harmonizes with nature. These locations provide plenty of seating, ensuring your picnic crew can relax comfortably. Just make sure your chosen spot is easily accessible for all.

Our tip: Inject fun into your picnic with activities like board games (Catan or Never Have I Ever, perhaps?) or pack those badminton rackets for friendly matches. Turn your picnic into an unforgettable outdoor activity!

svetlana kuznetsova vgitkeiq6ek unsplash 1
For an all-American feast, whip up a spread featuring fruits like apples, watermelons, and grapes, paired with mini burgers, sandwiches, and delightful desserts served in chic glass shots—think chocolate mousse or flan.

💁🏻‍♀️Planning a picnic is quite a chore but not anymore! Check our picnic ideas for a successful event with your crew!

🍻3. Beer Gardens

Houston’s beer scene is a maze, and we get it—choosing where to drink can be trickier than decoding ancient hieroglyphs. But fear not, beer enthusiasts! Tagvenue has sifted through the options to bring you the best watering holes in town, from cozy pubs to cutting-edge craft breweries.

Consider heading downtown for some street art vibes and a cold one!

Our tip: If your crew is as big as your love for beer, split up or take over a venue. And remember, leaving without trying all the beers is a rookie move.

beer garden houston texas outdoor space room 1
Head to the Social Beer Garden for some group fun! Play some pool, chill inside or outside, and host a corporate bash for up to 500 people. It’s a beer lover’s haven—where the only thing greater than the beer selection is the fun level!

🎊4. Throw a Vintage-Themed Ball 

Go retro or go home! Celebrate your organization’s milestones with a special evening. Also, consider hosting a ball for fundraising. Choose your theme and a venue that will accommodate your theme.

Adorn the venue with vintage items and incorporate a photo booth to facilitate your group in capturing a few stunning shots!

Need a theme? Vintage-themed balls like a Gatsby theme can make your corporate event instantly better. It adds style and a dash of je ne sais quoi to your event!

Our tip: Hire a professional photographer to take photos of your team. Not only does this enhance employee branding opportunities on LinkedIn, but it also provides a perfect opportunity to showcase event photos within the company!

houston texas group activities the monza room
The Milano Event Center is THE place to throw a beautiful party for your corporate gathering! It can accommodate up to 120 seated guests and is perfect for an elegant ball night.

💁🏻‍♀️Do you need a party theme for your ball? Whether you want to go for a retro theme or a modern one, check out our party themes for adults and you will impress your guests when they enter the party space!

💃5. Beyonce-Themed Dance party 

Bring the noise, make me lose my breath

Hit me hard, make me lose my breath

Time to get your Beyonce on! Slay like Bey with a dance party! First, start by renting a large dance studio to accommodate your group. Now it’s time to get your I woke up with this shirts on, Don’t you drop the alcohol printed cups and get started with the dance moves! 

Want to DIY your Queen Bey event? Check out these incredible ideas to host a Beyonce-themed party!
Our tip: To ensure your event is a success, ask an instructor to host your dance session! They will ensure that the event is seamless, and you won’t have to work hard for it to be flawless!

future stars of houston group activities 1
Show off your inner diva moves at Future Stars! Located in Houston Heights, this space is ideal for your staff or any large group to hold a dance party!

🎉6. Party Like a Texan

Party like a true Texan because, let’s face it, Houstonians have mastered the art of working hard and partying even harder!

If your team needs a break from the daily grind and a chance to kick back with colleagues, why not rent a party hall? Whether it’s a quarterly bash to honor your team’s hustle or an end-of-year blowout, booking a party hall will instantly elevate your team’s spirits. It’s the failproof morale-boosting move!

Our tip: Throw in a theme for extra fun. If your event aligns with a seasonal holiday like Halloween, make it the theme—a perfect way to get everyone in the spirit and add a dash of inclusivity. Bonus: It’s a golden opportunity for your crew to flaunt some new costumes!

41900 event space room 2
Located in Westfield Mins Events 104 is a unique venue with a great atmosphere where your colleagues can enjoy a delicious feast and drinks and dance the night away!

Get ready to party the night away!

Now that you know which party to host for your crew. It’s time to find the perfect venue to host your event. Discover our party halls and get ready to party!

Small Group Activities in Houston

Hey there, fellow fun-seekers! If you’re a small group scouting for awesome activities in H-town, we have a lineup that spans everything from sports and rodeo events to the luxury of private dining. We’ve handpicked a few gems just for you. Read on for some seriously cool and unique Houston experiences!

🪓7. Axe Throwing Battle 

Dive into the thrill of an axe-throwing battle—and if you’re questioning the appeal, the answer is straightforward! This activity isn’t just about flinging axes; it’s a fantastic way to learn an exciting new skill and escape the stress of everyday life, all while giving your blood pressure a breather.

Beyond personal benefits, incorporating axe throwing into team building transforms it into a dynamic group activity. The fun and challenge it offers make a lasting impression, bringing coworkers closer and infusing the team with the adrenaline rush they crave. 

If you’re hunting for team building activities, this one’s a winner!

axe throwing houston tagvenue group activities 1 1
Located in Houston Heights, BATL Axe Throwing is the fun thing to do if you are a small group looking for  an event that doesn’t require months of planning!

🥘8. Private Dining 

Foodies, now is your time to shine! With Houston’s diverse dining scene, ranging from Tex-Mex to Japanese cuisine, hosting a private dinner party is as easy as it gets!

A private dining room isn’t just about privacy; it’s a chance to impress your guests with a laid-back yet remarkable alternative to formal meeting spaces. 

Consider choosing a specific cuisine or mixing things throughout the year to ensure everyone discovers their colleagues’ favorite tastes.

Our tip: To craft a unique and memorable dining experience, take the time to understand your guests. Dive into their preferences, dietary restrictions, and the reasons behind any celebrations—especially if it’s a special occasion. It’s the secret ingredient to a truly unforgettable gathering! 

group activities houston texas donnies disco room
Donnie’s Disco is the perfect private dining spot to host a Northside Village potluck party! And guess what? You can even ask for a private DJ to entertain your group all night!

💁🏻‍♀️Hosting a private dinner party is no mean feat! It requires planning, a theme and a good idea! Get inspired with our dinner party ideas and activities before choosing your next party spot!

📖9. Visit the Buffalo Soldiers National Museum

The Buffalo Soldier National Museum is the sole U.S. museum dedicated to preserving the legacy and honor of African-American soldiers. It shines a light on lesser-known stories of U.S. history and serves as a meticulously curated repository, weaving a rich tapestry of historic narratives.

The abundance of memorabilia and poignant letters at the museum will evoke emotions and resonate with your team.

Our tip: To make the most of your visit, consider crafting a brief document (1-2 pages) outlining the museum’s importance. This way, your group can come prepared with questions for any storytellers present that day. For a post-event debrief, gather your team in a meeting space for a quick lessons-learned session!

🎶10. Hip-Hop Party Bike 

Calling all hip-hop music enthusiasts! Whether you vibe to Ice Cube, Eminem, or the legendary Tupac Shakur, we’ve got an epic group activity that’s not just an event—it’s a live party with trills on wheels

Picture this: a BYOB, pedal-powered, environmentally friendly, bar-hopping extravaganza for up to 13 riders. It’s not just a party; it’s a mobile groove machine, ready to turn your night out into an epic adventure. Located in the vibrant Third Ward, the hometown of Queen Bey herself, this is your guarantee for a good, if not downright great, time!

Our tip: Reserve this activity for the aftermath of a challenging week or month at work. Your team will relish the chance to unwind, bask in their favorite tunes, and let loose after a period of hard work!

🍹11. Bar Hopping 

Bar-hopping, also known as a pub crawl, is when you get together with a few friends and plan to drink in multiple bars throughout the night!

Now, how do you inject fun into this without going overboard? Start by agreeing to limit yourselves to just one drink per pub and keep the adventure confined to pubs rather than venturing into nightclubs. 

Explore each other’s favorite spots, steering clear of anything tacky to maintain that classy vibe—because who doesn’t want to keep it classy?

The ultimate goal? A fantastic night out with your colleagues, peppered with odd or interesting experiences along the way that become the stories you eagerly share with those who missed out on the event!

Our tip: To ensure the event remains work-appropriate, consider choosing bars that offer a selection of mocktails for non-drinkers. This way, everyone can partake in the activity, fostering an inclusive and enjoyable atmosphere.

private rooms at Saltgrass Steak House
If you want to make your event extra special consider renting private rooms at venues like Saltgrass Steak House. Located in the Pleasantville area, this space is ideal for up to 22 people!

Make your event stand out with a special venue

Have you considered bar hopping in Houston but want to make your event stand out by renting a private room at a bar for your crew? Discover top bars with private rooms in the Lone Star!

⚾12. Attend a Sports Event

Dive into Houston’s sports scene with a tailored event for your group, where even the non-sporty will find something to love. From soccer showdowns to Super Bowl LI, the city hosts year-round spectacles. 

Whether you bleed Houston Astros red or cheer for the Sugar Land Skeeters, the thrill of a good game is timeless. Beyond entertainment, attending a match together becomes a relaxing and enjoyable group experience. Even if sports aren’t your thing, a Houston stadium’s dynamic atmosphere and infectious energy might make you a fan!

Organize pre-game mingling activities or themed socializing zones to ensure everyone, even non-sports enthusiasts, feels included. Create an atmosphere where the event becomes a social experience beyond the game, fostering connections among colleagues with varying interests.

Our tip: Make your event extra special by heading to one of the many eateries of Lone Star State! A good match will make your group hungry and ready for delicious food. Plus, you will get to talk and enjoy each other’s company in a calmer setting.

keith johnston penzt imrv8 unsplash 1
Wondering how to lay your hands on some tickets? Take a look at the sports events happening in the city and get your tickets right away!

🎄13. Enjoy the Holiday Lights in Downtown (Holiday-themed)

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Get ready for a festive escape surrounded by the glittering lights of downtown Houston! Amid holiday prep chaos, give your group a relaxing break at the annual City Lights Downtown Holiday Magic. Imagine the enchanting lights, the thrill of ice skating, and the comforting warmth of hot chocolate or mulled wine.

For a more peaceful experience, plan your visit around November or early December when the streets are less crowded. However, this holiday season treat is enjoyable at any time.

Our tip: If you’ve already experienced the downtown lights, consider a change of scenery at Constellation Field or the Houston Zoo. Explore the full list of H-Town’s holiday light displays here!

fred heap d8uvp bre30 unsplash 1
Experience the magic of the holiday season with your crew in Houston! From the Houston Zoo to City Hall, there are unique light displays to make your group go merry and brighten up their days!

🐂14. Attend a Rodeo Show 

Okay, you are in Houston, and there’s one thing that you cannot miss: a rodeo show! Rodeo shows have been all the rage for decades in this city. It all started in 1932 and is now a huge part of the community. The yearly livestock show and rodeo promote agriculture and showcase Western heritage while entertaining the public!

With Elvis Presley gracing the stage in the ’70s, this show radiates legendary appeal!

Our tip: Ask kids and spouses to tag along! The yearly Livestock and Rodeo Show is a family-friendly affair that crowds of all ages can enjoy! Make your group activity meaningful by asking their families to join the event!

🚌15. Hop on a Bus Tour

Embark on a bus tour for a delightful journey through Houston with your coworkers. It’s not just a chance to explore their perspectives on life but also an opportunity to learn more about them. Whether hosting colleagues from different parts of the U.S. or just looking for a fun Houston trip, a bus tour is the way to go. 

Your group can marvel at historic gems like City Hall, Graffiti Park, and downtown’s Chase Tower and Hermann Park. It’s time to see Houston through a fresh set of eyes!

Our tip: Opt for a guided tour to add fascinating commentary, allowing everyone to learn and discover the city from a unique perspective.

See a list of Houston bus tours and prices for more information.

🖼️16. Visit an Interactive Museum

 Dodge the scorching heat with a cool indoor adventure at TFTI, Houston’s interactive art museum inside The Galleria. Unleash your group into 18+ curated rooms, each a photo-ready wonderland, from the quirky Upside Down Room to the pulsating D.J. Confetti Room.

Whether your crew seeks jaw-dropping selfies or vibrant team photos, TFTI caters to all. It’s not just a photo-op; it’s a highly recommended, uniquely fun team building activity that invites silliness and creativity.

Our tip: Amp up the experience by bringing a professional photographer to capture memorable moments in this visual feast!


Houston’s a breeze for hosting group events! Go for fun picks with a quirky selfie museum visit or a hip-hop party bike night in 3rd Ward. Crave history? Dive into the rich past at the Buffalo Soldiers National Museum. Prefer a lighter vibe? Explore festive lights at City Hall or downtown.

Whether planning an activity for a large or small group, always remember to check their availability and interests to ensure that most people are up for the event. If you want to turn your activity into a party, look at our advice on corporate parties and corporate celebrations to help you plan a flawless event!

Secure your venue right away

Found the perfect group activity? It’s time to secure your ideal space. Explore our event venues, from party spaces to private dining rooms in Houston.


What are some fun ways to spend time in Houston with a group?

There are numerous entertaining options for group activities in Houston, including axe throwing, picnics, museum tours, bar hopping, private dining, and enjoying festive lights. Consider suggesting visits to different districts and landmarks to provide diverse experiences for your group to enjoy together.

What are some tips and tricks to encourage my staff to join the group activity?

Consider including introverts by creating an inclusive environment. Offering incentives, such as company-branded merchandise or other rewards, can motivate employees to participate. Recognition and rewards make individuals feel valued and more likely to engage in group activities.

How can I make my group activity more engaging?

To enhance engagement, ensure that you hire professionals to host specialized activities like dance classes. Interact with everyone to create a welcoming atmosphere, making participants eager to join future events. A host, guide, or coordinator can contribute to a smoother experience and prolonged engagement.

How much does a group activity cost in Houston?

Generally, group activities in Houston can cost between $30 and $100 per person, depending on your company budget. However, various options are available, from casual happy hours and free picnics to potluck parties. The key is to plan an inclusive and entertaining event that suits your group’s preferences and dynamics.

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16 Group Activities in Houston That Guarantee a Good Time