Corporate Event Venues for Rent in Boston, MA

Corporate Event Venues for Rent in Boston, MA

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Top Corporate Event Venues in Boston, MA

Corporate events are much more than just meetings. They serve a series of purposes that revolve around training, education, and networking. There is not just one cut-and-dry way to host a corporate event. In fact you can get quite creative with your event, which will help with engagement. The first step of any event is finding the perfect venue, and you will be spoiled for choice in Boston. When finding a venue, Tagvenue is a vital tool. Browse through our listings of corporate event venues today and find an excellent space for your next gig.


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Corporate Event Venues Rental Guide

Are you about to organize an event for your company but have no clue where to start? Worry no more! We have put together a short guide that covers everything you should know before starting the whole planning process. Give it a read and get to work straight away!

Types of Corporate Events

There are many different types of events you can host. From microevents to trainings to networking events, you have some great options to meet your specific needs. Here are a few examples of different types of events:

  • Simple Events – These events are run by way of gathering delegates from different organizations and having them partake in classes, meetings, and smaller conferences. The idea behind this is to not only cross-educate people from the same or other industries but to also open perspectives on how to evolve your business. For these events, you would need a few places to host talks and offer amenities like snack breaks and lunch to ensure everyone will be energized and engaged. These events should have about 250 people in attendance.
  • Mid-Sized Events – These are great for corporate meetings that involve many companies. Much like a simple event, the idea of this event is education and training. Since these events can host up to 1000 people, you should have some sort of technology available for everyone attending to stay organized and ensure you are keeping to your schedule.  The best way to implement tech into these meetings is by a mobile app with scheduling and information about the classes and conferences. 
  • Large Events – These events will require the most space and are for educational purposes and also corporate networking opportunities. They need the most planning and scheduling, as they can host up to 10,000 people and will last a few days. These kinds of events are best planned in or around a hotel to ensure everyone has easy access to the meetings and can  explore some of Boston when they have downtime. You will need to plan things like dinners, off-site activities, parties, and other laid-back networking opportunities.

Once you know what kind of event you are planning, you will need to remember a few organizational tasks. Event organization is key to a smooth and successful event that will help educate and train your associates and keep them engaged and entertained. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Budget – Establishing a budget is the best place to start. When your budget is set, you can begin finding the proper venue, hiring speakers, finding caterers, and planning parties. If your conference is larger, a part of your budget should be centered around technological needs and accommodations for your associates from out of town. Of course, the budget will need some flexibility, as unexpected expenses are a given when having to plan for what could be thousands of people.
  • Purpose – Every event should have a clear goal. This helps with organization and is the best way to guarantee that everyone attending the event will take something away from it and contribute. Having a clear purpose allows you to effectively plan the day and choose the best language for the event’s literature. Once your event’s goals are clear, planning and promotion will be nothing short of a breeze.
  • Itinerary – Scheduling is one of the most important parts of planning your event. Keeping a schedule ensures you will make the most of the time that you booked at the venue, and structure the day. A good way to keep people engaged is breaks and changes of pace. Breakout rooms are a solid option for delegates to reflect on the new skills and information they have gained. 
  • Other Activities – Conference time is unarguably the most important part of the meeting. This is where you can teach and learn from each other and help innovate your business. But you know what they say about “all work and no play”. Boston is an amazing city worth exploring, with outstanding nightlife and plenty of sights to see. Tagvenue can help you find some of the city's best bars and restaurants for an after-conference social hour where your organization can let their hair down and enjoy a few pints and some of what Boston’s culinary scene offers.

Some other tips can be found in Tagvenue’s Conference Planning Blog!

Corporate events should be a great time. Not only are they effective as a way to teach people new skills, but they are great tools to create friendships between colleagues and  network both inside and outside of a company. Boston is not only a fantastic place to visit, but it is also a  great place to have a corporate event. Tagvenue has curated a great list of venues that will suit the needs of any conference, from micro to major. Scroll through our listings and book with us today!

FAQs about Corporate Event Venues in Boston, MA

What are the best ways to plan a corporate event?

The things that you should pay the most attention to are budget and your itinerary. The budget ensures that everything will be aptly funded. When people arrive, they are not going to be sure what the details of the conference are, so having a precise itinerary ensures  that everyone will stay on track and your activities will be well attended. The best and most convenient way to keep this  budget-friendly is a website or app that can be accessed from any mobile device.

What are suitable activities for a corporate event?

Engagement at these events is key. Some great ways to keep people engaged are:

  • Focus groups and Breakout sessions – These ensure that people are talking about what they are learning and the perspectives of their colleagues.
  • Group sessions – are particularly effective when done in smaller group settings, so people can respond to new ideas in a more low-pressure environment.
  • Networking sessions – These are more relaxed and allow people to get to know others on a more personal level and share previous experiences and new ideas.
  • Banquets - By the end of the day, everyone will be hungry and want to do something a bit less formal. Hiring time at a restaurant or bar is a good way for everyone to socialize.

What should I do if my corporate event doesn’t go as planned?

Do not fret! Corporate events, especially larger ones, can be hectic from time to time. Flights may be delayed, your caterer could hit traffic, and the list goes on, but an effective planning strategy is to have some wiggle room in your day to account for these issues. Flexibility is one of the most important virtues to embody when planning these events.

What are the best neighborhoods in Boston for a corporate event?

When planning an event which may have some out-of-town attendees, it is best to seek a venue in or around a hotel. Bay Village and Back Bay East are loaded with great accommodation options as well as being located right in the heart of Boston. On top of this, there is great public transportation and plenty of parking for people who are commuting locally.

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