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Are you ready to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year in Vegas? We’re not too sure about a white Christmas, but we’re certain it’s the day is going to be a special one. Spend some time with friends, family, or anyone else that you hold dear in one of the beautiful Christmas restaurants here in Las Vegas. You can expect a wide variety of options bound to make any holiday party a one-of-a-kind experience. Find the perfect restaurant for Christmas dinner with Tagvenue, and prepare to eat yummy food, listen to some good festive music, and most of all, cherish time with the people you like most.

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Christmas Restaurants Rental Guide

The holidays are all about making new friends, spending time with the ones you love, and enjoying delicious food and drinks. If you're looking for a way to get into the holiday spirit while having an unforgettable holiday experience, look no further than our list of Vegas’ best restaurants for Christmas. We’ve found many venues that serve traditional holiday dinner entrées like roast beef and turkey, as well as dishes which offer some fun twists on old favorites, like shrimp cocktail or crab legs. If you’re looking forward to less cleaning and more eating, then booking a restaurant for Christmas will be the perfect option for you. Want to know how to make the rental process run a lot smoother? Then take a look at our checklist to make sure you get the most out of your Christmas restaurant experience:

  • Go get that guest list ready

Send out invitations if necessary and have your guests RSVP. If the dinner party is a small one, just make sure that everyone knows where to go and where you plan on meeting. But if you’re planning a slightly larger meal, for example for a group of friends or a company Christmas party, then double check how many people have decided to come, and preferably book a restaurant which offers prices not per person, but instead, charges just one fee for the entire event.

  • Make reservations

Reservations are a must, especially during the holiday season, when many people go out to eat with their families or friends. You can make your reservations early if you want to avoid missing out on your ideal venue for Christmas Day. We recommend renting spaces around 2 to 3 months in advance. Check with the host if you can make a down payment or if you have to pay the whole price in full. You can also have a chat with them about any potential discounts or offers that are happening around the holiday season.

  • Bring gifts

If you're getting together in a group, consider doing Secret Santa instead of buying gifts for each person who’s invited. That way, everyone gets something unique and special without having to spend as much money. Bringing a personalized gift for someone is definitely going to make them feel special, just make sure to set up some ground rules like a price limit, and perhaps have every person chip in with some gift ideas, so you don’t end up buying the wrong thing. And if you want to make someone else’s day special too, you can bring a little something for the waiting staff, chef or host. It doesn't have to be anything over the top—just grab something small from the dollar store and bring it with you. You'll be surprised how much this will help brighten up their day!

  • Wear something festive

It'll make you feel happy and ready for some holiday cheer, which is exactly what you want when eating outside during Christmastime. Dress in your nicest festive clothing, or go all out and put on some fun Christmas outfits. If you’re going out with kids, this is bound to make their night one to remember! Whether it's a Christmas Eve dinner in Vegas or an early December celebration, make sure the atmosphere is festive.

  • Don't forget about food and drinks!

When it comes to drinks, there is bound to be something special for everyone. The locations on our list offer alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic ones as well, so you can choose whatever suits your taste buds best. You might want to get some winter teas or coffees, as well as mulled wine or a Christmas punch. Check out the restaurant’s menu for the season, perhaps you’ll find something personalized especially for this time of year? As for food, check the menu and get in touch with the chef about the Christmas menu offers. Perhaps the restaurants offer some traditional dishes alongside their usual menu? In many cases, you'll find special holiday catering packages and Christmas drinks offers!

  • Don’t forget about the music

Ask the restaurant manager if they can play Christmas songs you like over dinner. Does the place offer any live music, or perhaps it has its own DJ? Or will the music simply be played from a speaker? Maybe you will be able to bring your own playlist and play songs from there? If you’re renting a big space, it could be very possible! The atmosphere will make anyone feel like they're in the middle of a Christmas movie! Doesn’t that sound like a Christmas dream come true?

  • Christmas decorations?

Adding some festive flair will make your meal more memorable. Some restaurants might already be decorated, but private dining rooms often grant more freedom in that regard! If possible, prepare some DIY, get the kids to join in with decorating, or just check with the host if any decorating will be done from their side. Christmas will not be the same without going that extra mile on the decor. Oh, and before we forget, don't forget to snap some pics!

FAQs about Christmas Restaurants in Las Vegas, NV

How much does it cost to rent a Christmas restaurant in Vegas?

Food and drinks packages for Christmas in Las Vegas cost about $30 per person. Make sure to check out some of the affordable options, such as SLATER’S 50/50 LAKE MEAD, where you can invite around 90 people for $25 per person. This beautiful space is located in Northwest Las Vegas, which makes the location easily accessible.  If you wish to rent an eatery for a specific amount of time, the fees start around $50 per hour or $215 per session. Depending on the location, size, and date of your event, Las Vegas offers both high-end and affordable Christmas restaurants! (All data from Tagvenue.)

What are some of the best Christmas restaurants in Las Vegas?

Some of the best restaurants for Christmas dinner in Vegas are venues such as the Patio at Tacotarian Downtown. This stylish and intimate space is big enough for 45 people standing, and at a price of $25 per person, it’s a really good deal too! In case you’re a fan of Italian restaurants, then you’ll have a whale of a time at the Amalfi Room at Limoncello Fresh Italian Kitchen. This fab spot offers the best Italian food in Vegas! If you want to put a spin on the traditional Christmas dinner, then this is the place to be. And for a fine dining experience, consider a restaurant like Boom Bang near Henderson, which offers not only delectable dishes, but also excellent cocktails! 

How many people can I invite to a Christmas restaurant in Vegas?

You can usually invite up to 250 people standing if you’re planning to have a cocktail-style Christmas party in one of the restaurants listed on Tagvenue. And if you want to invite up to 180 guests strictly for dinner, then make sure to check out Bonito Michoacan Mexican RestaurantLocated around Spring Valley, this locale is perfect for a corporate holiday party or large family reunion! There are, of course, many smaller spaces and intimate private party rooms if you prefer just to invite your closest ones. These event spaces can accommodate between 10 and 50 guests.

Do restaurants in Las Vegas offer traditional Christmas food?

You’ll have to check with the manager of the restaurant, but you can expect to find many seasonal menus during this time of the year. Some restaurants offer special dishes, especially for this festive season. There are even Vegas restaurants that serve Christmas dinner on the 25th, if you want to have a truly traditional experience! Before you book, make sure to check all the details with the host. In many cases, you'll be able to get an offer tailored to your needs! 

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