Holiday Party Venues for Rent in Las Vegas, NV

Holiday Party Venues for Rent in Las Vegas, NV

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Top Holiday Party Venues in Las Vegas, NV

There's nothing quite like celebrating the holiday season in Las Vegas. And we mean, really celebrating—not just a few drinks at the bar and some caroling on the Strip. No, when you're ready for a fantastic feast to celebrate the holidays, Vegas is ready for you! Be prepared  to search, book and explore some of the absolute best holiday party venues in Las Vegas, because this year’s celebration is going to be the one to remember for a very long time. We know there still is a bit of time before the official holiday time hits, but time flies fast, and venues get booked quickly. Keep scrolling to find the best holiday party locations, from Downtown Vegas to Spring Valley!

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Holiday Party Venues Hire Guide

Vegas has been planning some outrageously festive events for years now, with decorations so over-the-top that they're impossible to miss. Of course, there are plenty of places where you can find festive decorations year-round, but we think it's especially worth checking out during this time of year—the atmosphere alone is enough to make any day feel like Christmas!

There are a couple of things you need to ask yourself before the venue renting process begins. Have you decided who you will invite yet? Picked the theme for this year's holiday party? Chosen the perfect outfit? Well, if not, we've got a whole list of the best holiday party venues just waiting for their chance to host your next party. You can also check out some ideas for themes… and the costume choice we will leave up to you to pick. For now, let’s take a look at a couple of themes for this year's shenanigans!

Holiday Party Themes You Can Try

  1. Christmas in July—Sunglasses and Hawaiian shirts will do the job!
  2. A Night at the Movies—Get your friends, family or coworkers to dress up as their favorite movie characters. But make sure the movies are Holiday-themed only!
  3. A Winter Wonderland Party—Cover everything in white snowflakes and lights! If the host allows you to go a bit extra, make it feel like winter outside by having an outdoor party with snow machines and fake snow on the ground. We don’t expect the weather to be super cold, but if it does get a bit chilly, you can always opt for some hot drinks. Mulled wine or beer is great! Spaces such as warehouse venues and versatile event centers are a great pick for this theme, since they give you a lot of space for decor and props.
  4. Holiday Fairytale Ball—You can wear any costume inspired by a fairy tale or storybook character, so you can really go all out here! Themed food like "gingerbread houses" or "pumpkin pies" would also be perfect for this theme. Look through the selection of banquet halls and ballrooms in Vegas to really set the scene for this theme! 
  5. A Christmas Carol—This timeless classic is a staple for the holiday season. You could have everyone wear Victorian costumes, or just dress like Scrooge! You could even have a reenactment of the whole story—you'll definitely be able to tell who people are based on their costumes.

Apart from these lovely themes, we’ve also prepared a venue rental checklist. 

Las Vegas Holiday Party Venues Checklist

What to remember when booking a holiday party venue in Las Vegas.

  • Remember that the venue has to be able to accommodate your guests. You don't want to have an event in a location that's too small or too big.
  • If you're planning on having a large crowd, look for large holiday party venues with lots of restrooms and space for everyone. Remember that some locales will offer spaces that include seating, and if you don’t plan on having a sit-down dinner, you can invite people to have a holiday party, cocktail-style instead. But always make sure to have everyone RSVP, so you don’t have any unnecessary confusion about who will be showing up.
  • If you're looking for a more intimate setting, find a holiday party venue with private areas. This way, you'll be able to get to know your guests better! Some holiday party venues offer private rooms where you and your guests can party away without the worry of strangers interrupting your special evening. 
  • Does the venue offer any entertainment? If not, will you hire someone to entertain the guests? Are you going to get a DJ or someone to play live music? Perhaps you’d like a person to help out with the kids, if there will be any, so that the adults can have fun as well? Check if you can easily book someone for yourself, or if the event space prefers to use its own preferred vendors
  • What kind of food does the Las Vegas venue offer? Does the menu look delicious? (And if not, will they allow outside caterers?) What type of beverage options are available, and are they enough for you and your guests?
  • Make sure there's enough parking at the location, so everyone can easily park. It would also be good if the venue is easy to get to by public transport. If you’re planning to have a company holiday party, don’t expect everyone to come by car. Check the situation with the local buses or other forms of transportation. If you have anyone coming from out of town, or come from the airport, make sure they know how to get around the city.
  • Remember the one golden rule, which every guest has to live by. No matter what crazy things happen at the holiday party - what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Now go and book the perfect venue and get ready for that awesome holiday party!

FAQs about Holiday Party Venues in Las Vegas, NV

What’s the price range for holiday party venues in Las Vegas?

Expect to find venues at a price range of around $20 to $45 per person. Check out some affordable locations such as Lucy Ethiopian Restaurant and Bar near Spring Valley, where you can invite up to 100 people, as well as some more expensive options for $40 per person, such as Le Sorelle Restaurant and Bar in Sovana,  where you can host up to 110 seated people.

What are some of the best holiday party venues in Las Vegas?

In Las Vegas there are many stylish options such as Crystal Hall Banquets, which offers an opulent and luxurious space. With a minimum spend option starting from $3200, it’s a great deal for this time of the year. And if that’s not quite the place you’d like to book for the upcoming holidays, then make sure to check out the Gallery at Portnoy Gallery, located in Southwest Las Vegas. If you're searching for a truly unique and unusual location to host an event or party in a creative environment, Portnoy Gallery is the perfect choice.

How far in advance should I book holiday party venues in Las Vegas?

The holidays are one of the most popular times of the year for having parties in hired venues, so when booking locales for the parties, we recommend renting a space at least 8 weeks in advance. For larger parties, you can even try to book around 3 to 6 months in advance if you want to be 100% certain that the space will be available.

Where should I host a holiday party in Las Vegas?

The city is brimming with excellent locations for a holiday party, from Downtown all the way to the suburbs and surrounding towns! If you're seeking a central spot, Arts District offers plenty of unique spaces and eateries that will elevate your celebration. There are many party halls and lounges along East Sahara Avenue, perfect for large and medium-sized parties. Paradise, especially University District, is home to many Christmas restaurants, while the areas around Green Valley offer a setting almost tailor-made for company holiday drinks! You can't overlook Spring Valley, which is home to a vibrant mix of bistros, pubs, and unique venues for a holiday party. You'll even find some clubs here, ideal if you want to dance the night away to some festive bops! Finally, Henderson is a great pick for those who want to celebrate the season on a budget.

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