Bridal Shower Venues for Rent in Los Angeles, CA

Bridal Shower Venues for Rent in Los Angeles, CA

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Top Bridal Shower Venues in Los Angeles, CA

Are you or one of your best friends moving from miss to mrs? And by chance you are on the lookout for a Los Angeles venue to host the bridal shower? In the City of Angels you will find plenty of great spaces available, from elegant restaurants, to indie cafes or gardens - and Tagvenue is happy to help! Choose a rooftop in the heart of Downtown LA, a quirky bar in Sherman Oaks, a luxurious yacht somewhere near Santa Monica’s coast or a private room in a harborside restaurant in Long Beach. The options are limitless, so don’t waste any more time, have a look at our picks of bridal shower venues and start planning your dream event!

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Bridal Shower Venues Rental Guide

Whether you are a maid-of-honor planning your best friend’s bridal shower or a bride-to-be organising the big party for yourself, we’ve prepared some ideas that will help. After all, this celebration should be all about the bride, so mark the special day and their bright future with a bridal shower that nobody will forget! Browse our selection of fantastic LA venues and pick your favourite place. And in case you’re struggling with the planning, keep reading for some additional tips to help you throw a fantastic party! 


How to host a one-of-a-kind bridal shower:

The purpose of a bridal shower is to have fun and celebrate the bride-to-be. Conversations, laughter, people that are really dear to the future wife - they all are crucial elements of a successful party. But there are a few bridal shower activities and accessories that you should keep in mind when preparing the event. Get inspired by our suggestions for an unforgettable party:

  • Custom decorations - The essential part of any bridal shower are decorations! And if they are custom made ones - it will make the party even more special and definitely unforgettable! You can go for balloon arches and flower walls to create a great space not only for the celebration, but also as a fantastic backdrop to all of the photos that will be taken on the day. Speaking of the photos, how about preparing a DIY photobooth frame? Take a big piece of cardboard, cut out a square hole, decorate it, write down the date and the bride’s name (or a cool hashtag) and take as many photos as possible!
  • A theme - Choosing a theme is the best way to take any bridal shower from cool to simply unforgettable. And if you really want to impress the bride and guests, go for a theme that is unexpected. A rose gold, tropical, rustic, lemon or Hawaiian party - truly, the options are limitless. You could also choose something that suits the bride-to-be. If she is obsessed with the “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, go for a breakfast-at-Tiffany’s bridal shower, but if she can’t stop watching “Friends”, organise a Friends-themed party.
  • Custom cocktails - Not every bridal shower has to go heavy on the alcohol, but if you’ve opted for drinks, why not serve some custom cocktails during the party? You can rent a professional mixologist to prepare a signature drink for the bride - a unique cocktail that expresses her personality and nature. Another good idea for drinks during a bridal shower could be bottles of wine with custom made labels. You could come up with a new name inspired by the newlyweds or simply put the shower’s date on the bottle.
  • Custom favors - There are many kinds of gifts that you could give to your guests. No matter what you decide on, we recommend you go for something unique so that people have something that will remind them of the party. If it’s a tea party, go for a teacup with the bride’s name and the date. In case the soon-to-be-wife is obsessed with cooking, why not give each person a customised apron. If the shower is boho-themed, a good idea would be to prepare woven favors for the guests! Straw hats with flower crowns, wreaths and woven totes can elevate your event. 
  • Memory lane - A touching element of a bridal shower could be a memory lane corner. Set up a station with lots of pictures of the bride taken during different stages of her life - from baby photos, through the teenage years and wild college days to the most recent ones, perhaps with her soon-to-be husband. This personalized element will not only bring tears and memories, but will also be a unique decoration. To elevate this “memory lane” station, you can also include a guest book there where each guest can write down their favorite memory of the bride. 
  • Incense bar - Give your guests the gift of calming scents with an incense bar. Set up a station with a few types of incense, prepare a short description of each blend and what they can help you with. Guests can choose which smell they like the most and which suits their needs best. If you want to be extra, you can even rent a person specializing in scents who will give a short presentation and match the right incense to each person. 
  • A great location - Once the date and the guest list are finalized, you should decide where you want to throw the party. Traditionally the bridal shower is held in the host’s home - whether it’s the bride, the maid of honour or one of the bridesmaids - but truthfully, it can be thrown anywhere. It could be a tea party in the garden, a delicious brunch in a cute restaurant or a picnic in the beachfront cafe. No matter where you’ve envisioned throwing the party, a unique setting can make the bridal shower even more unforgettable. 

In case you and your guests are scattered around the world and will be seeing each other only on the wedding day, we have an option for you: a virtual bridal shower! It could be either a casual meeting with your friends over Zoom, a professionally hosted cocktail masterclass or a meditation class. Whatever your preferences, Google away and host a fantastic party in an online setting.

FAQs about Bridal Shower Venues in Los Angeles, CA

How much does it cost to rent a bridal shower venue in Los Angeles?

When booking a bridal shower venue in Los Angeles, expect a wide range of prices. For example, rental fees in the City of Angels can start at $2000 and go up to $4000 per day. If you’re thinking of throwing a brunch bridal shower, you should rent a venue for only a few hours. Expect hourly rates to vary from $100 to $450 per hour. Some places charge per guest - prices range from $30 to $75 per person. To make your bridal shower unique, why not throw it on a boat?! Boat rental fees start at $3200 and can reach as high as $19250 per session. (Based on data from Tagvenue.)

Which areas around Los Angeles have the best venues for a bridal shower?

Los Angeles, an amazing party hub, is an excellent city to host a bridal shower. Downtown LA is home to fantastic places, from restaurants with terraces offering sweeping views of the city to charming cafes in quirky neighborhoods. We encourage you to have a look around Beverly Hills where you will discover versatile venues, ideal for any bridal shower theme. If you truly want to host a unique party, how about renting a yacht in Santa Monica or celebrating in one of Long Beach’s harborside venues? In Hollywood, you will find spots of all kinds and sizes, from cozy cafes and small diners to lavish places perfect for big parties. Sherman Oaks is another great area for hosting a bridal shower. This San Fernando Valley neighborhood offers wine bars, brunch cafes and restaurants serving food from all around the world.

Where can I get the best decorations for a bridal shower in Los Angeles?

It doesn’t matter if you are organising a themed bridal shower or a brunch-style party, decorations are essential. You can find unique banners, balloons, garlands and many more in  these LA shops with fantastic decorations:

  • Cabrera’s Balloons - a balloon heaven in the central part of San Fernando Valley.
  • Santa Monica Picnic Co - as the name suggests, Santa Monica Picnic Co provides elegant picnics on the beaches of Santa Monica.
  • Joker Party Supply - located in downtown LA, at Joker Party Supplies you will find decor for any kind of party.

When do you host a bridal shower?

There is no one specific date when it comes to throwing a bridal shower. But one thing is certain: a bridal shower is a pre-wedding event. It is a celebration of the bride during which she is showered with good wishes, congratulations and presents. Wedding planners and experts suggest that you throw the bridal shower sometime between 3 months and 2 weeks before the big day.

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