Birthday Restaurants for Rent in Washington, DC

Birthday Restaurants for Rent in Washington, DC

It's time to search and book a venue perfect for your birthday celebration

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Top Birthday Restaurants in Washington, DC

Explore Tagvenue’s website for the best birthday restaurants that Washington, D.C. has to offer and discover the perfect spot for an unforgettable birthday bash. Despite having a reputation mostly for its politics, Washington, D.C.  is a fantastic place to hold birthday celebrations. We’ve picked out the best neighborhoods in the city for you to choose from. So what are you waiting for? The perfect birthday extravaganza is at the end of your fingertips. Search and book one of the fabulous birthday restaurants in Washington today!

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Birthday Restaurants Rental Guide

Having trouble finding the perfect birthday restaurant in D.C.? Tagvenue is here to help you out, so worry not! Organizing such an important celebration can be daunting, which is why we’re glad to chip in with some suggestions. Gone are the days of moping over unorganized parties, which you aren’t too proud of. There is no place for any of that over here. With our venues, you’ll be hosting a celebration that you and your guests are going to remember for a long time. Washington, D.C. is the perfect backdrop for any type of birthday party. Whether you’re planning a children’s dinner, a family gathering or a huge party with friends, in D.C. you will find venues for any type of occasion. 

Get ready to search, and book one of these unique event spaces. It’s time to have a blast of a lifetime! Washington, D.C. is by far one of the best cities to have a party in, the nightlife here is amazing, and the dining experience is absolutely fantastic. It is not only great for young adults but for everyone else as well. Also, if you’re a lover of architecture, nature or political history, you’re going to love the attractions this city has to offer. Keep scrolling for more information!

Birthday restaurant suggestions in Washington, DC

Having a party at home is so last year - the cooking, the cleaning and everything in between are just going to make your experience so tiring. Instead, our venue renting guide is here to help you out. No more fighting over who has to clean up after the event! So kick back and enjoy this five-minute read before you book your venue. 

We’d like to offer you some venue suggestions. Are you planning:

  • A kid's party? Then for sure, you’re going to love The Olde City Garden. Located on Rhode Island Avenue Northeast, this urban farm and garden center provides a beautiful setting for a unique and memorable affair. With a capacity of up to 145 people, it is suitable for large parties and gatherings. The garden setting provides a natural and enchanting atmosphere that delights both children and adults alike. The venue can be decorated according to your preferences or you can take the space as it is. It's committed to providing access to green space for the community and it's an ideal venue for your kids and family to enjoy.
  • An over-21 party extravaganza? We’ve picked out a couple of bars where you’re bound to get a groove (dance floor included), and the drinks are to die for! Located on K Street Northwest, Moi Moi restaurant offers a sophisticated atmosphere and delicious cuisine that is sure to impress your guests. With a capacity of up to 200 people, it is suitable for large parties and gatherings. The restaurant is led by Gambia-born chef and owner Howsoon Cham, who brings his vision of classic American cuisine with distinctive Caribbean and French Riviera influences. The menu features a variety of delightful plates that are sure to be a hit with your guests. In addition to the regular menu, the restaurant also offers exquisite wine and cocktails for the enjoyment of every guest. If you're looking for something more intimate, The Urban Oasis is a fantastic choice. Located on King Street, this venue offers a chic and modern atmosphere that is perfect for hosting a stylish and sophisticated event. With a capacity of up to 60 people, it is suitable for small to medium-sized parties and gatherings. The venue's focus on a mid-century design approach and its emphasis on ultra-chic cocktail glasses, drinkware, and plates, makes it a unique and memorable experience. The drinks and food are prepared with attention to detail, ensuring that your guests are delighted by the flavors and presentation. The glasses, plates, wine and cocktail menus are handpicked to provide the perfect complement to your event.
  • A low-key family dinner? Don't want anything fancy, but you do still want to dine in beautiful surroundings? Why don't you check out the Chef's Room at Ambar in Capitol Hill? It's an intimate restaurant space that has seats for 24 guests, so you can host your closest loved ones. With Ambar's Balkan dishes and delicious cocktails and wines, you can have the perfect birthday experience you and your guests will enjoy! 
  • An elegant celebration, that’s perfect for dressing up? Feel the Spanish rhythm at La Granja at Taberna Del Alabardero, and prepare to be whisked away into a sea of delicious Spanish tapas, refreshing Sangria and delightful Paellas. This restaurant and its Mediterranean vibe will make you feel like you’re celebrating your special day in one of Europe’s best venues, without actually having to go there. The dress code is on the slightly formal side, so dress accordingly. Located right on top of the Farragut West Metro Station, this venue will fit you and 45 of your guests with no problem. ¡Buen provecho!
  • A one-of-a-kind experience? D.C. offers many unique venues, and we’ve looked up a few which are going to turn some heads. Check out the amazing DC Corazon. Decorated in a very peculiar way, this venue has colorful murals and furniture, and the delicious cuisine is Mexican-based. Fit up to 70 people standing, and 45 sittings. Book this cool location in Petworth.

Birthday party tips and tricks

Planning birthday parties is not just about finding the ideal location, although that is obviously why you are here. But, organizing such events requires some research and preparation as well. Keep scrolling for some Tagvenue help.

  • Decide on a theme. A themed party doesn’t happen so often, so this will be a great chance to experiment with themes and costumes if you’re feeling up to it. Check with the restaurant if they don’t have a strict attire policy, and if they allow you, then let your imagination run wild. Themes will of course depend on the age and type of guests that you’re inviting (a Peppa Pig theme is not so appropriate for adult parties… or maybe it could be - your call). Ask your kids what type of party they would like, and plan accordingly. As for adults, decide if you want to have more of an elegant and sophisticated theme, or a chill, laid-back one. If you’re not into costumes, then at least the decorations could be a nice touch for the event.
  • Choose some before or after restaurant attractions. We would like to underline the fact that you are in Washington. And this means that you have many attractions around you, no matter where you are. Would you like to see some museums, take walks in parks, or search for a nightclub that will liven up everyone after the food? Washington has many lively neighborhoods. Take a look at Adams Morgan, known for its nightlife and international cuisine. Check out Navy Yard for fantastic green spaces and outdoor activities. Head to Foggy Bottom and enjoy the live performances of art, music and theater in the John F Kennedy Center of the Performing Arts.
  • Prepare a guest list. Who are you planning to invite? If you’re planning a big party, make sure you haven’t left out anyone important, who you might regret not inviting later. Are you inviting people with their partners? Is it an open party for potential additional guests, or are you strict with the number of people that you’re inviting? Prepare the list with a friend or a family member, so that you don’t miss anyone. It happens to the best of us!
  • Have a surprise party! Ok, so maybe not for yourself. But if you’re planning to host a party for a friend or a family member,  it could be one that will leave them speechless. Surprise parties are hard to throw because you need to have everyone on the same page. So make sure to inform everyone that should be there about your plan, make a Facebook group, but make sure that the person that you’re throwing the party for doesn’t see it. To make the party extra special, you can do a little more research on what this person likes, and plan the theme according to their interests. And most of all, make sure this person actually likes surprises, we all know someone who has a distaste for these types of parties!
  • Bring in your own birthday cake and treats! What a lovely way to highlight your party. Homemade treats are always yummy and made with love - treat your guests and treat yourself! Decide on the flavor, and perhaps the theme. The good thing about sweet treats is that you can decorate them in so many different ways. Bring a unique creation, which no one has ever had before! You can also get a cake from a bakery that you love. A lot of restaurants will not specialize in baking a birthday cake, so this is a great idea, most likely for you and the host of the venue. However, sometimes you will be charged a fee, so just make sure to talk to the manager first.
  • Book a photographer. Why not make it a night that will truly be remembered in every possible way, by booking a photographer who will catch every smile at the party? Prepare a beautiful photo album, and take a look at the wonderful photos any time you, please. A professional photographer will focus on you and your guests, while you’re out there, enjoying yourselves.

Budgeting tips

We know that renting a venue can be a little pricey. If you want to make your dining experience more affordable, you can try a couple of things which will not entail breaking the bank before the party. Check if the venue offers a price-per-person option, or whether you have to pay a minimum hire fee. If you’re inviting a small number of guests, then a price-per-person option could make the venue fee significantly smaller. Other than that, we recommend asking the manager if a BYOB option is available and if that will reduce the cost of the rent. Some venues will also charge you less if you rent the event space at a specific time or day. If it’s not a problem for you and your guests to celebrate in the middle of the week, the price could suit your budget better. And last but not least, you can always try and negotiate the cost. If the restaurant doesn’t have people waiting in line to book the place, then they might meet you halfway. 

Do you feel ready to book a place for a birthday party, yet? We certainly hope so. When searching for the ideal place to book, make sure to use Tagvenue’s search engine, which will surely narrow down your list of choices, so you can pick the ideal location for this special event. We keep our fingers crossed. Now go, explore and book the best birthday restaurant Washington, D.C. has to offer!

FAQs about Birthday Restaurants in Washington, DC

What’s the price range of birthday restaurants in Washington, D.C.?

The rental fee price range starts from around $1,000 and ends somewhere around $7,000, with a couple of cheaper and more expensive options as well. Check your budget and book the venue that will match your energy. If the venue seems a little pricey, perhaps asking the manager for a BYOB option could be a good idea. (All data from Tagvenue.)

Can I celebrate my birthday outdoors in Washington, D.C.?

Yes, you can celebrate your birthday outdoors in Washington, D.C. There are many great venues to choose from, including the Outdoor Area at Air Restaurant and the Patio at LiLLiES Restaurant & Bar.

  • The outdoor area at Air Restaurant is the perfect spot to chill and enjoy classic American cuisine. The ample seating and covered roof provide a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, while the Happy Hour specials and hookah options add to the fun. Plus, with a full bar, you can enjoy your favorite drinks.
  • The patio at LiLLiES Restaurant & Bar is another great option for celebrating your birthday. The sidewalk patio provides a private alfresco dining experience, transporting you to the Italian countryside. Whether you're looking to have an after-work social reception or an evening dinner with friends or family, the patio is the perfect spot to spend summer evenings.

Which neighborhoods in Washington, D.C. offer fun attractions?

Take a walk through Logan Circle, which is known for being one of the trendiest neighborhoods in D.C. Check out the historical, Victorian-style homes in the area. Head to Forest Hills for a variety of modern architectural styles, and grab some gelato in one of the typical Italian cafés. Head to Capitol Hill to look at the famous Washington monument or Lincoln Memorial.

How many people should I invite to my birthday party?

Do you feel like you want to invite many people, but it seems a little pricey to do so? Remember that you can always invite your closest friends or family for a birthday dinner. You can have more guests come to a party afterwards if you decide on going somewhere. Decide on the size of the party, and don’t feel bad if you can’t invite everyone. It’s your party after all!

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