Birthday Restaurants for Rent in Chicago, IL

Birthday Restaurants for Rent in Chicago, IL

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Top Birthday Restaurants in Chicago, IL

On the lookout for the perfect space to host your birthday? Give yourself a present and celebrate with your loved ones in a restaurant! Chicago is packed with thousands of fantastic restaurants that will be more than happy to assist you in organizing the celebration you’ve always dreamed of. And  Tagvenue is here to help you discover the ideal space for your needs and budget. We’ve crafted a special list of the best birthday restaurants in Chicago below. So start browsing our listings now, and get ready to organize a birthday celebration that everyone won’t soon forget! 

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Birthday Restaurants Rental Guide

Throwing a birthday party is fun and exciting, but it can also come with some extra responsibilities. Why not make organizing a fantastic and memorable birthday a little bit easier, by throwing the party at a restaurant! Plenty of Chicago restaurants are experts in pulling off these types of events and are eager to help you organize the birthday party of your dreams. 

These venues come in many sizes, locations and offer plenty of menu options that cater to even the pickiest palates. They also give you the freedom of cherishing the moment with your loved ones in the main dining area, or in complete privacy in their function rooms or private dining rooms.   

So, if you’ve never booked a birthday restaurant, then why not give it a chance? Amaze your guests with a truly fantastic experience in one of the city’s top birthday restaurants and make a toast to a celebrant. With Tagvenue, you will find the best spaces that suit your needs and wallet. Take our search engines for a spin and discover the ideal space to celebrate a birthday!   

How should I pick the ideal birthday restaurant?

Budget - Setting your budget is essential before starting your restaurant hunt. Consider how much you can afford on the rental, guest packages, and other attractions that you would like to incorporate. And keep the number in mind during your organization process. 

Date - To have the best options available, settle on the date as soon as possible. But before that, consider which date and time will be the best for a one hundred percent attendance rate. Check if it doesn’t conflict with any other parties or holidays and once the path is clear, make a booking.    

Location - We won’t get tired of reminding everyone how important location is to guarantee the party’s success! Spare your guests’ time in reaching the venue’s location, and try not to take them too far away from home. Make sure it has excellent access to the CTA system, as well as decent parking options. 

Guest list - Roughly calculate how many guests you’re planning to invite. Trust us, you don’t want everyone to be bumping into each other, or sitting in a too-large space that will make the event feel empty. So to avoid that, have the guest number in mind and search through our listings using the venue capacity filter. 

Menu - Food and drinks are the cherries on top of every party! Maybe you would like to spoil yourself and pick your favorite type of cuisine as the main course? Or guarantee everyone an unforgettable food-spoiling experience and pick the fancy degustation menu topped with a fine glass of wine? Whatever your wish, Chicago's dining scene will make it come true! However, always keep in mind your guests’ food restrictions and allergies when choosing your dream menu. 

How can I elevate my birthday party?

Wondering how you can make your birthday a little bit more exciting? Take a look at our short list of ideas on how to elevate any birthday party!

A fun theme - Picking a theme will add some extra excitement and set the tone for your special celebration! Picking a theme is also helpful in determining what type of restaurant you will go for, as well as decorations. So, get your gray cells working and come up with a theme that’ll be exactly in your style. No matter if you would like to keep it simple and add colorful candles and roses on the table, or go over the top and pick a Roaring Twenties theme.   

Decorations, decorations! - Nothing elevates a party more than proper decorations matching the party theme! Balloons, garlands, streamers, hanging lights, etc., are the perfect additions to emphasize it’s your birthday celebration and put everyone in the party mood. But before you run to the store for any party supplies, make sure you check if adding your own decorations agrees with the venue’s policy. 

Music everyone enjoys - Think of making a special playlist for your celebration that will play softly in the background. A playlist is also a great keepsake that you can go back to and remind yourself of a great time spent with your nearest and dearest once the party is over. Music livens up the atmosphere and makes the experience even more enjoyable. Use that to your advantage! Try to engage your guests and ask them to add their all-time favorite music hits to the playlist. They will be bouncing their heads without them even knowing! 

A signature drink - Consider serving one type of drink only. This will make the party a bit more personalized while helping you save some dollars. Restaurants will give you a wide variety to choose from, so you can go with a classic Margarita, Old Fashioned, Negroni or ask the bartender to craft a magical drink of your favorite flavors. 

Element of surprise - Want to get your friends giddy from excitement? Think of something that will surprise them and give them a good laugh! Maybe a funny, personalized cake or a cartoon cutout of your adored celebrity you can place by your seat? 

FAQs about Birthday Restaurants in Chicago, IL

How much does it cost to rent a birthday restaurant in Chicago?

Prices can vary depending on the size, location, and prestige of the restaurant. If you’re planning to host a restaurant on a bigger scale and want to rent an entire restaurant, expect to pay around $2400+. Many restaurants offer various package deals with average prices starting around $60. (All data from

How far in advance should I rent a restaurant for a birthday celebration?

The sooner, the better! We recommend securing a venue at least 4 to 6 weeks in advance. This timing will give you an opportunity to reach out to venue managers, discuss the offers thoroughly, compare and pick the best option out there for you. 

Where can I find affordable restaurants for a birthday dinner in Chicago?

To find restaurants a bit on the cheaper side, we recommend searching outside the central Chicago area. The areas of  Near North, Near North Side, and Gold Coast all hide some hidden and affordable gems. You will definitely find a space that caters to your needs and budget there.

Are there any birthday restaurants in Downtown Chicago?

Downtown is the central core of Chicago’s dining scene with many fantastic places perfect for a birthday celebration. The Loop boasts a range of various trendy restaurants that live up to the hype. From classy and chic restaurants with fine cuisine from all over the world to more laid-back dineries serving comfort food. Finding an ideal space there that caters to your needs and budget is granted! But we also recommend searching nearby Washington subway station, as well as Monroe and Millennium stations that not only have fantastic locations but also serve world-class food.

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