Terrace Venues for Rent in New York City, NY

Terrace Venues for Rent in New York City, NY

Discover exclusive dining clubs for events in NYC.

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Top Terrace Venues in New York City, NY

Looking for a unique outdoor event space? Discover terrace venues for rent in New York City! These elevated spaces offer stunning city views for any event. From lush, garden-like locations in the Upper East Side to sleek, modern terraces in SoHo or expansive views from rooftops in Brooklyn Heights, you will be excited about your options. Are you planning an elegant cocktail evening, a sunny brunch, or a corporate event under the stars? Explore our listings of terrace venues, find your ideal spot, and turn your next event into a memorable one in just a few clicks!

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181 Terrace Venues in New York City, NY

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FAQs about Terrace Venues in New York City, NY

What types of events are best suited for terrace venues?

Terrace venues are exceptionally suited for events that benefit from an open, airy environment and a scenic background. They are ideal for hosting wedding receptions, where the open sky and panoramic views can add a romantic and memorable element to the celebration. Corporate events such as cocktail receptions, networking gatherings, and award ceremonies are also ideal in terrace settings, offering a relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere that encourages interaction and enjoyment. Additionally, terrace venues are perfect for personal celebrations like birthday parties or engagement parties.

How much does it cost to rent terrace venues in New York City?

The cost varies depending on the venue's specifics and the type of event you're hosting. Hourly rates can range from as low as $150 to around $1200 per hour. Some venues offer packages with a minimum spend requirement, which can vary but generally starts from around $5000 for a session. Additionally, many venues provide per-person packages, particularly for events like parties or receptions, which will typically range from $65 to $123 per person per session. (All data from Tagvenue).

What do I need to consider when renting a terrace venue for my event in NYC?

  • Space and Setup: Make sure the venue can accommodate all your guests and any tables, chairs, or other setups you may need. Think about both standing room and seating arrangements.
  • Weather Plans: New York weather can change quickly. Check if the venue has covers like umbrellas or an indoor area available in case it rains.
  • View and Location: A big part of the appeal of a terrace venue is its view. Make sure it has the scenery you want, whether it's a city skyline or a particular landmark.
  • Easy to Get To: Ensure everyone can easily get to and from the venue. This might mean checking if there's an elevator to the terrace.
  • Facilities: Check what's included with the venue, such as tables, chairs, lights, and audio equipment, or if you need to rent extra items.
  • Food and Drink: Find out if you need to use the venue's catering services or if you can bring in an external caterer. Also, ask about their rules for bringing alcohol and any extra costs like corkage fees.

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