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On the lookout for Christmas party venues in Singapore? You’re sure to find the right place with Tagvenue. With its huge number of great listings in top areas, there’s a huge amount of scope when searching and selecting the ideal venue for your Christmas function. Take a look at the cool spots in Geylang Serai, the lively bars and restaurants next to Marina Bay, and the stunning choice of boats on Sentosa Island. There’s certainly no shortage of fun and interesting venues for an unforgettable Christmas party. Check them all out now with us!

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Christmas Party Venues Hire Guide

While it’s quite hot here in December, Singapore doesn’t hold back with Christmas celebrations. Famous shopping areas, such as Orchard Road and Marina Bay adorn themselves in decorations while providing a first-class Christmas shopping experience. Additionally, many restaurants adapt their menus to offer traditional European inspired dishes which create an authentic festive feel. In line with the Christmas spirit, many unique venues also make themselves available for a range of private Christmas parties. Follow our guide on different districts in Singapore and see which kind of venues you can expect to find in this exciting city:

  • Marina Bay - Next to Marina Bay and Singapore’s Downtown Core, you can find beautifully decorated streets and picturesque views along the waterfront. On top of that, there are some ready-made private venues that are ideal for Christmas gatherings. These range from stylish bars along Circular Road, to the multipurpose halls and restaurants of Robinson Road or Craig Road. These places are ideal for both large corporations and small offices that might wish to throw a seasonal private gathering with great drinks and fantastic food. 
  • Sentosa Island - One of Singapore’s most beautiful districts, with beautiful beaches, forests and oceanside views, you can experience Christmas in a whole new way at Sentosa Cove. There are a number of fantastic boats for rent, so take to the water and customise your venue for a unique festive experience. Perfect for corporate teams and offices, this is the place to make an impression with your Christmas party. 
  • Geylang Serai - Another incredibly vibrant and diverse district, festive energy runs through the many bazaars, markets and the street food shacks that line its streets. It’s also home to some awesome quirky and laid-back venues. On Ubi Avenue 1, find eclectic rooms and halls, with all kinds of games and equipment on offer. This includes poker tables, board games, and table football. How about watching a Christmas film with a projector? Customisable and open for anything, this is an awesome place to hold a themed or relaxed Christmas gathering for a small office or startup.

How to find best Christmas venue deals in Singapore:

  • Minimum spend offers - Did you know some venues offer their space for free? Yes, you’ve read that right. Minimum spend means that as long as you spend a predetermined amount on food and drinks, you won’t have to pay any extra hire fees. 
  • Christmas party packages - Another way to get a wonderful Christmas party going is to look for specials and package offers. Every time you hop into a venue page you should check the description for good deals or just ask some venue managers if they have such an offer.
  • Small venues and function rooms - When in doubt, go smaller. As long as you and your guests have enough space to move around and sit comfortably, you can go for a smaller private room at a hotel or a restaurant. If you book early enough, you’ll be able to save lots of money for just picking the right-sized venue. Managers always list the amount of maximum seating/standing spaces for each room.

Guide to comparing Xmas party venues in Singapore

Before you start your search for the ultimate Christmas venue experience, you should think about your criteria of what makes a great Christmas party venue. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to better understand what you’re going to need: 

Is the venue available on Christmas? Pick the date and time frame you want your event to take place on. It’s actually best to do your venue hunting super early - if you get booking done during the summer, there’s a high chance you’ll get the right venue for your Christmas party. 

How easy is the location to reach? When it comes to party venues, the downtown is usually the best bet, as it’s relatively easy to get there regardless of your means of transport. 

Do you like their Christmas decorations? Check out the photos on the venue page, or if they don’t show their Christmas decor, ask the venue manager about it. 

How much space do you need? How many guests are you planning to host? Maybe you want some additional space for a dance floor? Either way, make sure you have the exact amount of space you need, as you don’t want to sit in a too-tight of a venue, or  overspend on a huge dining room. 

Are any additional facilities needed? We already mentioned a separate dance floor, but you should get a general list of what you would expect from your Xmas party venue. Whether you need to make sure the venue has an open bar, air conditioning or wheelchair ramps, you should be able to find all this information on the venue’s page. 

Now you know everything there is to learn about booking party venues for Christmas. If you start with Tagvenue today, you’ll be able to hire a beautiful party venue for your 2022 Xmas party. In case you have any more questions, check out our FAQ section below.

Christmas Party Venues in Singapore FAQ

How much does it cost to rent a Christmas party venue in downtown Singapore?

The prices for Christmas party venues in Singapore depends on their proximity to the city centre, size of the venue, and additional amenities, along with the food and drinks. Hire fees range between S$200 and S$5000. Minimum spend options will cost somewhere between S$1000 to S$8000. Per person packages start at S$35 per person. (All data from Tagvenue.)

When do venues close down in Singapore on Christmas day?

Usually, the majority of party venues for rent close at around 22:00, but there are exceptions to this rule. Some of them even work 24/7! However, since Christmas is a holiday, timeframes may vary. It’s always best to keep in touch with your venue manager to avoid any big surprises.

Can I bring my own drinks to a Christmas party venue?

Venues with a BYOB policy will always have this information listed on the venue page. Some of them will require you to pay a corkage fee, so make sure you read the venue description thoroughly before signing off on your booking.

What if I can’t host a party on Christmas day?

If you’ll be out of town on Christmas, don’t worry! Most of the restaurants and party venues put up their Christmas decorations way in advance and usually leave them up until mid-January. There’s plenty of time to get together for a Christmas-themed hangout with your friends or coworkers.

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My company have a great time over there. lots of game to play. Will book again if i have another event. sad to say only the time not enough for us.

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