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Top Christmas Restaurants in Singapore

Isn’t the festive season just the most wonderful time of the year? Are you preparing to spend time with your family or friends as you celebrate the holidays? If you’ve been on the lookout for Christmas restaurants in Singapore, then make sure not to miss the beautiful selection of spaces we’ve found just for you. Enjoy your Christmas dinner in one of the city’s festive dining halls, lounges or private rooms. Remember to take your time booking Christmas restaurants in Singapore because the venues get booked quickly at this time of the year!

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Christmas Restaurants Rental Guide

It's the holiday season, and you're dreading the thought of hosting Christmas dinner on your own? So how about taking your celebration to one of Singapore’s fantastic restaurants? You will still experience the energy and festiveness of a great feast—without having to cook or clean up afterwards! The venues will take care of all the chores and you’ll enjoy quality time and make memories with your loved ones. Sounds tempting? Well, nothing’s stopping you from making it all happen! On Tagvenue, we’ve got a curated list of Christmas restaurants in Singapore that can take your celebrations to a whole new level. Browse our selection and plan the best Christmas dinner ever now!

How to find an ideal Christmas restaurant in Singapore? 

Are you ready to celebrate Christmas in a new and unforgettable way? If yes, then it’s time to begin planning your celebration at one of the city’s great restaurants! But before you start your search, take a look at our expert tips. They cover all the essential elements that you must consider before throwing yourself into the search process. We guarantee that with them in mind, you’ll find the perfect Christmas venue and host a celebration to remember!

Determine your budget - How much can you pay for the whole celebration? Once you have an answer, determine how much of that sum you want to spend on a venue. Whether you have unlimited funds or a limited budget, it’s important to track all your expenses! You’ll feel more confident when planning your party. And as a result, you’ll be able to choose the best possible options. 

Make a guest list - How many guests will you be inviting? And do you want them to be seated or standing? Having an approximate guest count will help you find a comfortable space that will allow everyone to feel their best. Figuring out the layout at this stage will also give you an idea of what venues you should look at. Keep in mind that some restaurants offer only one type of table layout, which means you won’t be able to rearrange the space. Discuss that matter with the venue manager at the beginning stages of your enquiry. You won’t waste your time if it turns out that the venue has fixed seating and you’ll still have the time to find a space that meets your needs. 

Save the date - It's important to keep your options open. So try to choose at least three dates that you like, and figure out which one has the best venues available in your budget. That way,  you'll know if you've picked the best restaurant. Once you've got an offer that piques your interest, secure it fast! The holiday season is the busiest time of all, so to avoid missing out on all the best offers, try to book your first-choice venue as early as you can (preferably 6 weeks in advance). 

Choose your event style - What kind of Christmas event would you like to host? Would you prefer holding it in an elegant restaurant with luxurious decor, or in a more casual setting? By knowing your style beforehand, you’re more likely to find your ideal space much quicker; you won’t waste time and will be able to focus on other elements that you’d like to incorporate. 

Decide on a location - It's not just the quality of food and service that will make your party a success - the venue’s location also plays a huge role! Keep in mind that most people prefer to spend less time commuting. To ensure that everyone has easy access to the restaurant (and can avoid terrible traffic), check if your first choice venue is near public transportation options like buses and metro lines. 

Choose a delicious menu -  What do people love more than the holiday atmosphere? Christmas food! Take some time to think about how you can cater to your guests. Do you want to keep your menu traditional and serve all the holiday classics or add a twist to some of the dishes? Restaurants in Singapore tailor their menus to meet everyone’s Christmas culinary preferences, so discuss your options with the venue manager. We’re more than sure that you’ll pick the menu that will please everyone’s palate!  

As you can see, hosting a Christmas dinner at a restaurant is nothing but simple and enjoyable! So now, take all the time you need to nail down all the details we’ve mentioned above and then take our smart engines for a spin! Because with Tagvenue, you’re bound to find an ideal Christmas restaurant that meets your expectations.

Christmas Restaurants in Singapore FAQ

What’s the average price for Christmas restaurants in Singapore?

With this city’s wide range of venues, you can expect an equally wide range of prices. However, on average you can expect to pay around $70 to $100 per person. If you’re inviting a lot of guests to a Christmas restaurant, perhaps you could opt for a BYOB option to make the night more affordable? Contact the venue manager to ask about this option or about any potential discounts. (All data from

What types of restaurants can I rent for Christmas in Singapore?

Singapore is brimming with options, but with our search engine, you can narrow down the list of choices and still pick a venue that you like. You can choose from beautiful dining halls and dining rooms, or small, private rooms which are perfect for intimate Christmas get-togethers. The weather at this time of the year is so beautiful, maybe you’d like to sit outdoors and enjoy the festive atmosphere in the sun as well?

What are some of the best Christmas restaurants in Singapore?

  • Semi-Private at Alma by Juan Amador is a fabulous indoor space, and it’s perfect for a gathering of up to 25 people. The long tables make it a perfect setup for big family dinners or festive work celebrations. The restaurant offers a European-Asian feel, making it an interesting and original space in which to host a Christmas dinner. 
  • We’ve also found a unique dining experience at Anglo Indian Cafe & Bar Chijmes. A transparent igloo dome is surely going to make an unforgettable experience and one that will put you right into the Christmas spirit. A fairytale Christmas dinner is right at the tip of your fingertips!

How early should I book a Christmas restaurant?

We always recommend booking your venue as soon as possible, especially when the event takes place during the peak season. During the holiday season, restaurants are really in high demand, so it’s best to book a venue at least a month or two in advance to enjoy a vast list of options you could choose from. 

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