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Top Christmas Party Venues in Edinburgh

Looking for Christmas party venues in Edinburgh? Tagvenue lists all manner of private venues available to hire for your festive function in Scotland’s capital. With a large Christmas market in East Princes Street Gardens and the beautifully decorated historic Old Town, there is plenty of welcoming Christmas cheer around the city. Next to these seasonal attractions, there are also many great venues for Christmas parties, most of which can be hired privately. So if you’re up for some top quality festive fun, check out our Edinburgh venues now!

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Christmas Party Venues Hire Guide

With many of the city’s venues being located in the Old and New Town, it’s easy to stumble into a variety of different spaces and Christmas activities while in Edinburgh. The most prominent one is the Christmas market, which sets the tone for the seasonal spirit. Ever-growing and now spilling onto George Street, here’s where you can try many traditional Scottish winter warmers and treats. Meanwhile, in East Princes Street Gardens, you can sample yet more festive delicacies, as well as take a ride on the Ferris wheel or helter-skelter.

In the historic centre, you can experience a classical Christmas vibe, including carol singers and Christmas services at Greyfriars Kirk and St. Giles’ Church. Take a stroll down the cobbled streets lined with shops and boutiques, or walk up to the castle and wind the clock back to Victorian times while enjoying the spectacular views. 

With so much to see and enjoy in Edinburgh, what about the venues available for your Christmas party? Here are some of the most popular types of spaces and where you can find them: 

  • New Town –Adjacent to the Christmas Market, there are many venues along George Street and its surrounding lanes. These include semi-private bars, suites and mezzanines, alongside private dining rooms, clubs and karaoke bars. With high capacities and loads to choose from in a well-located area, this makes the New Town ideal for office and corporate parties looking to make an impression. 
  • Old Town – Edinburgh’s historic centre, the Old Town is an atmospheric spot with more pubs and bars lying just off Cowgate. Most of them offer both private rooms and booths, as well as the entire spaces for hire. Special features include games rooms, cocktail lounges’ and nightclub-style booths to add a more intimate feel to your party. Containing a range of small venues, alongside a more relaxed atmosphere, the Old Town is a nice area for laid-back meetups and gatherings with smaller groups. 
  • Haymarket – Broadening your search along Shandwick Place towards Haymarket, pubs and clubs turn into dining halls and restaurants. All of them serve different cuisines that highlight the city’s diversity. From traditional Scottish scran to hearty Italian or Indian, there’s plenty of delicious Christmas dinner options to get your mouth watering. It’s ideal for a cosy Christmas dinner party, or even as a starting point for a big night. Expect delicious food and festive fun in one of Haymarket’s restaurants.

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