Christmas Party Venues for Hire in Cambridge

Christmas Party Venues for Hire in Cambridge

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Top Christmas Party Venues in Cambridge

Discover enchanting Christmas party venues in Cambridge, each offering an unforgettable festive experience. Whether you're seeking a historic hall adorned with twinkling lights, a cosy riverside retreat, or a modern space in the bustling city centre, Cambridge has an event space to make your festive celebration truly magical. Tagvenue connects you with the finest Christmas party locations across the city, simplifying your search for the perfect festive setting. Embrace the spirit of the season and make your event in Cambridge an occasion to remember!

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FAQs about Christmas Party Venues in Cambridge

How can I organise a great Christmas party in Cambridge?

  • Venue Selection: Cambridge boasts a variety of event spaces suitable for Christmas parties, ranging from historic buildings imbued with the city's rich academic heritage to modern spaces along the River Cam. 
  • Catering Options: Embrace the festive spirit with traditional Christmas dishes, or get creative with catering options that offer a twist on classic holiday flavours. Many venues in Cambridge offer in-house catering with special Christmas menus, but you can also consider local caterers for a more personalised dining experience.
  • Theming and Decorations: Incorporate Christmas-themed decorations to create a festive atmosphere. This could range from elegant and understated to bold and colourful, depending on your preference. 
  • Entertainment: Cambridge's cultural scene provides numerous options for entertainment. Live music, DJs, or even a choir singing carols can add a special touch to your party. You could also include fun activities like a photo booth with festive props or a Christmas quiz.
  • Transport and Accommodation: It's important to ensure that your guests have access to convenient transportation options, especially for events involving alcohol. In Cambridge, this could include arranging taxis from companies like Panther Taxis or using public transport like Stagecoach buses. For guests coming from outside the city, consider accommodation options near major transport links like the Cambridge Railway Station.
  • Local Suppliers: Utilise local suppliers for decorations, entertainment, and other party essentials. This not only supports the local economy but also adds a unique Cambridge flavour to your event.

Remember, the key to a successful Christmas party in Cambridge is planning ahead, especially during the busy festive season. This ensures that your preferred venue and suppliers are available and helps avoid last-minute rushes.

What are the starting prices for hiring a Christmas party venue in Cambridge?

Many Christmas party spaces in Cambridge opt for a minimum spend deal, where instead of paying a flat fee for the venue hire, you agree to spend a minimum amount on food and drinks at the venue. For instance, The Tank Room at The Cambridge Brewhouse offers minimum spend deals starting at a very attractive £100.

Alternatively, per person deals are available, where the cost covers a comprehensive package that includes a set menu and drinks, and sometimes entertainment or festive decorations. This type of deal simplifies budgeting and planning, especially for larger groups. Venues like Sidings at Station Tavern offer these deals starting from £30 per person. These packages are particularly popular as they often include all the essential elements of a festive celebration, making it a convenient and inclusive option for party organisers. (All data from Tagvenue.)

Can I bring an external caterer to a hired Christmas party venue in Cambridge?

The rules regarding external caterers vary depending on the venue's policies. Some venues offer their own exclusive Christmas catering and may not permit external services. However, there are spaces like Lola Lo Cambridge that are more flexible and do allow bringing in an external caterer. It's always best to check with the specific venue about their catering policies to ensure that they can accommodate your needs for your Christmas event. In case of any doubt, you can always contact the venue manager directly through Tagvenue!

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